0:00:24hey everyone! Remember me? You probably do, because I'm here again
0:00:31my name is Štěpán Hruda and I will tell you some more things about Gameful
0:00:37first of all, a quick recap. We talk about gamification, which can be said is
0:00:44getting people enjoy boring stuff trough game mechanics or you could rephrase that into motivationg
0:00:51people to do stuff into game, trough game mechanics
0:00:56if you are little a little more straightforward you can also say it is making
0:01:01people to spend more money trough game mechanics
0:01:04now, it is actually a big thing in the world and I think I need
0:01:10to... to do some more proof or some proof of concept before I tell you
0:01:15what we do, so we actually know it works. So, people love games, period. Let
0:01:23me... let's start, let's start with a quick, with a quick research. They did a
0:01:29research in Germany and in the USA and it seems like average age of gamer
0:01:33is thirty seven, so it's not only for young people, actually a lot of old
0:01:37people play games. Than,
0:01:39there is ninety seven
0:01:44I know what you mean. There is ninety seven percent of youth gamers. That's a
0:01:50very strong market; a lot of young people like games
0:01:54female gamers actually fourty two percent and this is just girls that play a lot
0:02:00of games, and I mean like several hours of games
0:02:04and gamers over fifty? Yeah, let's see you.. he retired people, twenty nine percent
0:02:13quite a lot. And it is going to be a lot more with the youth
0:02:17probably the most important fact is fourty seven percent of employees play games at work
0:02:23every day
0:02:26I mean, that... that's a lot of people wasting their money playing games, right?
0:02:32and if you think like yeah my employees, it ain't them. I don't actually, you
0:02:36know, I don't actually play games, I'm a CEO. Well, of course, for CEOs, it's
0:02:40seventy ... sixty one percent
0:02:51let's move on. You probably heard about Starbucks. Starbucks coffee actually implemented gamification. They have
0:02:57nice... they have nice iPhone app. If you're going to Starbucks, you show them your
0:03:02code, you get coffee, you know how much coffee you had, you get coffees for
0:03:07free and you... you can see what your friends are drinking. It's very nice applications
0:03:12and it works for Starbucks really well. So it's not something new; big companies actually,
0:03:18big innovative companies actually saw gamification coming
0:03:23then you have Microsoft. We have some people from Mcrosoft here. So, you have Ribbon
0:03:29Hero which is plugged in into Microsoft Word. Also gamified, American Airlines, they have the
0:03:37loyalty program, that works as well. And Foursquare, I saw seven people cheking in or
0:03:43surf Foursquare. If you don't know what it is, look it up, because the twenty
0:03:46million users, it's quite a big thing
0:03:50let's move on. Since we... since we are actually providing consulting solution and... consulting solutions
0:03:58and very creative solutinos for other businesses, which is maybe a little bit hard hardly
0:04:03scalable, but it depends on the people. We have to have the good team to
0:04:08tell what the other businesses want to do and I don't want to brag but
0:04:12we are superheroes
0:04:15so what do we have? We have Lenka Holubova; she is... she studies law, she
0:04:23studies economy and she is doing the startup. So yeah, she's hard worker
0:04:28and she's really good at catering
0:04:35we have Martin Vytrhlik, who is computer science researcher and he keeps shooting our ideas
0:04:42down, which he keeps calling quality assurance, but we like it
0:04:47then we have Jiri Zlatohlavek, who works for Bohemia Interactive and he's a game designer,
0:04:54great. Ask him for a knock joke
0:04:57we have Charlota, who is pretty and likes pretty things. That's about it; she's great
0:05:02designer. Then we have Jan Vlček, who is developer. He... he work for ShipItAll in
0:05:12the US at the well known startup and we call him the sushi sensei
0:05:17and then we have me and I can talk to all of them which is
0:05:21not as easy as it might seem and I'm really humble actually there should be
0:05:27humble as up there or something
0:05:31all right, enough about us, there is one awesome project of ours I would like
0:05:35to present in the last minute. Because we, of course, we do a lot of
0:05:41different projects, but, and we are working on some right now so I would like
0:05:45to, you know, unveil one. It is gamification for a teahouse, Za Zrcadlem, behind the
0:05:51mirror, here in Brno and what we have thought of is... we have developed an
0:05:56iPad app that the... the people, the service in the... in the teahouse actually uses.
0:06:04They... you can check in what you had for tea and then you go for
0:06:10the to the website
0:06:12which is a very nice looking website themed Alice in The Wonderland and you can
0:06:18earn some matches, get some points and, of course, get some rewards from teahouse for
0:06:24free. So, that's about it. I would be glad, ask any questions you have
0:06:44yeah, that's quite easy, we develop a custom solution for the company and they pay
0:06:49us for consulting or for the implementation of the solution
0:07:00should now guess it's gonna
0:07:02you're definitely in the right place
0:07:05and I don't think you need to persuade us on that too much. It's a
0:07:08huge spectacle. What I would've love to have seen is more example of exactly how
0:07:13you're doing that, okay? There's a lot of this other gamification companies out there, but
0:07:18that last example, the tea, I'm glad that came out. Brilliant. I was hoping I'll
0:07:23get the smart single example but in with the team better to
0:07:33it's funny, right, I may find the presentation is awesome but there could have been
0:07:35more fact in there
0:07:38more important than making tea, or something like that
0:07:40so just a bit of a point to make a presentation
0:07:44for next time
0:07:45thank you for that. Yeah, no problem
0:07:55how are you doing
0:07:57how are you doing this
0:08:01you know, would love to have seen that
0:08:04just think
0:08:07selling us
0:08:12yeah, we are actually doing consulting, which means we will... it's gonna be very different
0:08:18for each and every company we... we do it for, you know, gonna do different
0:08:26I know and we are actually startup, we are starting at the at the beginning
0:08:30and, honestly, I'm going to honestly say that, you know, we... we did one paid
0:08:34product or one paid project, we are working on the second one right now and
0:08:39we don't wanna show you some stuff that others did. We... I could show, like,
0:08:43ten thousand of examples other companies did and that it worked, but I wanna show
0:08:48our stuff and our stuff is actually like in the beginning and it started to
0:08:52work, so that's why I only included the one... the one example
0:09:02for me, I
0:09:04awhile before I could
0:09:09now I know it's
0:09:12in one sentence, what Gameful
0:09:19it helps you it... it helps you
0:09:22I'm sorry
0:09:25in one sentence: it helps... it helps you engage your customers better
0:09:32trough game mechanics. Excellent!
0:09:43there's the engage, right?
0:09:47this is the , so I'm gonna focus on those words and again, show us
0:09:50an example
0:09:54oh, it's a really good presentation I love that you
0:10:00actually I have one more question. So, what... what is it that you
0:10:13for other businesses
0:10:19yes, you could say that
0:10:31your patience in consulting
0:10:33it's lovely distance from a startup that's looking for accept at some point
0:10:37so... so you cash little business, large business possibly?
0:10:43actually, well, right now we are at the different place we were like two months
0:10:47ago, because you know the demand is growing, people are coming to us, so... so
0:10:52I didn't wanna present any you know cash flow, because this is gonna change in,
0:10:57like, a week because it's all very organic, but we are different from other startups,
0:11:03but if we develop something like this... this ipad app and this web app, we
0:11:10can actually differ it very slightly for other restaurants, or the teahouses, or the coffee
0:11:16houses and then, you know, develop it. But we... we are going to go slowly,
0:11:21so now we have the iPad app and we have the... the web app and
0:11:25we can... we can deploy trough a monthly fee, or you know, use it for
0:11:31others, but basically, or firstly, we're gonna cost the company three new solutions and then
0:11:36probably be scalable and it for the second
0:11:53that's actually our planned title
0:12:09I'm here.
0:12:16give us an example of some gamification you've done for a client
0:12:22it's a consulting business
0:12:24startup we are looking for an
0:12:29right, we did gamification for Universator, who are guys actually sitting here in the audience.
0:12:36Hey, guys. And they have... I don't know if you know, them they have been
0:12:41in the South Moravian Innovation Centre like, one year or two years ago, and they
0:12:49have a server where they help find students... to study abroad.. to step... to help
0:12:56them, you know, to help them find international... international school to study
0:13:02and we did all the gamification for them they, they needed to create content for
0:13:08people to come there and create content, and they have is this very nice avatar
0:13:13or they have this very nice logo with an owl, so what we thought of
0:13:18or what we designed is that each user is gonna get an owl and if
0:13:23you have your custom profile with some tasks to complete you know like write a
0:13:29review where you have studied or write a review for best school and you have
0:13:34your own profile and you upgrade it or you... you know you complete your profile
0:13:38and you move it somewhere your owl grows old, it starts like.. like a baby
0:13:44owl and it grows into teenager owl you know the owl, and then it grows
0:13:50into an adut owl once you fill all the information they need, and right now
0:13:57they are in process they are ... they are in the process of implementing it
0:14:01I could not show you a screenshot of it but this is what we created,
0:14:07gamification for website, let's say, content creation, that helps people engage and helps.. that helps
0:14:14you give your information away
0:14:19who's your idol? Who do you look up to?
0:14:23the gamification
0:14:24in this sector probably Jane McGonigal, could be, if you know her. One more. Well,
0:14:30there is a lot of gamification companies, like one, ... one guy is
0:14:38is awesome, he is the king of gamification I don't know if I wanna say
0:14:42Gabe Sicherman but yes I don't know if I wanna actually say it because he
0:14:47does it on the on the mass scale. He does, like tricks, yeah, he does,
0:14:53like, tricks that actually I think that could work even better, I think we can
0:14:58be better than him