OpenAlt - 5. až 7. listopadu 2016

Otevřeným přístupem k otevřené společnosti

Building Human Machine Inteface application using web technology stack

Štěpán Mík (Etnetera a.s.), Ivan Čentéš (Etnetera a.s.)
In out talk we will show that web technologies and techniques known from web development are also useful in development of applications that could be implemented as standalone desktop applications. We will share practical experience gained during prototypal implementation of visual interface for operating industrial machine. I.e. interface that reflects both user interaction and readings of physical sensors. This experience, we believe, is transferable to domain of web and/or IoT development. We will present why we decided to use browser as HTTP backend and why we ended with custom development stack based on Netty, OSGi and Angular with Typescript (in contrast to servlets, Spring and JSF). We will describe component architecture developed in spirit of reactive and functional programming. And we will show that seemingly complicated architecture lead to better code quality – such as cleaner separation of concerns, lower coupling and higher cohesion. Frontend/backend split, immutability, OSGi services design patterns and utilization of Angular best practices - that all have its role in product that is extensible, maintainable and resilient. (Přednášku není problém udělat v češtině)