InterSpeech 2021

Acoustic event detection and acoustic scene classification

SpecMix : A Mixed Sample Data Augmentation method for Training with Time-Frequency Domain Features
(3 minutes introduction)

Gwantae Kim (Korea University, Korea), David K. Han (Drexel University, USA), Hanseok Ko (Korea University, Korea)

Acoustic Scene Classification using Kervolution-Based SubSpectralNet
(3 minutes introduction)

Ritika Nandi (MAHE, India), Shashank Shekhar (MAHE, India), Manjunath Mulimani (MAHE, India)

Event Specific Attention for Polyphonic Sound Event Detection
(3 minutes introduction)

Harshavardhan Sundar (Amazon, USA), Ming Sun (Amazon, USA), Chao Wang (Amazon, USA)

AST: Audio Spectrogram Transformer
(3 minutes introduction)

Yuan Gong (MIT, USA), Yu-An Chung (MIT, USA), James Glass (MIT, USA)

Shallow Convolution-Augmented Transformer with Differentiable Neural Computer for Low-Complexity Classification of Variable-Length Acoustic Scene
(3 minutes introduction)

Soonshin Seo (Sogang University, Korea), Donghyun Lee (Sogang University, Korea), Ji-Hwan Kim (Sogang University, Korea)