next project is Reservio and

so, atm machines, we all know them. They are used by millions of people every

day. But, when it was first introduced seventy years ago, only one group of people

actually used it: escorts and prostitutes. So, a funny thing happened when we did our

market research. We found out that one of the biggest user group of all our

reservation systems, well

escorts and prostitutes. So, we thought to ourselves: hey, we must have found something really

cool here

but, we don't really want to create reservation system for escort services. Instead, we want

to create a reservation system for the rest of us

so, let me show you how we implemented Reservio in one of the restaurants in

my hometown Levice

and it all started with this huge book. This is what most restaurants use today

to make a reservation. So, when we told an owner that he can throw that

away he was quite surprised. But, Reservio is accessible on any device, even on his

iPhone and he was quite happy for it

but let me show you how they can easily create reservation

Reservio is all about creationg reservation. And it is very, very simple. You just pick

a date

than pick a table

write customer's name and that's it. And if current customer previously visited your restaurant, it

will automatically pre-fill it for you

but let me show you what I think is the coolest feature of all

we wanted to enable businesses to learn more about their customers

so we track their habits, their visits. So, for example, next time they will make

a reservation, they will automatically be offered their favourite table, their favourite service

et cetera. Or maybe, next time they will come to a restaurant, they will be

told something like: hey, we haven't seen you here for like two weeks and they

will feel like regulars

but we also persuaded an owner to implement Reservio in their Facebook, so that customers

can reserve for themselves. At first, they didn't really use it

but eventually they started and they created about fifty reservations in the last month. And

their reactions? They really liked it, because all they had to do is just pick

a date, pick a table and every other data is automatically pre-filled from your Facebook


so, let me read you a couple of facts about Reservio

it creates appointments really fast, it is accessible on any device: tablets, notebooks, smartphones, even


it is also optimized for your business, which means that whether you got hair salon,

portal, restaurant, or pretty much any other business, user interface is specially optimised for you.

It also learns about customers. We want to help businesses to have better relationship with

them, and of course, customers can book on Facebook or website

so, something about our plans

we plan to release public beta on july first, which means that we are currently

running a private beta. We have gathered the offer of English Slovak and Czech

but since we plan to go global, we'll be offering French, German and Spanish really

soon. Regular offer freemium model, which means that we are gonna offer a basic set

of features for free and the rest for monthly fee

something about our Starcube sources

so, the first and most obvious one is, of course, SEO and PPC advertising we

actually created a test campaign in the last month and we got origin of investment

in about one month. And of course, we are counting on the viral elements thanks

to our Freemium model and of course footer containing our logo in any reservation on

Facebook and website. And of course, we would like to offer an affiliate program and

build meaningful partnerships

so this is all for Reservio, thank you for your attention

very much Boris and now jury, please

market research, schools a little more about that

what's your exit strategy? Because, obviously, you know, you got competitors out there. You know,

under the table, you know. What's your exit strategy? Who are your competitors?

okay so, what we guess to be our biggest competitors is actually Groupon. They... they

bought company called OpenCal and they rebranded their application as coupon scheduler. So, they are

very strong in USA. Then, there are, of course, old competitors such as SuperSized or

Booking Appointment Pro et cetera. And what about our exit strategy? Well, we plan to

expand into other countries, then the US because we think that market there is oversaturated.

So, we plant to start at first in Europe, we would like to focus on

France and Germany and like to go, of course, global

why France and Germany?

first of all, our team has experience with building websites and... building websites, and of

course, relationships in France and Germany and that's partly global, that's pretty obvious

there's more escorts there too

of course there are, modern countries with lot of currencies, so

that's the actual reason, not just escorts and prostitutes

regarding other categories, because obviously you're focusing on the restaurants now, which, like you said

you have open table in pretty much every restaurant in... uses open table and now

these coupons are gonna be even more interesting

because I know as far as you less booking appointment online for doctors, dentists et

cetera, it's becoming, it's there already, but it's kind of slower so there you might

integrate other categories because

Europe and you wanna focus on Europe

okay, so first of all let me tell you that restaurants aren't our main focus.

It's just one example that we used to show you how Reservio actually works. As

far as business categories goes, Reservio can be used by pretty much any business and

even love business, who, like, make reservations. So that might be also restaurants and hotels,

but also doctors, people doing repairs and... et cetera. So there is like a lot

of categories. We'll be starting with seven during public beta, but we would like to

expand, of course. What are the three most important ones

okay, so, obviously doctors, as you said. It's a very interesting area. Then, of course,

restaurants and

are also very interesting idea for us

just the one quick question regarding the marketing activities

what... what are the ways how you would like to market for this

France, Germany yes, so, one of the main traffic sources are the ones that I

already showed you

okay, these are the ones. So, of course, we are gonna need PPC advertising, but

since we already created a campaign, we already know what's our origin of investment and

we can be pretty confident in what we invest in advertising. Of course, we can

eventually improve our advertising and make it even more efficient. Then, of course, we would

like to use viral, which means that who wouldn't want to actually use an application

for free

and of course, everybody who is gonna use our reservation will see a footer containing

a Reservio logo, so they will eventually know that they are using Reservio

okay thank you

I love your design and I think it's one of the top tonight, it's one

of the few that got a really good design still a room for improvement okay

but it's really out there, it's good

thank you, I spend a lot of sleepless nights doing that so

it's very important

thank you