Thank you.

We are back on track. I hope you liked the coffee break. I saw that

there is no food left, so you will have nothing for the afternoon.


I knew someone who come up just because, came up just because of the food.

No, no, just kidding. We have plenty of food for another coffee break and for

the final banquet. So don't be scared there will be food for you.

So, we saw nine teams during the first session. You had the opportunity to talk

with then at their stands, so

you had the opportunity to learn more what they do and how do you want

to sell their product.

The jury decided about top five teams. It was not easy, as usual. So, there

were some teams that were just so-so.

So, but we have just five teams

for the presentation.

So, the jury selected five teams.

And these five teams are in the bowl that Lucka is bringing on the stage.

Smells nice.

Okay, so here are just five names, five startups that were selected our jury We

will do a simple draw from this bowl just to know the order of presentations.

We don't want to keep it the same way as in the first part, because

then the teams would know who is in the next round. So, we have five

teams here, five team selected by our jury as the most promising startups from this



I will pick the first, first

name and MiloĹĄ will just write it live on the presentation.

So, first team that... no one else, just the jury and me; just jury and

me. I know that we know who is in the bowl. So, the first team

that will come on stage, the first team that was selected as a top five



The second team

is Mail Komplet.

Yes, I'm

I have these tickets in my pocket, but I don't take any other

tickets out of my pocket yet.

Because I didn't get any money on my account during the break, so that...

that's the reason. So, the third team



which will present on the fourth place



And the last one in top five

who you want

the fifth team to be?

Some other team.

They are not even from Spoteee

Some other guess

I know. No, it Spoteee.

Okay, so this is the final five

of today's Starcube Show.

But I want

our teams to rest for a while. So I want to show you the video

about this autumn's Starcube.

So keep

your breath

just get ready, we will start in two minutes.