0:01:07hello! My name is Martin and I will
0:01:10I want you
0:01:14okay, I want to present you our project: Coraabia
0:01:18so, Coraabia is a card collectible game that runs directly in your browser or in
0:01:23your tablet. The game is multiplayer, so you can challenge anybody on this planet
0:01:31or you can collect the cards and trade with them
0:01:37or you can dive into fantasy world that is backing our game
0:01:44this is our team. The game is developed by Studio Arcade and this is a
0:01:50group of my friends and I'm specially proud about the people who I am working
0:01:56with, because there is not many teams such big as we are who's working for
0:02:02three years
0:02:04on some project as big as this one
0:02:08but it's not only us developers, but it's also community, community of testers, who are
0:02:16testing could the game (be) played and testing balance of cards and they are helping
0:02:23us also with translations and writing these mythological stories and... and so on
0:02:31and also three hundred artists contributed to the project, with more than eight hundred arts
0:02:40and I think you will agree with me that these arts are really exceptional
0:02:50so this is short
0:02:53video of the game
0:02:55and the current state is that we have some close beta running
0:03:01and we got a release open beta to the public this summer
0:03:11and that's all from me. Thank you very much