0:01:12doctor's appointment
0:01:15consulting with a teacher
0:01:16but it can get very complicated if you do it over phone or e- That's
0:01:22why we created Reservio, smart reservation 1.0 that brings small businesses online and creates whole
0:01:26new experience for their customers
0:01:32we all waited five minute phone call, trying to get a doctor's appointment, desperately looking
0:01:37for a best time to visit, but
0:01:39but, wouldn't it be simpler just to come to doctor's website, pick a best date
0:01:43and make a reservation with no more than two clicks?
0:01:49people remember how you make them feel and customers want to feel welcome in your
0:01:53business. But, when you come to a restaurant today, they don't know anything about you.
0:01:58Reservio solved this as well. It will automatically keep track of a customer's habits, so
0:02:04next time he will make a reservation, it will automatically offer him his favourite table
0:02:10finally, we believe in simplicity and we made reservations simpler for business as well. No
0:02:16need to keep huge book, just like this one. Reservio is accessible on any device
0:02:22that can connect to the internet and is simple and efficient, whether you have a
0:02:26hair salon
0:02:30sport center, or pretty much any other business, because Reservio is smart reservation system that
0:02:36adapts to your business
0:02:38and if you want to see this beautiful lady using Reservio, I invite you to
0:02:42support us for our next elevator pitch. Thank you for your attention