0:01:07good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Martin and I'll be talking about how
0:01:12to improve efficiency of scientists in biotechnology. Because they have limited grant resources and it
0:01:21sometimes happens that there are 1.0 just expired, so they must throw them out, which
0:01:27I wasting, so we allow them to sell it to the others and get their
0:01:31money back to the grants
0:01:34a webplace for selling those chemicals
0:01:37otherwise, they also need to save their time. This our surveys show they spend weekly
0:01:42time browsing websites or searching the chemicals
0:01:47asking for the pricing
0:01:49and comparing these prices to choose the best opportunity. And if you get a lack
0:01:53of 10 scientists: ridiculous! From ten to twenty five man- days wasted monthly, which I
0:01:59suppose is totally crazy number
0:02:01so, the vision of our project is to save the time and money trough a
0:02:06global website which helps them to sell this expiring chemicals
0:02:10to order products in minutes, to improve their career and to find an investor for
0:02:15their good ideas
0:02:17on the other hand, for companies
0:02:20we allow them to sell their products, which is really good for the companies with
0:02:25a small budget for advertisement
0:02:28and find also the investors and employees
0:02:32scientists are here simply to do research and not to waste their
0:02:36with everyday bureaucracy
0:02:38our business... business model is based on provisions from the sales which the companies on
0:02:44our website make and... out! Thank you for your time and have a nice day.
0:02:50Thank you