0:00:15next project is Reservio and
0:00:29so, atm machines, we all know them. They are used by millions of people every
0:00:32day. But, when it was first introduced seventy years ago, only one group of people
0:00:37actually used it: escorts and prostitutes. So, a funny thing happened when we did our
0:00:43market research. We found out that one of the biggest user group of all our
0:00:47reservation systems, well
0:00:50escorts and prostitutes. So, we thought to ourselves: hey, we must have found something really
0:00:54cool here
0:00:55but, we don't really want to create reservation system for escort services. Instead, we want
0:01:00to create a reservation system for the rest of us
0:01:03so, let me show you how we implemented Reservio in one of the restaurants in
0:01:07my hometown Levice
0:01:10and it all started with this huge book. This is what most restaurants use today
0:01:14to make a reservation. So, when we told an owner that he can throw that
0:01:18away he was quite surprised. But, Reservio is accessible on any device, even on his
0:01:23iPhone and he was quite happy for it
0:01:27but let me show you how they can easily create reservation
0:01:31Reservio is all about creationg reservation. And it is very, very simple. You just pick
0:01:37a date
0:01:38than pick a table
0:01:40write customer's name and that's it. And if current customer previously visited your restaurant, it
0:01:46will automatically pre-fill it for you
0:01:49but let me show you what I think is the coolest feature of all
0:01:53we wanted to enable businesses to learn more about their customers
0:01:56so we track their habits, their visits. So, for example, next time they will make
0:02:01a reservation, they will automatically be offered their favourite table, their favourite service
0:02:05et cetera. Or maybe, next time they will come to a restaurant, they will be
0:02:10told something like: hey, we haven't seen you here for like two weeks and they
0:02:14will feel like regulars
0:02:19but we also persuaded an owner to implement Reservio in their Facebook, so that customers
0:02:25can reserve for themselves. At first, they didn't really use it
0:02:30but eventually they started and they created about fifty reservations in the last month. And
0:02:36their reactions? They really liked it, because all they had to do is just pick
0:02:41a date, pick a table and every other data is automatically pre-filled from your Facebook
0:02:49so, let me read you a couple of facts about Reservio
0:02:52it creates appointments really fast, it is accessible on any device: tablets, notebooks, smartphones, even
0:03:01it is also optimized for your business, which means that whether you got hair salon,
0:03:05portal, restaurant, or pretty much any other business, user interface is specially optimised for you.
0:03:12It also learns about customers. We want to help businesses to have better relationship with
0:03:16them, and of course, customers can book on Facebook or website
0:03:22so, something about our plans
0:03:25we plan to release public beta on july first, which means that we are currently
0:03:29running a private beta. We have gathered the offer of English Slovak and Czech
0:03:34but since we plan to go global, we'll be offering French, German and Spanish really
0:03:38soon. Regular offer freemium model, which means that we are gonna offer a basic set
0:03:43of features for free and the rest for monthly fee
0:03:48something about our Starcube sources
0:03:51so, the first and most obvious one is, of course, SEO and PPC advertising we
0:03:57actually created a test campaign in the last month and we got origin of investment
0:04:02in about one month. And of course, we are counting on the viral elements thanks
0:04:06to our Freemium model and of course footer containing our logo in any reservation on
0:04:11Facebook and website. And of course, we would like to offer an affiliate program and
0:04:17build meaningful partnerships
0:04:19so this is all for Reservio, thank you for your attention
0:04:35very much Boris and now jury, please
0:04:40market research, schools a little more about that
0:04:49what's your exit strategy? Because, obviously, you know, you got competitors out there. You know,
0:04:54under the table, you know. What's your exit strategy? Who are your competitors?
0:04:59okay so, what we guess to be our biggest competitors is actually Groupon. They... they
0:05:06bought company called OpenCal and they rebranded their application as coupon scheduler. So, they are
0:05:12very strong in USA. Then, there are, of course, old competitors such as SuperSized or
0:05:20Booking Appointment Pro et cetera. And what about our exit strategy? Well, we plan to
0:05:30expand into other countries, then the US because we think that market there is oversaturated.
0:05:37So, we plant to start at first in Europe, we would like to focus on
0:05:43France and Germany and like to go, of course, global
0:05:48why France and Germany?
0:05:50first of all, our team has experience with building websites and... building websites, and of
0:05:56course, relationships in France and Germany and that's partly global, that's pretty obvious
0:06:03there's more escorts there too
0:06:07of course there are, modern countries with lot of currencies, so
0:06:10that's the actual reason, not just escorts and prostitutes
0:06:20regarding other categories, because obviously you're focusing on the restaurants now, which, like you said
0:06:27you have open table in pretty much every restaurant in... uses open table and now
0:06:31these coupons are gonna be even more interesting
0:06:35because I know as far as you less booking appointment online for doctors, dentists et
0:06:43cetera, it's becoming, it's there already, but it's kind of slower so there you might
0:06:46integrate other categories because
0:06:50Europe and you wanna focus on Europe
0:06:51okay, so first of all let me tell you that restaurants aren't our main focus.
0:06:55It's just one example that we used to show you how Reservio actually works. As
0:07:00far as business categories goes, Reservio can be used by pretty much any business and
0:07:06even love business, who, like, make reservations. So that might be also restaurants and hotels,
0:07:13but also doctors, people doing repairs and... et cetera. So there is like a lot
0:07:18of categories. We'll be starting with seven during public beta, but we would like to
0:07:23expand, of course. What are the three most important ones
0:07:28okay, so, obviously doctors, as you said. It's a very interesting area. Then, of course,
0:07:34restaurants and
0:07:35are also very interesting idea for us
0:07:43just the one quick question regarding the marketing activities
0:07:49what... what are the ways how you would like to market for this
0:07:54France, Germany yes, so, one of the main traffic sources are the ones that I
0:08:01already showed you
0:08:03okay, these are the ones. So, of course, we are gonna need PPC advertising, but
0:08:08since we already created a campaign, we already know what's our origin of investment and
0:08:13we can be pretty confident in what we invest in advertising. Of course, we can
0:08:18eventually improve our advertising and make it even more efficient. Then, of course, we would
0:08:24like to use viral, which means that who wouldn't want to actually use an application
0:08:29for free
0:08:30and of course, everybody who is gonna use our reservation will see a footer containing
0:08:35a Reservio logo, so they will eventually know that they are using Reservio
0:08:42okay thank you
0:08:49I love your design and I think it's one of the top tonight, it's one
0:08:52of the few that got a really good design still a room for improvement okay
0:08:56but it's really out there, it's good
0:08:59thank you, I spend a lot of sleepless nights doing that so
0:09:03it's very important
0:09:06thank you