OpenAlt - 4. až 5. listopadu 2017

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Open Source Beyond IT? - An Exploratory Mission in the World of Education

Hristian Daskalov (The Open Source University Project)
The central thesis of the lecture will be that there is a specific set of critical success factors in the engagement of the project stakeholders, applicable to a broad set of open source innovation projects. According to the critical success factors theory, those are the few key areas where things must go right for the project to flourish. Having proved similarities between the success factors, related to open source and social innovation initiatives, as part of his doctoral research, Hristian Daskalov (@ goes on an exploratory mission to replicate the popularity of distributed development for the purposes of building educational courses and curricula - the core aim of the Open Source University project at The lecture will look into the deeper theoretical and ideological foundations of the project, recognized by global initiatives, such as AIESEC "Youth Speak" Forum and HPE's ''Living Progress Challenge", but will also explain what has been done so far by the project team and unveil the plans forward, focusing on the ways of community engagement around the upcoming launch of the Open Source University platform.