0:01:04thank you
0:01:05I feel like I have won already
0:01:07so, hello! My name is Vladimir and today I would like to show you our
0:01:12startup Na Klik. We provide fast and user friendly remote technical support
0:01:20technical support, it's usually not the best customer experience. You all know how it is.
0:01:25You call a support line and you have to hang on the phone for twenty
0:01:28minutes until you are connected to a real person
0:01:32most users today, when contacting the technical support, are confused and don't understand the instructions
0:01:38provided to them by support technician
0:01:41well, we have decided to bridge the gap between technicians and users, who usually don't
0:01:47understand IT
0:01:50when you have a problem with your computer, our technicians connect remotely to your PC
0:01:55and fix all your technical issues for you
0:01:59it's very easy: just go on our website and click connect. Just one click, that's
0:02:04it. After that, our technician remotely connects to your PC and takes care of everything.
0:02:09In the meantime, you can use your time more effectively then for troubleshooting computer issues
0:02:16we already have more than nine hundred happy customers. Most of them is from Czech
0:02:20Republic and Slovakia; but we also have few users from USA, Ireland, Sweden and Germany
0:02:31this is our team. Our mission is to redefine user experience with technical support When
0:02:37I look at the picture I'm quite happy we chose IT as our career and
0:02:41not modelling
0:02:44so, that's Na Klik: solving computer problems with just one click. Tha