thank you for opportunity to speak out. In this presentation, I would like to tell

something closely about our project, about our story

me and my best friend Martin spend all those times thinking about business

I know Martin more than sixteen years, so we wanted to create something new, but

we are homosexual

so, what's the problem? We play you know, this game with the little stick and

with the ball and we found out that every man in the changing room doesn't

care about his undies, or better, the underwear. So, we wanted to help them, but

we didn't just want to sell underwear, we wanted to complex... to solve complex problem.

We were inspired from some American services and prepared the best service for our men

surely we have to find the best products which we can offer, so we personally

tried and searched Czech market and digged the best possible products

in... in our lives we like open and friendly approach and the same we are

trying to apply to our lives. So from this point, we were creating our image.

What is our image? It's probably, for example, language, which we can use in our

website or probably thank you letter written personally to our customers

and there are other factors

surely, we have to find the best place for our warehouse, so we can see

at the picture

what is our segment? Our segment are our men from twenty five to fifty five

years old. You can ask a question: is Czech market big enough for us? I

think so because there is more than well, two point five million potential customers and

they are waiting for... for our help

we need just one hundred and sixty customers to reach the breaking point

after two weeks, when we started our service, we had fourty happy customers

thank you very much, and it's not just our friends

first of them you can see in the picture, it's Adam, as from Bible

okay, now I would like to introduce our service work. It's very easy. You can

see our homepage. You can just click: Pojd' do toho and choose what you want

you continue to


one page checkout and fill in what we need

then we will ship you your shipments. You can relax for three months, you can

drink a beer, no problem

three months later, we will send you an e-mail. You will be transferred to our

account. You can see that there is a special design for... for our men. You

can easily add or remove what do you want, it's really easy and just for

two clicks you can finish your next shipment. Than you can await, you can relax,

drink beer and some... some sort of stuff, you can... you have much more time

to spend with your friends, with your family and so on. Now, let me introduce

my friend, cofounder of Chlapska, Martin

we are here, ready for a question, so

one which is from the

out of your business

there are so many things that you can buy in predictable and periodical way

why just

what is

you sell that it last only three months

thank you for your questions. So first, the question was really good, because we have

also our assortment, it's bigger, not just underwear and socks, these the main goods. But

also, we have, we sell t-shirts, undershirts and also this cosmetic stuff, like toothbrush, toothpaste,

razors for shaving and some other stuff and we also wanna do... to make our

assortment bigger in the time. And second question, I forgot

what's with the second question?

okay,, yes, three months Because I also have some experience myself. Yeah, yeah. So, it's...

the problem is that we guys, men, we are lasy to replace our... our underware.

So it's not like you... you shop, you buy boxers and you will remove... you

will remove after three months. You can wear it, like, a year and more and

then you can just... couldn't wash I wash

I just would like to say that three months isn't hard time, you can send

your shipment after just one month

what if I order your

your breach and

don't fit how will you deal with that

okay, so we are trying to offer the best service, so if you have any

problem, just send us through e-mail and we will replace. It it's not always

easy, we refunded all of our customers

sure, it's normal

i'm sorry

oh sure

for your service. Do you know Zappos?

Zappos? Yes. Martin, do you know it?

I'm sorry, please, can you explain to me? Google Zappos: z a double p o

s, Zappos dot com, right. They're the king of customer service and that's direction that

you should

you should focus on, I think, within your industry. Definitely, you should know about them

and you should learn about them. So, awesome presentation, right, I mean, the best out

there, awesome, you're kick ass. But ..., I was... why... why the local name? I

mean, I can't pronounce: ChlapskaZasilka

but, it's got no chance for abroad American says Chlapsky Zasilka

there is no way! So, change your name, or you are looking the Czech Republic

or what

so, now it's just for... for Czech market, but we are trying, or we are

going to expand to other countries: Slovakia, Poland and etc. In this time we have

bought domains

and after one year, I think, we will expand to this countries. So, it's our

plan, but now we are trying to... to try this service in Czech country and

the first idea was help to Czech men with some problem

Czech as the domain name. It's what's too late the brand you should be

you gotta build a brand, underwear

if they wanted to... this market for... if you prove the market right, someone else

is gonna come out there on underwear dot com or whatever

you gotta get a brand name that you can dare to expand to other

okay, Czech, Slovak; maybe ,writes a similar name. Poland, possibly, but then, that's about it,

right? What happens after that, right? So, why there should be, you know, do some

test marketing, whaterever

look, seriously, look at getting internationally pronounceable and simple domain name, right

feel work

your focus is gotta be on also customer service and also, one more to ask,

please. Well, your presentation would've been awesome if you had included there the range of

your products. You should mention here, because I thought it's also underwear and socks

a lot of other former clients you could be

distributing so and you argue and you're play which is great but you can say


so say it. Make some packages, have not yet used


which are dark but

if I did; underware, socks, or as a package

so all at once

thank you for your question and good point. So, first of all, about the name,

what I think, about the brand. We decided right now to have, like, Czech brand,

Czech name, because we wanna be local, we wanna be like friends with our customers.

We don't wanna have dot com domain because we wanna that our customer can feel

that those guys are friendly and they are shipping my underware

so that's the point. And second

you guys throw your own underware before you send them right

never too late

and the second... the second point was abour pre packed and we already had four

pre-packed packages. It's based on segments, market segment and it's for, one is sportak, kravatak

zasilka spravnyho chlapa

Usetrim na pivo So we have pre-packed, so you can even save more time, you

don't have to choose and you don't have to spend time, so it's also package

for you, you can choose what you want.

okay yeah, what about sortiment? There is surely underwear, socks but there are also t

shirts and some drogerie in Czech and we are planning to add other stuff for

our men

who are your sellers, who do you buy from?

the merchandise or who, you know, who are your

that you work with yeah

thank you we have a lot of suppliers, so we would like to diversify of

risk from this point and mainly it's companies from Czech Republic, we are trying to

sell good quality of products, so for example, we are cooperating it's quite good company

and it's not... it's not goods from China so

but, it's a process for a long time, so we are trying in these days

find better... better


some more questions

yeah, actually, well, the... the different is that we solve the problem. You don't have

to even think about this problem. In the... in the web store you have to

go and you can choose whatever you want and there is a pick-off, for I

didn't know what actually you want and you don't know

that the products are good, but in our service we provide complex... complex solution that

men... we don't have to think about it, we just

use Chlapska Zasilka and we can do whatever we want

and don't think about it

one quick question. What business are you in?

looking to get into distribution business, customer service? There's not particular directions you've got; long

term, short term?

it's definitely... we are confusing for our clients or customers so we pick the best

products for them

and so yeah

I think so

saying if you gonna become a distribution company

customer service focused company

right that's my question

okay it's... What's your vision?


there for customers

you need to say more about it

or actually

you two could become personalities

outfit or underware for your client

or are you gonna be in just, you know

okay, for right now, we just sell underware for customers and we'll see in the

future, we will see. So, maybe we'll expand, maybe we'll do another business, maybe we

will add more stuff and we will create huge service for... for men, I don't

know, whatever, we'll see

is this answer very good with you?

there again, how it's gonna reflect that is very important, is focus on

learn about Zappos, from that initial point really Okay, thank you thank you so much

thank you very much for your questions

we are