Conference organizers

„At Barcamp conference, many interesting and inspiring talks had been given. We wanted to spread them widely using video recordings. SuperLectures provided us with an excellent opportunity to disseminate the recordings easily together with supporting materials.“

„When organizing Brno Barcamp, we faced the problem that the number of participants was twice as big as the capacity of campus auditorium. As the organizers, we wanted to provide broader community with the idea of Barcamp and to offer them the chance to listen to all given talks. We highly appreciated the assistance from the side of SuperLectures. It enabled us to record and process all lectures at a professional level and to offer them in one website as a whole. Contrary to competing solutions, I consider the full-text searching in the video, switching the cameras and simultaneous following the lecturer and the slides as the crucial advantage.“
„I myself have used the chance to see several lectures at our conference, which I missed to attend in person. I am very grateful for this opportunity. I believe that for the speakers, the superlectures represent an excellent tool to increase publicity of their results. For conference organizers, it is a way how to enhance merit of the conference in the scientific community.“


After we process and publish conference video recordings, we usually ask users to fill out a short questionnaire to get their feedback. Here are several opinions on whether they consider SuperLectures service being helpful.

„I can view the talks I missed, and view some interesting talks again! This is very helpful.“

„To promote an excelent conference and to allow the access to the presentations missed, even for the delegates to the conference, as there are always interesting sessions presented at the same time.“

„Seeing a recording of a presentation is much better than reading just the article.“

„All people don't have enough money and time to visit conferences. This recording service is helpful for these people to be aware of new topics.“

„Any text in the world is best described by its authors. It will save time of researchers.“

„I get access to a large set of interesting videos, also I can watch the videos as many times as I want.“

„It completes the information that can be obtained in the conference itself, and it is more helpful yet if I can't participate of the event. Perhaps during the conference is unclear to which talks it should be paid more attention, and with this "review" it is possible to compensate for that.“