0:00:14just a bit about myself first so you know what i'm talking about this i
0:00:19first became involved as them contributor
0:00:22if you years ago when they put the speakers and outreach program and i have
0:00:25some state on and it's i have a meant to the number of vendors i
0:00:31have mended to attic outreach program of the one now and if you outside the
0:00:36program as well
0:00:38i've become quite involved in the comedian should think
0:00:41and now i will depart will work with people who are actually starting actually to
0:00:46the community for the first time
0:00:48and well you what might have very different expectations
0:00:52and some people come as the user like as i have so i have been
0:00:57a user for sex seven to half years now but then each arts are contributing
0:01:01a few years ago
0:01:02and some people come to work for example if they are doing an internship with
0:01:06a company and
0:01:08and they're not companies and opened them they might want for their interns to work
0:01:13with the community to fix some bugs
0:01:16that happens quite often
0:01:18so gently percent someone comes along which is exactly what type of this well as
0:01:22almost everyone does that is they just went about to fix
0:01:26a somehow fix that usually some really bad patch
0:01:30and they further with the wall but still it and for get about that well
0:01:34maybe not forget about that in quite that way sometimes they will
0:01:38say come back to the few among like to save why hasn't this been committed
0:01:42or if you sometimes the developer mentally or one of the other developers will review
0:01:49it and commit that some still just outright rejected that in your reasons
0:01:53and sometimes they'll just fix it up themselves and tell us so possibly back to
0:01:57the person who actually wrote that's
0:02:00and so it varies quite a lot but so that's but actually get he'd become
0:02:05for the community and it just doesn't work with getting people
0:02:10people see that happen and they just me because
0:02:13they didn't get anything
0:02:19the way to actually become point meetings to talk to the can if you can
0:02:23talk to the person who's doing work for you that you didn't get to know
0:02:27you don't understand why maybe the drinks things a certain way which are not happy
0:02:31with as well and as the contributing you might not understand what the developer is
0:02:36trying to get you do something like you don't think is right
0:02:40so you really need to talk to people and also i think starting are usually
0:02:46just mousey it was really friendly there's no harm in just asking questions and generally
0:02:53people get really positive responses
0:02:57there are like we actually have i name lot of fruit which is
0:03:04which consists of difference a lot across all the aspects we have people who are
0:03:11willing to mentoring all once more tasks for all
0:03:14would like you can go and ask that you can just look at the list
0:03:17of people and you can go up to them and ask and almost at all
0:03:20the will just say sure all hope you all that you
0:03:25so it's definitely what talking and actually the best thing you can do is talk
0:03:30to people at conferences
0:03:32even if you're not really for the community at it's so what's going because you
0:03:36can actually meet everyone and you just become really involved when you realise ones also
0:03:43so ask for help
0:03:47use the resources that are available
0:03:50and just try to get in there and some get people to help you and
0:03:56but you need to actually ask what the hell
0:03:59and sometimes people might be a little bit want one event like you and something
0:04:03like you very much
0:04:05we have had the location box somewhere
0:04:08someone's well the wide explains why they thought that was about and that's always come
0:04:11along and said that it's possible and after that
0:04:15i don't happens and that's okay
0:04:18people have lives outside
0:04:20so not everyone actually has time to go through every single but that like gets
0:04:25filed against the project and you really liked about you explain how the point have
0:04:30works in detail because actually that is very time-consuming i can relate to that because
0:04:36i have on occasion had so
0:04:38some people like file loads of bugs in one go and attach say twenty patches
0:04:43each of which that takes a whole data review and let's be honest i don't
0:04:48have twenty days to review twenty patches because i've got work to do i've got
0:04:53other projects to contribute that i'm working on a of like outside the minutes
0:04:57and that's just one right expects
0:04:59okay innocent for viewers to actually be able to deal with that
0:05:03and i know it's have we does happen to other people in the spring
0:05:07so please don't do that to maintain is these them do that to a review
0:05:13it's just not very fair on them and you will actually get really bad results
0:05:17as a contributor
0:05:20so try to like it's the first batch is always the most difficult one out
0:05:25of all the patches so contributors need to try be considered was the review where
0:05:30is try to make it easier for the patch to be reviewed which usually means
0:05:34it's actually easiest to
0:05:36to if we are first batch to be a really small sites
0:05:39just a short patch to fix
0:05:42rather than a very big one which anson if each or something like that
0:05:46and us be patient but you contribute is like we don't always know that someone
0:05:52is who has just well the patch is the it's really difficult to tell
0:05:57to be honest there is no way of knowing allegedly actually talked about
0:06:01so we should always talk to the contributors and always find out why there are
0:06:06these huge patches all of a sudden when we never heard
0:06:10and the sometimes it's actually rather the going back and forth and reading something say
0:06:15for and having twenty reviews catalogue still which is a real pain
0:06:19just sometimes maybe austin trying what something smaller
0:06:23and get back to that once there but for experience
0:06:29of course
0:06:30then you can choose can always make it easier for us to review and we
0:06:35really appreciate that
0:06:37and the best way to do that is to actually find out how the project
0:06:40works because different projects but for different what
0:06:44i want to completion team and generally would prefer for new contributors go through bookseller
0:06:49because than anyone that you review the work
0:06:53and we have quite high standards for what we want to and is
0:06:58we spent a lot of time getting our project up to really good quality and
0:07:03we would like that so we don't we don't accept at every single patch that
0:07:06comes along something as we go back and forth with review what before we're happy
0:07:12and we are trying to get the person who's contributing to actually perfected themselves rather
0:07:17than touching up attachments all you have for think minor things like indentation what senator
0:07:22some other projects
0:07:23but a is will just take a patch and they will fix some things like
0:07:27that so
0:07:28and that based on project what
0:07:31for example well like and then we most of us prefer for patches to get
0:07:36about so sometimes like very small patches are some artsy just expand very is very
0:07:44or by email directly to them and they know or reviewer
0:07:49but generally to about so on the other hand there other projects which have quite
0:07:53a different one for example for the current know all the patches good for me
0:07:57and that can be quite scary to present you do that
0:08:01because generally it's a completely different way of sending patches and it
0:08:05but if the contributors knows what we expect of that and that we know what
0:08:11they expect of us than this whole process is easier
0:08:15of course it does actually help what and this is where many contributors
0:08:20fail slightly and that they didn't test their patches they didn't build
0:08:25and they didn't test whether everything
0:08:29so i was actually quite cumbersome to explain so why for example the change gold
0:08:33installation is not working
0:08:36for i see it's very difficult and so i recently i was recently working with
0:08:41a girl who
0:08:43was trying to use change build one last time and took her two weeks to
0:08:47get to working state for a very simple application which for me builds out of
0:08:52the box
0:08:53i just
0:08:54it took me five that's get built a form at the two weeks i don't
0:08:58actually very difficult to debug that's but it's really what they have to because now
0:09:04that she has a running she's actually able to document the latest version of the
0:09:08application what's in boston which means she's not we still have
0:09:12by fixing things which are really fixed
0:09:17and of course what also happens what open is that
0:09:21like will submit a patch and the whole set of the solar it for more
0:09:25maybe for to just because i think that might be busy there someone else to
0:09:29you about also happens
0:09:32it's really worth being page
0:09:36it really is but on the other
0:09:40that you need for up as a contributor if you don't
0:09:44then your patch much of sport and that will become obsolete that's not really
0:09:49what that to be honest
0:09:51it's a waste of your time as a contributor it's a waste of them they
0:09:54have time
0:09:55as maintainer because paul we don't meet someone else of concept of ready fixed we
0:10:00so far the with your and for work with a review
0:10:05but be patient since my kids people because people really didn't like that and they
0:10:09want treaty as well if you do that
0:10:13and of course it as i was saying it always helps to make good contribution
0:10:17so make sure your contributions of a high quality the best you can do you
0:10:21and maybe you should so consider talking to the community before you actually start making
0:10:28before you start writing it because
0:10:31sometimes the development data have very specific ideas about how they want to certain about
0:10:36six i'm not might not be compatible with yours and sometimes they're the different ways
0:10:40to fix the same power
0:10:43so do to go back and actually talk to people
0:10:47do discuss how you're going to fix things
0:10:50and if you're reviewing patch assessment think that or if you're
0:10:56tell them what you expect
0:10:59don't accept that you shouldn't always accepts
0:11:03i've fixed which are not what we have to it's not it is actually what
0:11:05going back and asking people to fix stuff that way because then they realise that
0:11:09what they're doing your thing and the like
0:11:13and that's all have
0:11:15so also make so you know you know what the work for your project is
0:11:20busy much for each other that well into business with what
0:11:25this they have talked to them and they you know whatever fever
0:11:29stick to
0:11:30tried to comply because that will make the reviewer's job easier and the that means
0:11:35they will have more time to if you know patches or they will have more
0:11:39likely some losses patches either way what you but
0:11:46and once you start contributing you've contributed if you times you are get to know
0:11:51what the project is like you know work with that
0:11:54and you something
0:11:56most of the people from the community
0:11:59and if you actually don't really have all the project you should become foundation that's
0:12:04how it works
0:12:05as a punishment thank you get small parts it's very good and you get a
0:12:09bit for the board as well
0:12:13so this is actually more like what you expect
0:12:18you don't want you to be a you'll find your problem and starts firing up
0:12:22i try to michael sometimes you will if a simple boxing might but actually but
0:12:26average want you might find that your about an application you think that's it
0:12:30it might be something else
0:12:32and you need to find that and you need to fix beverage that's the right
0:12:35way to do things
0:12:38it's actually in the long run better for the whole projects
0:12:41if you don't take shortcuts do things for me if you know who to talk
0:12:44to and you actually that are out who to talked about certain parts of the
0:12:50it comes with experience
0:12:52but that is actually you want you should
0:12:57okay with me to of got simply who is white under from the previous outreach
0:13:03she has actually had experiences with which is what we surely so tribute lots here
0:13:10which is good for you have you found
0:13:18i i'm single
0:13:21i'm very send job change program from an intern in thought now i'm doing we
0:13:27will some record internship but no
0:13:30still a i mean you tell you my experience is we how we started country
0:13:37rooting through the documentation team
0:13:41first are still free eight years i'd use you know for each years now in
0:13:47to i the only question in the back my head with how do i start
0:13:52okay start you know with the starting point with the start button
0:13:56and they'll
0:13:57true do you might experience i learned that you just start with your favourite application
0:14:02or me whichever application using your favourites
0:14:07so look for buttons look for problems in your favourite application
0:14:12in start small
0:14:14i didn't i couldn't do anything big the first batch i mean what a one
0:14:22line change and non dictionary documentation it was just one line you know he was
0:14:28way small but what i did that i could i could start making other step
0:14:35and tell i have to learn a couple of new tools like mallard
0:14:40for writing this hell
0:14:43and i did not know how to order hungry start using all the stuff i
0:14:47don't remember but i don't know
0:14:49and i sort okay so i'm gonna open up an editor and i'm gonna use
0:14:54mallard to make a page about myself i like so and so
0:14:59and there in about ten to fifteen minutes that evening i lunch mallard
0:15:05i wrote everything about myself in that page and so i use that to make
0:15:12a fun project for that evening
0:15:15nine next step what do we this light words
0:15:19in be sign words are we keep ages
0:15:23you google upstart you go to non week and you meet real people in these
0:15:29real people who are on i receive mailing this chat
0:15:33so or we could just are nothing but sign words they tell you to talk
0:15:38to our what you can expect from the project what tell tasks that ought to
0:15:43be completed in the project
0:15:46these are the sign words you must read and there in plain english so anybody
0:15:50can understand it
0:15:53then i have a question how can i help how can i do my part
0:15:58when i did not know what i can do or how we can start i
0:16:02did that one question everyone how can i help there is nothing in a list
0:16:06of the gonna love that it's me so i asked the person i'm talking to
0:16:10do you know anything i can do
0:16:12and you would give me a related stuff so i'd like to onto that in
0:16:18do more things
0:16:21this is my favourite a lot one of your mentors
0:16:26so i think about in so it's in the procedure of being sold someone's asking
0:16:32to do something on the page and i want to watch it i want to
0:16:35know how they're going to fix that wanna watch them fix it so i see
0:16:39myself there is a there is a call them would like to add your email
0:16:44the but it and i a lot how people are doing things i don't participate
0:16:49i just well i watch the conversation up till the end in so i learn
0:16:54new things from looking at a lot of it long working and what is a
0:16:58what is appreciated what is not appreciated i learn by observation
0:17:05so once i start walking i mean it starts printing a little faster
0:17:12the first step and sprinting is just start talking to participate to say but hey
0:17:18i'm interested and that's you know to raise up your hand
0:17:21and when i mean participates
0:17:23i look at the but page in if there is anything not all is not
0:17:28something i don't understand i mean try to commence but before it was that it
0:17:33meant i'm going to read it and see if i asked what i want to
0:17:38know what i what answer what answer to the question i want to receive feel
0:17:43i make sure my questions are simple
0:17:48there specifically about something i meet my commands before i posted
0:17:55and i get the conversation going
0:17:58the next step that i did when i start contributing with do is cancer documentation
0:18:05i'm i have terrible lack of focus and so
0:18:10i got the resources the resources for a project ready sell your looking at documentation
0:18:18out there is
0:18:19our a know develop a lot of our project style guide open projects that i
0:18:25feel it's all our data but it's what they read in the menu scheme to
0:18:29read you become familiar with
0:18:31many parks that you want to describe in your documentation
0:18:36in that there is another kind in line documentation when i started no i'm somewhat
0:18:41of course
0:18:42you know
0:18:44okay so it was like order start from problem know what to use in there
0:18:48is in line core blocks documentation so these are information about what functions you can
0:18:53use and there within and like pretty so i started reading that a with this
0:18:57i can do this so that's good but don't know
0:19:01when i did not know what's going on or i face didn't have a or
0:19:07a syntax that or any kind of at a i just simply copy paste the
0:19:11thing in google and look it up and look it up in many different ways
0:19:15many different such very nice
0:19:16because i the one can help myself best because i know the problem in sell
0:19:22it's high likely that there are other people like me facing the same problem looking
0:19:26for a solution so
0:19:29all people as you that they're unique case no that's not true you problem you're
0:19:35facing it's not it's very likely that someone else had the same problem and he's
0:19:40posted on mailing lists right
0:19:42so if you have a much that you could to go you can fix it
0:19:47and then another thing i for with turned the page backwards
0:19:53i follow examples how do it by observing stuff
0:19:57so i have originally use a manual for non dictionary in someone's later i came
0:20:02to know of that it wasn't released so would be what i did with not
0:20:07available for packaging for users to see the use of manual is not there
0:20:12in a i i'm gonna do it myself how
0:20:17so i went to the we keep pages i went through previous really them it's
0:20:22and i just
0:20:24although the same step by step thing and i ended up doing big non fiction
0:20:28and we used by myself in the help of my
0:20:32man you know
0:20:37keep your keep your options open look at examples
0:20:41and don't is better than perfect so when i first run and around the of
0:20:47the relief we do with of my mentor already manual sell he you know you
0:20:53could fix that there was suggestions back and forth and it was nice it's better
0:20:58than perfect just put it out there so they're gonna tell you what's wrong and
0:21:02you can work on it you can you can see previous example you can learn
0:21:05from it
0:21:08okay now that we did good sprinter let's start running in the though and how
0:21:14do you do it fast you might read faster
0:21:18specifies the
0:21:19and i when i submitted patches on a on but pages i'm each other my
0:21:24email was right next to me i was glancing at it because they are it's
0:21:28likely your review will give you an instant review or you'll have to bring someone
0:21:32with whatever it is people watcher we email in you will be subscribe to the
0:21:36what we also you can communicate when that person is we see are you gotta
0:21:41you don't you should weights on the person was gonna give your review
0:21:46and so
0:21:48if you're gonna be fast you gonna get ahead in i submit things that standard
0:21:52patches and you catching up on the reviews you know don't let other people weeks
0:21:57for you writing as soon as you see it do it
0:22:01and learn from your function
0:22:04well when i was in the audience for government internship my mentor how to repeatedly
0:22:10fee and i decided that you know a very limited amount of memory what i'm
0:22:15gonna do doesn't make check with i'm gonna make czech bliss
0:22:18so i can run my work against it every time i submitted and this is
0:22:21a good check so he started we you know step by step i am you
0:22:27level in the product of have so when i don't check list your use different
0:22:31sections my what what's out review because i can help myself best
0:22:36in that i can learn from examples i can learn from previous advice
0:22:40i just need to make a check with
0:22:43in i i'd like to say the support the greatest like tell us tell you
0:22:49and remember that
0:22:50it is for other member and it's go on what are what are we couldn't
0:22:55do you know it was three there or so i write everything down unnecessary everything
0:23:01that i would have done so because it is useful for other somebody else like
0:23:06you is looking for help any you write down if you pick something if your
0:23:09family something it helps it helps that some other person is going through the same
0:23:14thing as you so you are documenting your learning process in so you should make
0:23:18we keep pages check this out
0:23:21but i was somewhat you learn what you fix what you're not able to learn
0:23:25your problems it's good to write things down
0:23:31now we have a started running are doing good for doing good in we cannot
0:23:36on long distance and they say this is something i've been falling for a while
0:23:42i'm be snoopy person so i still one people on but don't know in a
0:23:49there is a but law a
0:23:52people use but the love for submitting patches
0:23:55one of them is you folder you mentors you can watch your mentors activities so
0:24:00you know what of what your views the giving you can learn from their comments
0:24:05and so you can see the new but i think i hope you can you
0:24:09can watch projects so you can see new bucks or you can also make bookmarks
0:24:14that you can check for particular keywords so you're interested in fixing easy no buttons
0:24:20what market you can check out you can search but if you can book market
0:24:23you can check it once in a while
0:24:26that's about the like tricks like that and i i've written a lot was about
0:24:30how you can start of you know keeping on top of but will activity can
0:24:34see that at the end like the end
0:24:38you must allow people to have okay so you use to be open you have
0:24:43you of you have some questions and we a little
0:24:47get you authors you so if i think something for me she saw something for
0:24:53me at anybody saw something for me i would ask them what to do that
0:24:57i wanna know that
0:24:58you know you a because you should learn from how they've done it
0:25:03still you can teach someone else you can learn yourself in the learning process that
0:25:07going on
0:25:09next one is not
0:25:11an alignment still be documentation according you need we can test what you've written what
0:25:18you've done
0:25:19in the just like get a little tricky because there a couple options and what
0:25:24might well a somehow what everyone else
0:25:28so i've been told to install it it's built for some time
0:25:34why render of every know i hide open and if they used the edge build
0:25:39sell it gentleness get but it didn't work for me so i have an alternate
0:25:46method how i do things like compile build that
0:25:49so whatever what's the you look it up and stick to it
0:25:53makes you do new things
0:25:56i start the documentation in i was interested according fixing about
0:26:01and how to fix bugs you know the easiest bugs the string bugs so is
0:26:06ellipses are a bit all have
0:26:08have to letters not there and that you know string buttons thank you see on
0:26:13the screen so you i start fixing string about it when it starts
0:26:17fixing string but i
0:26:19i noticed other about and i've read a bit of cool so you know it'll
0:26:23start making sense
0:26:25you can fix usability bugs summer very easy
0:26:29and that's when i start getting acquainted more with cold and i eventually made the
0:26:32jump to look some record and this is this is all i mean the transition
0:26:39from a writing in english writing documentation in english to courting and of all are
0:26:46and using the libraries
0:26:50so you should be all been to new tasks
0:26:53and you know do you think's there is there is already and now of instructions
0:26:58out that so try following get and then you do it you succeed at it
0:27:02break that down
0:27:03okay in that's what happened with the norm dictionary release i so i followed existing
0:27:08we keep features and then i did it and i wrote it down so someone
0:27:12else tomorrow of maybe wanting to literally skin followed the same example and set the
0:27:17ball rolling
0:27:21i'm just gonna hand this are working
0:27:27there are basically the result of those you have what you call for against the
0:27:32community because it seems like a big you know
0:27:37you know
0:27:39just go i hope you people or
0:27:44that's the most important thing
0:27:46even if you think your questions as you or you know so first for
0:27:51but you still you also just
0:27:53so okay well okay
0:27:57well have everything
0:27:58the emphasis
0:28:00people developers the advanced want things a very specific way we want what sets people
0:28:06apart right
0:28:08so ask us
0:28:10our sparse how you we wanted on and we will help
0:28:13will help you put your bunched together make sure that it's actually will be accepted
0:28:18and will be accepted that they'll be happy
0:28:22but whatever you do don't be apathetic because if you don't care about your patch
0:28:28it will get one
0:28:30so you have to care about you really have to make sure like
0:28:33if you believe in something party
0:28:36it's fine
0:28:37and make sure that you get what he wants somewhere other a that means adapting
0:28:42to the T not sure why not
0:28:45but if you want about fixed try to fix that
0:28:47just and about
0:28:51thank you
0:28:59does anyone have any quest
0:29:11so before in the slides you guys say that you will be you to write
0:29:17good commit messages i would like you to explain to new people what any good
0:29:24can mean messages
0:29:27most projects most active projects have lots that's a good message is where you can
0:29:33look at the smoke message of you can read that fight so i thought that
0:29:38we will know what that dog
0:29:40and if you actually look at the detail that
0:29:43just a description
0:29:45then you will be able to understand white system that way
0:29:49because otherwise like trying to maintain something with methods to just like
0:29:55fixed dialogue is useless because and you run the person comes looks and that does
0:30:00not understand what's going on just for about
0:30:03so get detail
0:30:05but also be concise and precise use titles i you commit titles which are short
0:30:11we wouldn't under fifty characters will and if you need to give more detail than
0:30:16at the second paragraph with more detail it the commit fixes a bug
0:30:20include about so the people have the right
0:30:23and the same goes public so it it's a it but you fix the bottom
0:30:27but still
0:30:28say that the specs like to the can that's the people actually all the top
0:30:31so they can look at the big about they can be realised that connected it
0:30:36sometimes about have very long discussion about why something
0:30:39but what i'm really useful to be able to look to figure out that
0:30:56so a this in i me i gene if you subscribe to page you should
0:31:14yes that all any changes that makes it and everything there's a change made which
0:31:18is not trivial you should get that if occasion but yes i would use a
0:31:21but all their folder actually what it will not be a buttons for to the
0:31:27people who are in charge of the team that will work well actually just of
0:31:31the T they will tell you which them what pages are for example the docking
0:31:35station team has money page which has all the right shot but actually interesting page
0:31:39to watch is that location helps take
0:31:41which is have the way some
0:31:44i think so i think they have pages where they what you like science fiction
0:31:54so do actually a what
0:31:58i was actually looking more for you know like your content like in what i
0:32:02mean we have had it's in a meeting that we just put up and i
0:32:05don't know what quite to wayne that be justin
0:32:08what follows specific users and see what changes do making that had there is that
0:32:23i just wanted to comment that there is on the week is there is the
0:32:27week you don't know the to work slash recent changes speech that you can get
0:32:31to from a like any page that there is like a temperate and that's a
0:32:35great way to like which everybody's activity that's actually there is
0:32:46i can't on you beginning an amazing job with the degradation team with involves of
0:32:51course a lot of bugs and patches and commands and all of this but you
0:32:56can also contributing to project the to the project in many other different place and
0:33:00i'd like to know the way to start contributing in order waste beside school is
0:33:04it similar to this to a lot of you present that now i have any
0:33:08tips and this kind of thing
0:33:13it that
0:33:14basically how you really but also you say only one volunteering lot thirty
0:33:23i actually became foundation member after i hope for vice that
0:33:29i think to go that's just as valuable and we have what's translation
0:33:35so there may the place is actually wait
0:33:49thank you very much for that and i hope you have a nice thing jack
0:33:53that's what