0:00:15thank you, Michael
0:00:18awesome space, really good to be here
0:00:21I wish to tell you a short story about my company, about my project
0:00:27so at the beginning there was an idea and we were motivated, we were inspired
0:00:32but we didn't have a clue what kind of business are we starting
0:00:35my name is Zbynek and I'm a founder of project called GINA. By the way,
0:00:40I'm the guy in the middle. I just wanted to make sure that you are
0:00:43all going to make the right association with my name would you state you might?
0:00:50this is the GINA project. Our motivation at the beginning was to create a tool
0:00:55for mission control, authentical communication for the people walking in the field, for professionals
0:01:01and this tool was intended for rescuers, for example. We started to work on this
0:01:06project in late two thousand and nine. And you may remember that in two thousand
0:01:12ten in January there was a huge earthquake in Haiti
0:01:16this earthquake, this event was really meaningful to us and influenced the project a lot.
0:01:22We realised that what we are doing, actually, what we are working on, can make
0:01:26a huge difference in this world and it can help to save more lives of
0:01:31people. So we started to work with rescuers, with professionals hailing to Haiti, actually, to
0:01:36rescue mission
0:01:37and we managed to provide them with first version of GINA system only a few
0:01:43weeks after the earthquake
0:01:48we realised that in that time the project is getting to be something more... more
0:01:53serious than just a student project. But but we were fortunate there was programs and
0:01:59competitions like Imagine Cup. Imagine Cup gave us great inspiration to solve the whole tons
0:02:04of problems. Starcube gave us knowledge how to establish a company, how to create a
0:02:10business plan. It was really great, because we didn't have an idea about that, we
0:02:14are just technicians and IT guys who
0:02:17and JIC of course, the incubation program, we are proud to be part of it.
0:02:23This program has given us the space to grow
0:02:30the GINA is company... GINA is a company which is right now at age one
0:02:36and half year I'd say and during this year we managed to create several projects
0:02:42are heading toward by meaning. Such projects are: Cholera in Haiti dot com, Haiti Situation
0:02:47dot com. This projects often refers to some crisis situation in the world. We also
0:02:52managed to create and establish representations in
0:02:56such countries like Haiti, Japan and quite recently, even in Afganistan
0:03:03first year of our existence we turned the GINA from this GIROADS project into a
0:03:08living company and I'm really happy that after first years of existence we became a
0:03:12profitable company we have acceptation of any external investment and this year we are projecting
0:03:19and trying to reach the turnover counting tens of millions czech crowns
0:03:30what... what Starcube meant for me? Starcube was really great to our business. It really
0:03:37helped us to go and now we can say that we are here for anyone
0:03:41who needs to map the situation, who needs to coordinate the people in the field
0:03:45with great accuracy
0:03:47who needs to improve and increase the safety of staff in the field
0:03:52and here we are, GINA software
0:03:55thank you for your attention