David, you did a lot of job instead of me.. I had prepared something the

later time

about this. So, really, failure is not a real failure if you can

learn from it

right now we will go... we will... we will let you know some interesting points

where you can get some information, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. So

if you want to inspire other people or get inspired from othes, try to visit

IdeasWatch dot com, portal which gather

ideas for projects

you can also go for Barcamp Brno event, where people from developers and startup community

will gather. So, in June, in Brno, there will be barcamp, so I think this

is nice event for you

busines IT club. Some events in Brno, at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, you can

again find interesting people there. And if you want get your few if you want

some feedback for your projects go for MicMinutes cz

or you can visit one place, StartupClub.cz, where most of events from South Moravia region

are at one place

but if you have some project yourself, drop me an e-mail and we can discuss

your project and find a way how to support your project and what

what can be achieved maybe

so, right now, for those of you who really mean it with your projects, we

are I have an announcement

next Starcube wil start autumn this year, so you have just the summer to prepare.

And, starting October, there will be new Starcube

and you can register, you can start registrations


so registrations are opened for next Starcube and now the awards

we will start with People's Choice Award

we have a box here, please

so here is box with your votes, there are a lot of tickets, so we

counted down tickets and found out that you like most presentation of team

we have small present for you, something to drink

get some hours with our clever mentors as well. So, and now there are not

so many people as in the beginning, so maybe there will be not the winner

right now, so we will draw so many times until we find the... someone who

is here


so winner from

all people... aha, interesting. This person gave vote for Gameful team actually

and this guy is also from South Moravian Innovation Centre, one of the companies in

South Moravian Innovation Centre, but one of the much evolved companies, who are best customers

not only in Europe, but also in Asia. So, he's here, Pavel Kratky from Safetica

no, no Pavel here from Safetica? Okay, so another one

okay, interesting, another... another person who gave his vote to Gameful team again, but this

one is freelancer and this is Lukas Hrdlicka

you get some nice fancy Starcube t shirt with the color of participants and also

some nice small presents as well, so enjoy it and congratulations

so People's Choice is over and now I would like to give a big thanks

to all people who made this event possible. So, it's not only participants

actually, they must be there, but also organisation staff, so I would like to thank

to Lucka, Anka and Maroš

other people

I also want to give big thanks, really big thanks to our team Miloš Adam

and Jana are they here somewhere can I see them

no, they left

know that was for them

and also thanks to our mentors and lecturers, who really gave the big support for

our startup companies and also

also for us. So we weren't a lot and we can do next year, we

can do Starcube much better. And again, for our sponsors and also for European Union,

so please once more

okay and also big thanks for you for coming and I hope you will enjoy

this evening, so for you, yourself

is applause

and now we will show you, before the final award ceremony, we will show you

briefly how Starcube looked like trough the eyes of our camera man who did a

really terrific job, a really wonderful work

had to work for late ours in the night, so this is how Starcube looks