InterSpeech 2021

Embedding and Network Architecture for Speaker Recognition

A Thousand Words are Worth More Than One Recording: Word-Embedding Based Speaker Change Detection
(Oral presentation)

Or Haim Anidjar (Ariel University, Israel), Itshak Lapidot (Afeka College, Israel), Chen Hajaj (Ariel University, Israel), Amit Dvir (Ariel University, Israel)

Leveraging speaker attribute information using multi task learning for speaker verification and diarization
(Oral presentation)

Chau Luu (University of Edinburgh, UK), Peter Bell (University of Edinburgh, UK), Steve Renals (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Spine2Net: SpineNet with Res2Net and Time-Squeeze-and-Excitation Blocks for Speaker Recognition
(Oral presentation)

Magdalena Rybicka (AGH UST, Poland), Jesús Villalba (Johns Hopkins University, USA), Piotr Żelasko (Johns Hopkins University, USA), Najim Dehak (Johns Hopkins University, USA), Konrad Kowalczyk (AGH UST, Poland)