Odyssey 2012

The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop

SESSION 07: Language Recognition Evaluation


Evaluation of Spoken Language Recognition Technology Using Broadcast Speech: Performance and Challenges

Luis J. Rodriguez-Fuentes, Amparo Varona, Mireia Diez, Mikel Penagarikano and German Bordel


New Resources for Recognition of Confusable Linguistic Varieties: The LRE11 Corpus

Stephanie Strassel, Kevin Walker, Karen Jones, Dave Graff and Christopher Cieri


Description and analysis of the Brno276 system for LRE2011

Niko Brummer, Sandro Cumani, Ondrej Glembek, Martin Karafiat, Pavel Matejka, Jan Pesan, Oldrich Plchot, Mehdi Soufifar, Edward de Villiers and Jan Cernocky