0:01:12the BikerSeason
0:01:15thank you, Lucy
0:01:17hello everyone, my name is Tomaš, and I'm happy to be here to introduce my
0:01:23project BikerSeason com
0:01:26BikerSeason com is a planning service for motorcycles Performed by bikers to bikers. Okay, maybe
0:01:33not really for you, but for
0:01:37why people buy motorcycles
0:01:39because they wanna ride on it, of course, they wanna travel, go on away day
0:01:42with friends
0:01:44the biggest problem is how to plan and share your roads with your friends
0:01:48and guess how do plan the roads the biggest competitor in Czech republic?
0:01:54in a forum. Yeah, in a simple forum. Such a shame
0:02:00how we plan the roads?
0:02:12BikerSeason com simplifies trip planning, saves time and makes communication between bikers easy
0:02:19our benefits are: interactive road planner, it's easy tool for planning. Invite and share system,
0:02:24of course, the best way how to say: I have planned road, join me. The
0:02:29goal of BikerSeason.com is to have database for the best roads and points interest from
0:02:34the road in a one place
0:02:37we are gonna make money trough e-shop, we have the membership, mobile application and advertising
0:02:44ride a motorcycle to dream
0:02:48and the passion. And that's the reason why BikerSeason.com is gonna work
0:02:54Bikerseason.com is a global service for motorcycles which combines the planning service, planning tool, with
0:03:01an invite and share system
0:03:02thank you very much