0:01:06good afternoon ladies and gentleman. My name is Radek and I would like to introduce
0:01:10our project Torasys
0:01:13Torasys measures electric quantities
0:01:17Torasys consists of our own monitoring device and software for clear online data presentation. Torasys
0:01:28helps to save money. It's not a joke. Torasys really helps to save money
0:01:37just imagine you are a manager of a factory and you have to... you are
0:01:42fed up with energy expenses you have to give out every month. But what can
0:01:48you do? You can't swich off machines. You have just heard about optimization of your
0:01:54energy profile
0:01:56what can you do?
0:01:58well, you can buy a meter
0:02:02a notepad
0:02:04and put down your energy consumption every fifty minutes. Then you can visit sales representatives
0:02:10of all possible distributers and you can find the most suitable tariff for you
0:02:21you are able
0:02:25you are able to save up to fifteen percent of your energy consumption
0:02:30it could be about half a million czech crowns per year
0:02:35however, you have to do this activity again and again. Do you have enough time
0:02:42to spend time monitoring power networks and the energy consumption?
0:02:48even more permanently, so enough once more
0:02:52I don't think so
0:02:53so, do it a better way, do it automatically
0:02:59you can choose our system Torasys which will help you to save money thanks to
0:03:07the optimization of your energy consumption and monitoring of your energy power networks
0:03:18if you can't measure energy, you can't manage energy
0:03:23if you would like to know more about our system, how it works
0:03:28vote for us for the next stage
0:03:31otherwise, thank you very for your attention, you can visit us on the our web
0:03:36pages which are www torasys dot com
0:03:42thank you very much