InterSpeech 2021

Language Modeling and Artificial Intelligence

Tomáš Mikolov (CIIRC CTU Prague)
Abstract Statistical language modeling has been labeled as an AI-complete problem by many famous researchers of the past. However, despite all the progress made in the last decade, it remains unclear how much progress towards truly intelligent language models we made. In this talk, I will present my view on what has been accomplished so far, and what scientific challenges are still in front of us. We need to focus more on developing new mathematical models with certain properties, such as the ability to learn continually and without explicit supervision, generalize to novel tasks from limited amounts of data, and the ability to form non-trivial long-term memory. I will describe some of our attempts to develop such models within the framework of complex systems. Bio Tomas Mikolov is a researcher at CIIRC, Prague. Currently he leads a research team focusing on development of novel techniques within the area of complex systems, artificial life and evolution. Previously, he did work at Facebook AI and Google Brain, where he led development of popular machine learning tools such as word2vec and fastText. He obtained PhD at the Brno University of Technology in 2012 for his work on neural language models (the RNNLM project). His main research interest is to understand intelligence, and to create artificial intelligence that can help people to solve complex problems.