Odyssey 2020

The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

NPLDA: A Deep Neural PLDA Model for Speaker Verification

Shreyas Ramoji, Prashant Krishnan, Sriram Ganapathy
The state-of-art approach for speaker verification consists of a neural network based embedding extractor along with a backend generative model such as the Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis (PLDA). In this work, we propose a neural network approach for backend modeling in speaker recognition. The likelihood ratio score of the generative PLDA model is posed as a discriminative similarity function and the learnable parameters of the score function are optimized using a verification cost. The proposed model, termed as neural PLDA (NPLDA), is initialized using the generative PLDA model parameters. The loss function for the NPLDA model is an approximation of the minimum detection cost function (DCF). The speaker recognition experiments using the NPLDA model are performed on the speaker verificiation task in the VOiCES datasets as well as the SITW challenge dataset. In these experiments, the NPLDA model optimized using the proposed loss function improves significantly over the state-of-art PLDA based speaker verification system.