0:00:17David, you did a lot of job instead of me.. I had prepared something the
0:00:22later time
0:00:24about this. So, really, failure is not a real failure if you can
0:00:30learn from it
0:00:33right now we will go... we will... we will let you know some interesting points
0:00:39where you can get some information, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. So
0:00:44if you want to inspire other people or get inspired from othes, try to visit
0:00:49IdeasWatch dot com, portal which gather
0:00:54ideas for projects
0:00:57you can also go for Barcamp Brno event, where people from developers and startup community
0:01:04will gather. So, in June, in Brno, there will be barcamp, so I think this
0:01:09is nice event for you
0:01:12busines IT club. Some events in Brno, at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, you can
0:01:19again find interesting people there. And if you want get your few if you want
0:01:24some feedback for your projects go for MicMinutes cz
0:01:30or you can visit one place, StartupClub.cz, where most of events from South Moravia region
0:01:36are at one place
0:01:40but if you have some project yourself, drop me an e-mail and we can discuss
0:01:45your project and find a way how to support your project and what
0:01:49what can be achieved maybe
0:01:51so, right now, for those of you who really mean it with your projects, we
0:01:57are I have an announcement
0:01:59next Starcube wil start autumn this year, so you have just the summer to prepare.
0:02:06And, starting October, there will be new Starcube
0:02:11and you can register, you can start registrations
0:02:19so registrations are opened for next Starcube and now the awards
0:02:25we will start with People's Choice Award
0:02:28we have a box here, please
0:02:41so here is box with your votes, there are a lot of tickets, so we
0:02:47counted down tickets and found out that you like most presentation of team
0:03:08we have small present for you, something to drink
0:03:25get some hours with our clever mentors as well. So, and now there are not
0:03:32so many people as in the beginning, so maybe there will be not the winner
0:03:36right now, so we will draw so many times until we find the... someone who
0:03:41is here
0:03:47so winner from
0:03:51all people... aha, interesting. This person gave vote for Gameful team actually
0:04:01and this guy is also from South Moravian Innovation Centre, one of the companies in
0:04:06South Moravian Innovation Centre, but one of the much evolved companies, who are best customers
0:04:13not only in Europe, but also in Asia. So, he's here, Pavel Kratky from Safetica
0:04:31no, no Pavel here from Safetica? Okay, so another one
0:04:37okay, interesting, another... another person who gave his vote to Gameful team again, but this
0:04:47one is freelancer and this is Lukas Hrdlicka
0:05:06you get some nice fancy Starcube t shirt with the color of participants and also
0:05:12some nice small presents as well, so enjoy it and congratulations
0:05:26so People's Choice is over and now I would like to give a big thanks
0:05:33to all people who made this event possible. So, it's not only participants
0:05:42actually, they must be there, but also organisation staff, so I would like to thank
0:05:47to Lucka, Anka and Maroš
0:06:16other people
0:06:18I also want to give big thanks, really big thanks to our team Miloš Adam
0:06:24and Jana are they here somewhere can I see them
0:06:28no, they left
0:06:31know that was for them
0:06:34and also thanks to our mentors and lecturers, who really gave the big support for
0:06:39our startup companies and also
0:06:41also for us. So we weren't a lot and we can do next year, we
0:06:45can do Starcube much better. And again, for our sponsors and also for European Union,
0:06:52so please once more
0:07:03okay and also big thanks for you for coming and I hope you will enjoy
0:07:08this evening, so for you, yourself
0:07:22is applause
0:07:24and now we will show you, before the final award ceremony, we will show you
0:07:29briefly how Starcube looked like trough the eyes of our camera man who did a
0:07:36really terrific job, a really wonderful work
0:07:39had to work for late ours in the night, so this is how Starcube looks