SIGdial 2012

13th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

SIGdial 2012

The 13th annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue was held on July 5-6, 2012 at Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea. The SIGDIAL venue provides a regular forum for the presentation of cutting edge research in discourse and dialogue to both academic and industry researchers. Continuing with a series of twelve successful previous meetings, this conference spans the research interest areas of discourse and dialogue. The conference is sponsored by the SIGDIAL organization, which serves as the Special Interest Group in discourse and dialogue for both ACL and ISCA.


SESSION 1: Evaluation


An End-to-End Evaluation of Two Situated Dialog Systems

Lina M. Rojas Barahona, Alejandra Lorenzo, Claire Gardent


"Love ya, jerkface": Using Sparse Log-Linear Models to Build Positive (and Impolite) Relationships with Teens

William Yang Wang, Samantha Finkelstein, Amy Ogan, Alan W. Black, Justine Cassell


Enhancing Referential Success by Tracking Hearer Gaze

Alexander Koller, Konstantina Garoufi, Maria Staudte, Matthew Crocker

SESSION 2: Coherence

SESSION 3: Discourse Structure


Towards Mediating Shared Perceptual Basis in Situated Dialogue

Changsong Liu, Rui Fang, Joyce Chai


A Reranking Model for Discourse Segmentation using Subtree Features

Ngo Xuan Bach, Nguyen Le Minh, Akira Shimazu

SESSION 4: Statistical Models of Dialog

SESSION 5: Paralinguistic Features