0:00:16Thank you.
0:00:16We are back on track. I hope you liked the coffee break. I saw that
0:00:21there is no food left, so you will have nothing for the afternoon.
0:00:28I knew someone who come up just because, came up just because of the food.
0:00:32No, no, just kidding. We have plenty of food for another coffee break and for
0:00:36the final banquet. So don't be scared there will be food for you.
0:00:42So, we saw nine teams during the first session. You had the opportunity to talk
0:00:48with then at their stands, so
0:00:51you had the opportunity to learn more what they do and how do you want
0:00:55to sell their product.
0:00:57The jury decided about top five teams. It was not easy, as usual. So, there
0:01:05were some teams that were just so-so.
0:01:09So, but we have just five teams
0:01:12for the presentation.
0:01:16So, the jury selected five teams.
0:01:19And these five teams are in the bowl that Lucka is bringing on the stage.
0:01:35Smells nice.
0:01:37Okay, so here are just five names, five startups that were selected our jury We
0:01:44will do a simple draw from this bowl just to know the order of presentations.
0:01:51We don't want to keep it the same way as in the first part, because
0:01:56then the teams would know who is in the next round. So, we have five
0:02:01teams here, five team selected by our jury as the most promising startups from this
0:02:09I will pick the first, first
0:02:14name and MiloĹĄ will just write it live on the presentation.
0:02:22So, first team that... no one else, just the jury and me; just jury and
0:02:27me. I know that we know who is in the bowl. So, the first team
0:02:33that will come on stage, the first team that was selected as a top five
0:02:53The second team
0:03:00is Mail Komplet.
0:03:09Yes, I'm
0:03:10I have these tickets in my pocket, but I don't take any other
0:03:15tickets out of my pocket yet.
0:03:20Because I didn't get any money on my account during the break, so that...
0:03:25that's the reason. So, the third team
0:03:27is Vkladej.cz.
0:03:47which will present on the fourth place
0:04:02And the last one in top five
0:04:06who you want
0:04:07the fifth team to be?
0:04:11Some other team.
0:04:14They are not even from Spoteee
0:04:20Some other guess
0:04:24I know. No, it Spoteee.
0:04:35Okay, so this is the final five
0:04:38of today's Starcube Show.
0:04:41But I want
0:04:43our teams to rest for a while. So I want to show you the video
0:04:49about this autumn's Starcube.
0:04:52So keep
0:04:54your breath
0:04:56just get ready, we will start in two minutes.