Odyssey 2020

The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

Subband Modeling for Spoofing Detection in Automatic Speaker Verification

Bhusan Chettri, Tomi Kinnunen, Emmanouil Benetos
Spectrograms - time-frequency representations of audio signals - have found widespread use in neural network-based spoofing detection. While deep models are trained on the full-band spectrum of the signal, we argue that not all frequency bands are useful for these tasks. In this paper, we systematically investigate the impact of different subbands and their importance on replay spoofing detection on two benchmark datasets: ASVspoof 2017 v2.0 and ASVspoof 2019 PA. We propose a joint subband modelling framework that employs n different sub-networks to learn sub-band specific features. These are later combined and passed to a classifier and the whole network weights are updated during training. Our findings on the ASVspoof 2017 dataset suggest that the most discriminative information appears to be in the first and the last 1 KHz frequency bands, and the joint model trained on these two subbands shows the best performance outperforming the baselines by a large margin. However, these findings do not generalise on the ASVspoof 2019 PA dataset. This suggests that the datasets available for training these models do not reflect real world replay conditions suggesting a need for careful design of datasets for training replay spoofing countermeasures.