InterSpeech 2021

Source Separation III

Combating Reverberation in NTF-based Speech Separation using a Sub-Source Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filter and Linear Prediction
(Oral presentation)

Mieszko Fraś (AGH UST, Poland), Marcin Witkowski (AGH UST, Poland), Konrad Kowalczyk (AGH UST, Poland)

A Hands-on Comparison of DNNs for Dialog Separation Using Transfer Learning from Music Source Separation
(Oral presentation)

Martin Strauss (AudioLabs, Germany), Jouni Paulus (AudioLabs, Germany), Matteo Torcoli (Fraunhofer IIS, Germany), Bernd Edler (AudioLabs, Germany)

GlobalPhone Mix-to-Separate out of 2: A Multilingual 2000 Speakers Mixtures Database for Speech Separation
(Oral presentation)

Marvin Borsdorf (Universität Bremen, Germany), Chenglin Xu (NUS, Singapore), Haizhou Li (NUS, Singapore), Tanja Schultz (Universität Bremen, Germany)