InterSpeech 2021

A Thousand Words are Worth More Than One Recording: Word-Embedding Based Speaker Change Detection
(Oral presentation)

Or Haim Anidjar (Ariel University, Israel), Itshak Lapidot (Afeka College, Israel), Chen Hajaj (Ariel University, Israel), Amit Dvir (Ariel University, Israel)
Speaker Change Detection (SCD) is the task of segmenting an input audio-recording according to speaker interchanges. This task is essential for many applications, such as automatic voice transcription or Speaker Diarization (SD). This paper focuses on the essential task of audio segmentation and suggests a word-embedding-based solution for the SCD problem. Moreover, we show how to use our approach in order to outperform voice-based solutions for the SD problem. We empirically show that our method can accurately identify the speaker-turns in an audio-recording with 82.12% and 89.02% success in the Recall and F1-score measures.