Human Assisted Speaker Recognition In NIST SRE10

SESSION 8: Human performances in Speaker recognition, Speaker clustering and partitioning

Added: 14. 7. 2010 11:08, Author: Craig Greenberg, Alvin Martin (National Institute of Standards and Technology), Linda Brandschain (Linguistic Data Consortium), Joseph Campbell (MIT Lincoln Laboratory), Christopher Cieri (Linguistic Data Consortium), George Doddington (), John Godfrey (US Department of Defense Fort Meade, Maryland), Length: 0:26:56

The NIST series of Speaker Recognition Evaluations (SRE’s) have, since 1996, evaluated automatic systems for speaker recognition. The 2010 evaluation (SRE10) also included a test of Human Assisted Speaker Recognition (HASR), in which systems based, in whole or in part, on human expertise were evaluated. Participants were invited to complete the trials in one of two small subsets of the full set of trials included in the core test of the main automatic system evaluation. The performance of these human dependent systems is currently being scored and analyzed. Their performance will be compared with the best automatic system results on the same trial subsets.

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