0:00:26okay, nice big break! Thank you very much for coming here today. My name is
0:00:31Michael and I will be your guide for today
0:00:34me and my colleagues, we work in South Moravian Innovation Centre and we help people
0:00:38to create companies that change the world
0:00:43creating company is always kind of big step to the unknown for most of the
0:00:47teams so it's not always successful
0:00:50when we started Starcube three years ago just two teams finshed the program
0:00:56one year later we get to eight
0:00:59and this year you will see fourteen projects
0:01:02so it's seven times more than in two thousand ten, when we started with the
0:01:09there are almost two hundred people in audience today, so it's quite tough for, not
0:01:14only for me,sure
0:01:16but also for our startup teams which are sitting here, because for most of them
0:01:20this is the very first time, for most of them, they are presenting in public.
0:01:26So I want you
0:01:28to be kind to them because they might be scared to death, they might forget
0:01:33what they wanted to tell you, they might fall down from this stage because this
0:01:38is kind of unusual place. So please, be supportive. I want you to give big
0:01:46applause to everyone who is climbing up this stairs. So let's try: I will go
0:01:52down and pretend that I am some special successful startup. So I want you to
0:01:58get ready
0:02:11nice, but not good enough. Let's try one more time
0:02:29okay, so keep that in your... keep that in your mi and so be as
0:02:33much supportive for each team who is climbing the stairs or for everyone who is
0:02:38going up
0:02:41today we are here to also inspire you. Do you want to inspire those people
0:02:48who didn't started any company yet? I think there are some of those people in
0:02:52the audience and we want you to try as much as you can in the
0:02:58future to make your ideas come true
0:03:03for those of you whose knowledge about Starcube might be a little blunt, let me
0:03:07tell you briefly what it is
0:03:10Starcube is a Startup Akcelerator program, first of its kind in Czech Republic. We started
0:03:16three years ago as a student oriented pre-incubation program for much older incubation program of
0:03:23South Moravian Innovation Centre
0:03:26companies in incubation program has a year
0:03:30turnover over one billion czech crowns and we want to make it higher with teams
0:03:37who are here in Starcube
0:03:40during the last three years we have come a long way. We established a lot
0:03:44of interesting partnerships with companies and organisations and we also gained a lot of experience
0:03:50thanks to our mentors and lectures who helped us a lot
0:03:54our alumni such as GINA CUPtech Celebrio or Universator achieved a lot of interesting international
0:04:07we change a name and we also change the scheme of the program but what
0:04:12is the same all the time is a focus
0:04:16focus on people
0:04:18extraordinary people with the passion for their ideas
0:04:22and today you will see what can passionate people do in a three months
0:04:29you cannot ask father who is his favourite kid, so I cannot be the judge
0:04:34for today. So I invited people who will be judges for today and who will
0:04:42decide this height who is the better one and who is not
0:04:46so let me introduce you our court of experts
0:04:53from my left to right: I cannot see... yeah, JD from Meebee; than Jiri Krechl
0:04:59from Czechinvest
0:05:02Sandra Kumorowski from Chicago
0:05:06Stanislav Kopecek from PwC, Price Waterhouse Coopers; Jan Tauber from Genesis Capital
0:05:15we wouldn't be here without some financial support, of course. Fundraising is also quite tough
0:05:22thing, so we tried a lot of stuff
0:05:28we also asked for public money
0:05:31and sometimes we were successful
0:05:34so those are our partners who gave us support, not only money, but their time,
0:05:39their effort to... for our teams to get better. So I want you to give
0:05:45nice applause also for these people because without their support we wouldnt't be here today
0:06:02also important was European Union, actually, who really supported us. So, this particular event is
0:06:09paid by European Union. So please, once more
0:06:22so, I do the job
0:06:26today we will see fourteen projects
0:06:28fourteen two minute presentations from our teams
0:06:32there will be no questions and answer panel during this stage, so listen carefully, because
0:06:38in the other part of the day or during the break you will be voting
0:06:43for your most favourite team
0:06:48these will be two minutes presentations, two minutes sharp. So, if someone runs out of
0:06:53time the team will be stopped
0:06:58during the break, which will take fourty five minutes, our board of experts will decide
0:07:04who is in the top five
0:07:07and also, you can vote for your favourite team. There will be also small award
0:07:12for one, someone, who gives his vote, or her vote, for
0:07:20so, after the break, there will be top five. We will have five presentations by
0:07:26five minutes and each presentation after five minutes will have ten minutes for questions and
0:07:31answers panel with our jury
0:07:35then there will be another break, shorter one, to decide who is number one, two
0:07:39and three
0:07:42so, there will be awarding ceremony. But before that, we'll show you some success stories
0:07:47about former successful startups from Starcube
0:07:53so, awarding ceremony and then networking event. I hope you will stay because there are
0:08:00a lot of interesting people right here: marketers, developers, metrocapitalists, business angels. So, network as
0:08:08much as you can, because this is the place where our startups gathered today
0:08:16before we proceed to the presentations from our teams, let me remind you a few
0:08:20rules about this... how we can behave, or we have to behave in this special
0:08:26place. So, no cell phones, please. I can see a lot of you have running
0:08:31your laptops or cell phones. If there is this light open, or if this light
0:08:39shines, it's quite okay if you have open laptop. But when the light goes dark,
0:08:45you are illuminating the place and people cannot see the canvas so much
0:08:53so, also no food or drinks inside, actually in this place, but outside is okay
0:09:00and no smoking for smokers no smoking even on the terrace. So, in the evening,
0:09:05please, if you need to go for smoking, there is some kinder playground down in
0:09:10the park
0:09:12you can try there
0:09:17and also, there are two doors. Use it as the aerochambers. I don't know if
0:09:23you watch science fiction movies, so small instruction. If there is aerochamber, you have to
0:09:28open one door, step inside, close the door and then open the second door and
0:09:34go outside
0:09:36because, if you open the door totally, first and second, there will be also light
0:09:41coming inside
0:09:42so, use it as the aerochamber
0:09:45and don't forget
0:09:55it was just as the reminder; don't forget to give applause for every team who
0:10:00is going upstairs
0:10:02so, ladies and gentleman
0:10:04new stars will shine on the startup sky today. Let me introduce you