OpenAlt - 4. až 5. listopadu 2017

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Open Science in Today’s Research Environment

Markus Dettenhofer (Ceitec - Středoevropský technologický institut)
Science has the potential to transform society. Often, science is perceived as being the domain of academic institutes exclusively, and for good reason, as the training of most scientists begins within organisations of higher learning. However, as many companies, as well as society at large, value technologies which have the capability to disrupt markets and change our daily lives, science increasingly becomes the domain of us all. The amount of resources dedicated to scientific activities varies depending on the accessiblity to financing and talent within a given nation-state, which has led to a distinction in not just potential, but also achievement. As science pushes the boundaries of knowledge, the segregation of access to novel data and cutting-edge publications has led many to posit the necessity for a new model to enable equitability. One such construct is Open Science. In this presentation, the current state of the Open Science initiative from the European Commission will be examined, as well as examples of implementation of Open Science activities. Moreover, from a practical perspective, we will focus on the transition towards Open Science and its impacts on RD&I.