Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where can I send my comments and suggestions regarding this website?


2) What types of search in audio does the lecture browser offer?

The lecture browser supports two search types:

  • broad search
    • this search type is set by default
    • if the search query is entered without Czech special characters (e.g. ěščůéíá), then its versions containing those characters are also taken into consideration (e.g. spojity signal » spojitý signál)
    • the search query is inflected - its each single word is expanded into other forms
    • e.g. Fourierova transformace is expanded into: fourierův, fourierových, fourierově, fourierovy, fourierovou, fourierovu, fourier, transformacích, transformacemi, transformací, transformacím, transformace, transformaci
  • basic search
    • the original search query is used exclusively
    • this search type is triggered by inserting characters " or ' into the search query, e.g.: "Fourierova transformace"

The search area can be restricted to a specific category. A user is also given a possibility to search in one single lecture. This search is then performed using the component Search in Audio on the page of the requested lecture.

When searching in audio, a user is given a clickable list of lectures containing at least one search query result. By selecting a lecture, a clickable list of all corresponding results is shown. Clicking on any result starts playing the video from the assigned time and the current word is being highlighted.

3) How can I get to know more about the lecture browser?

An introduction to the Speech@FIT lecture browser is available on the page Learn more. In case you want to know more, you can always send us an email to