Tag! Your PDF is It!

Alejandro Pineiro Iglesias, Joanmarie Diggs

Creating tagged PDF documents is easy to do and provides many benefits including reflow for hand-held devices, content extraction with formatting preserved, and accessibility. This presentation will describe and demonstrate the work done thus far to implement this support in Poppler and Evince.

Alejandro Pineiro Iglesias

Alejandro has been a free software developer since 2004. While his experience includes a variety of GNOME and freedesktop.org projects, his focus since 2007 has been Accessibility. Alejandro started the Accessibility Group at Igalia, leads the GNOME Accessibility Team, and serves as a member of the GNOME Release Team. He is the maintainer of ATK. He implemented accessibility support in Clutter and GNOME Shell and continues to contribute to other GNOME Accessibility modules and implementations including Gtk+, WebKitGTK, AT-SPI2, and Orca.

Joanmarie Diggs

Joanmarie has worked in the field of Accessibility for over 16 years: From 1996 until 2011, she was an Assistive Technology Specialist, Orientation & Mobility Specialist, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapist. For the last five of those years, Joanmarie was also a volunteer developer of the Orca screen reader and an active member of the GNOME Accessibility Team. In 2011 Joanmarie joined Igalia's Accessibility Group where she works full-time on accessibility solutions for the free desktop. She continues to be the maintainer and primary developer of Orca, is a WebKit accessibility developer, and contributes to other GNOME Accessibility modules including ATK, AT-SPI2, and Accerciser.