Odyssey 2014

The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

STC Speaker Recognition System for the NIST i-Vector Challenge

Sergey Novoselov, Timur Pekhovsky and Konstantin Simonchik
This paper presents a Speech Technology Center (STC) system submitted to the NIST i-vector Challenge. The system includes different subsystems based on PLDA, LDA-SVM, RBM-PLDA and DBN-PLDA. We propose an original iterative scheme for clustering the NIST i-vector Challenge devset. We also introduce the RBM-PLDA subsystem in the NIST i-vector Challenge. Experiments performed on the progress dataset demonstrate that although the RBM-PLDA and DBN-PLDA subsystems are inferior to the other subsystems in terms of absolute minDCF, in the fusion they provide a substantial gain into the efficiency of the resulting STC system, reaching 0.239 at the minDCF point.