SIGdial 2012

13th Annual SIGdial Meeting on Discourse and Dialogue

Markov Logic Networks for Situated Incremental Natural Language Understanding

Presented by:
Casey Kennington
Casey Kennington, David Schlangen

We present work on understanding natural language in a situated domain, that is, language that possibly refers to visually present entities, in an incremental, word-by-word fashion. Such type of understanding is required in conversational systems that need to act immediately on language input, such as multi-modal systems or dialogue systems for robots. We explore a set of models specified as Markov Logic Networks, and show that a model that has access to information about the visual context of an utterance, its discourse context, as well as the linguistic structure of the utterance performs best. We explore its incremental properties, and also its use in a joint parsing and understanding module. We conclude that MLNs offer a promising framework for specifying such models in a general, possibly domain-independent way.