0:01:10and gentleman let me welcome you one more time to this gorgeous event of the
0:01:14Starcube show, where I have the honour to present you our startup Bankovnik.cz
0:01:19now let's get down to the problem. Ninety nine percent of the people leave the
0:01:23most of their savings on the checking account. Now, this is pretty bad. Let me
0:01:27ask you a question: are you these ninety nine percent? I hope nobody is. I
0:01:31hope you are muc clever than this. The truth is that people save insufficiently and
0:01:36ineffectively and therefore lose a lots of money every year. This is mainly because they
0:01:41have no time and no... no knowledge how to solve this problem on their own.
0:01:46So they often, they turn to these nice people who are called financial advisors
0:01:51guys, they help you they ask you questions, they help you
0:01:53you set up your financial plan
0:01:56critical problems. Over the biggest fees that they... you have no price with them: they
0:02:00see your money, they know how many you earn, how many you spend
0:02:04they even know what you spend on
0:02:06very often they're not really objective and in the end they can get pretty expensive
0:02:11and I bet you that if you had any
0:02:13financial advisors in the past the results you got differs from the expectations you had
0:02:18a little bit they often get pushed in the products or make agreements that turn
0:02:24out to be not so beneficial for a money than they seemed in the beginning
0:02:28this is because we created Bankovnik.cz
0:02:31Bankovnik.cz is the solution for this problems, is an application that is simple, anonymous and
0:02:38always available for you to provide online monitoring of the investmenst and savings, financial advising
0:02:44and of course, pretty visual graphs and reports for you to know what your money's
0:02:47up to
0:02:48thank you for your attention