i know might to is about


but writing a duplicate three tutorial

more specifically i did you can three tutorial for by then


please look at this is like a starting because it's not at the but i

think it had ideas that can be used it in a lot about that



it's okay

do you know use one year ago i was you


i want to select

i wanted to learn

i nearly five so i said okay let's start with iphone

years ago the situation with this

that was the G T K three reference manuel but see

what longer a lot of

methods for each we just

and that's you some knowledge i wasn't there

that way many tutorials for G T K if i can which is okay to

update that anyway everywhere

that was a digit again reject python tutorial by sebastian those the

very well done know will though at the time it was not complete a

and we was not them don't or again i think that's

bit of a problem

there where video tutorials

but i think that's a video tutorial is a bit hard to follow you have


so you have a what your bit of the tutorial


try to rip and here's what what's done in the tutorial see words

then go back to the video


try to reproduce the next step and so on so

i don't think they are taught

i know that or on the develop we don't know we don't like that where

the ten minutes tutorials for examples

like image of you where

but if you are a complete beginner

me too much i think

so here comes my project for be the oblivious must

first of all find a nice mentor non financial all ski very nice

set up one

it was already there so

so far so good

follow the plan

you know exactly have planned but

we will see that

be something it doesn't do much mention as

i was young and foolish

but i don't know

it was something hobble

want to or you

know about or so

you want to contribute you know you go to you know go to work and

you find

one tutorial


cakes all that's good you know or you thought this is a toyota where there

and makes them vector

sorry that's been nice

what happened

theory it one practise it there

we change your plan what it worked so here's this way

first one

which was the planned a or there and it was followed until

last year

a collection of pages

organise using plus harder to

for each we just

one page a

sometimes a couple for the more tricky we just like

three new

or a combo box

but generally when we just one page one page one we just

and each page

had a picture of the well so nice

break description of the we'd what that we just

the code that's used for writing big so


some useful methods

not all the method so

because it would be too long


an experienced programmer would have found it

maybe a bit too easy but

most important

and that's a little bit easier would have finally too hard

collection of pages there's we don't spend i hello

put together

so i think you know things okay i'll start with the window

that's good

i see now i live near here let's try that one i

they don't even they didn't even know how to

i did a whole an image so that we know that the there basically not

not good

second one

the ways to move through the material

this is an expert

and it he moves through the material

as he or she wants

again collection of

classifier you're an expert

you know what you want you but there

this is not a dinner

i would be have a progressive pages

you start with that we know that and you move dramatic knee much but we

know i'd you know able to the we know


also that like two types of pages

the we just pages

as before and it's on here pages

for instance what you want to

to at the bottom and what be john is

i recap on the ideas of signal thing callbacks

would like


you do it before

this was the progression pages more or less production windows

images the labels

we don't scrolling because they don much program with its buttons

start a sparse thinner

and we just search everything trade

but that's you

menus dialogues menus

we using late as much as possible

so the lectures

model view controller declines com about sent excuse

i do you and finally custom we just

easy and hard

if you're an expert

having show off the

useful method



the few

and you don't need the

you very pages

but if you are a beginner i guess

you have

the image of the

of the we just

okay that's what it is

a description of what it


and that this well

in which you crash


called for example was

commented had

more or less it was one line of code and before that

what the line was a going to do

this was

in theory a good


for the newcomer but

okay you have a window the code is not much

you have a three you

but if you have a quick for tree view

still i'll you kinda lost



from here it is

this one was started in brno

this year so it's you

there are how to wise for super experts they are first see

your super export usually know see

and the idea is the

you already know

F almost everything but you have heard of this new technology this new thing you

want to know a bit more

you got there

there's was there are snippets of code not much

and you learn something

here right over tea

it will use the man behind this

then for

sport right so

but that's you have you have you have a sky

like for twelve

work hard people

but i mean it's that or else

we how but i would postpone the were on the be used tutorials

i don't concentrating on know what i think is

the most important thing

or you for


again a progression of pages

year harder

more your pages done before

not don't give most anything for correcting

but we just pages

what do i mean we about your which page let's see

a picture for example

and that

what the we just us

this is things are very important if you are you are


okay you know what do we know we use

but do you know the difference when you start

did you know the difference between a radio button



talk about

i didn't

i didn't

so you have to explain very well

then and this is supportive maybe

asked that by step the idea all writing of the called projects

no more cool don't

you start with we are going to do this

i had some thing

this is more or less what the

vts it

but we are doing it

not only but a

but on a page

so you can were good

you can switch back and forth well but you don't have the passage of

stopping the video you can go through it

actual base i think is

useful method again

all that useful method your big you know you don't want to

your over help by

all the methods for come


very useful

very boring to write

but so useful

so how much is done

not much story



being done is


for the general get station

how this is the company show

if you want to do

and this is

like that the beginning rested or you know

so what

javascript tutorial at this that

the by when i know the why

are there because it it's what i worked

but this can be generalised


i for the one better it's taken care of that

and i think we should work you need to because

your but there again

you know

by that and javascript

but you're not an expert

it not there


you read a bit of the by then

page on a bit of the javascript enjoy combining them together you understand it matter

same for see

if there are any volunteers for this

thank you for libraries

suggested for priorities are very well


what else

what all those are

one race

for the future for the distant future so

first i would like to have

something more concrete but

there are something fish

they're active

court academy style


what would like



what are we going to what the this

about or don't know not all of course

so help as well i think that would be a good idea

your newcomer keep on saying this

this is the whole point to

developer don't know don't or

the value for new

now that's something for the it guys

you want to start i want to learn but

not of a very


a link in the hell for


states that is saying

would you like to contribute would like to

do so

the only to developer don't like it

but something that put fifty

it's a good idea


we think i'm sorry

it comfy and

thank you very much

i questions



so which is it different to tool for point in jobs people she

okay going to be like lurched the same steps of doing the same page or

you don't like different we just we just

norman but

i think that we should a heap the beaches

i think that are possible

but of course it it's not possible


happy that that's because of the differences between the which is

so same example

would be a good idea


of course the pathogen the that by that but will be at a different and

rewarded the if you have different features for each tutorial well for each other which

make it the synchronise so

i'm going to work in that other side we are in the first that's but

yes we talk with my about

how we are present that tutorials wait for example and it's a time and a

lot of the way that google organise it api references where you can say

between different languages i think i saw he that he out that way makes sense

to keep the pages that right as smart as say that that's a that's

i'm just looking or on the truth put enormous the be useful

for the little bit i don't again you that would use but i would just

go to the put a maybe looking the there's a need to book so


so there is to do it know of the of the list of all possible

but we could which is this problem with all the paper you and bruce for

two weeks



then maybe we should promote

they want to use it

i have are also talk

the idea of having developer that's it

well what we have use is to having the accessible

in some cases would be a really good idea we fix all those in languages

cheesecake the tree you folks so who


the you look to the company has there been and it looks well actually printed

up with them

no it as i said it

but future in the future

i would like to have a



first that and then maybe change a that

and it's a something

but if somebody wants to

do that

you should allow them

but i think that is that it's

it would

that or analogies from what we need now

what what's your opinion on the topic having

you know like gamer some application that's very but it's really working but then it's

very easy to start a small things about it like of this was in the

tips you know on the second day for getting kids interested in programming by giving

them but up that they can

we maybe we could have something like this with you know what form like something

sort of like the show an application that could be justly customise or extend do

than a lot of ways you think that this is interesting you use i think

would be interesting

i think this would fall and the

i mean that's just toying L

part to



alright you know some theory

and then you go back to that maybe know to

it would be

i mean

and don't and thinking about this now how that

this to be a good idea

i think

maybe it's just the way how you know

i think that

you usually start with that


theory X out of course not just a theory

and then

you build something

so it would be a good idea

we know


so the game a example to where you know whatever


with the

specify the program is it so you have to be at least here in the


the game you say six plus five class of people dies for at this age

for what yes


okay this could also be a challenger

you don't have you haven't done or the tutorial the basics just or and you


doing the

okay you suggested without see so

you push yourself if you don't know

something you go back to the just you know

yes i think so

you can more than the

i mean at the thought you know i mean or combined with and minutes tutorial




i think that

one of things that

happened in the last year was the translators that these you saying cold that kurt

that basically get it's the lay or G Q W I file and renders it

on and but page using the probably back and for G T K

and why things that could be useful to do would be to

i that

to do you like cold academy style but not really

so you can basically just see that you why then you're preaching and having stuff

and maybe using javascript to connect a signal send induced

so that could be an interesting way to centralise the stuff without going for court


yes it in the back so because

that that's one

and i think is something like mission the small examples and then we this to

do stuff and

a story

for get it like topics like jic a tree view

assuming we don't really inside you to get so soon

i think a those are will be complex to actually handle so

i don't know if we should just have like

small that orioles for those kind of thing

it interesting idea for that you could you could you example would be to do

all the you obnoxious annoying work you have to do to get one up running

but leave the functions that provide the actual data and the and the connected like

is that all that

and in doing so forces you to go in there and see how that's all

set up and then like you can you can you can copy this that and

other programs or use that as a basis for thirteen euros

i think that


actually i

combine like i think

we can get somewhere


okay i have one question i'm working and using known for like ten years

and the biggest problem always something documentation not for usual hackers like because crackers usually

find things when they have to

but the tutorial is always have been a big problem for us

i see i kind of i cannot agree with all ideas you have

finally gets into because it's not easy just that's what i wanted to ask is

that is that very concrete time plan all this because you know always these documentation

ideas there floating around

it would be very good to have something first for some like to be complete

and then thing how to improve it's because it's usually well we this cost is

only called ideas people are reading people also think me hope to do this in

G T K or that's and i say i just to do and just go

with the mass

and in the and then ask that all to the number hard course from channel


in it's team but so is there any one yes so that's or something which

is that

the second line that that's complete that was done now


that was done X

in a

but where last year so it's not a today to but because no project yes

okay and

custom widget was that it more recently and

i don't think it's a great they but at least it's something

but for the rest that it was done do over

that well that all i can you get a the U R L later i

don't remember it might hard to but maybe you at the idea would be but

you should be able to honestly because it's like no one actually knows that it's

finished and so everyone votes

sparse knowledge at that a one more thing us something like that can laugh are

between the first and the second line that is already there for

jobless create a lot and see

maybe slightly for warren

but it's already there for those languages as well okay


and questions more than that's

what i second

well you have

it's not question is just a i you because well some people english on the

well maybe chinese to english just is not of the first thing which so instead

and any idealist well by a mm more see how it is

or call i will call a compound mean so when they come to decide they

can they can name something about is like you well what we did get a

one page and they passed these a disco and they will get some package i

think that will push a some if you people to then and the second one

of these when you log into the for example call that mean then we show

they will show the chinese i think that is very important and the website they

have a profile to tattle and we can have a payphone to translate the description

to the czech you don't run is all of our regulation a show i think

that might be good for the beginner so i think maybe sometimes the is not

difficult to start to write some call and then cellphone the G D K i

think maybe for some students how to

to see the whole the total disk option to do an editorial you know we

try to use the will go ahead now to help us that started out of

the real we stuff be keener so you know the focus you start of real

okay they can just focus and or where the might be twenty meetings or well

more we have infrastructure for all of these be translated which is translated actually okay

so there's also this oil package which okay that virtually anywhere actually


is it any that the base you know

that there is the paying as you have a pen what they call the old

and they case so when you freeze on some scale they will give it back

to prove you have the sound scale like that we the variational we can a

thing like that this is actually a

because i think i love my we have we asia because if you have batch

of the school we'll we can manage you have then you have and then some

see so you don't need to then and not assumption in school so O D

C and i think we to assess it was things you know that we do

university student in taiwan and meant to some service but the server that are we

what the what we only select in the school

no do something clean the school so we saw seven for you to make it

a place for all the while change light always sauce people far

and to repress only you have to something going to school so if we have

a page something like that so we can we can tell the priest for make

and then some and something of good we still opens also least thirty K and

to reprise to something sort of these things school back to me

i see like a good idea one thing a well with the dog the internationalisation

team on tuesday morning projects joins you

us for suggestions very of focus by us for suggestions a very focus

i would suggest rather not very so focus which is like everything other than G

T K i think the docks team in the past has gotten into trouble trying

to cover too many bits that used to require everything because you really need to

have like that one thing and go with the and i think that things should

obviously did you okay

i would the


hundred okay

and maybe a worth

for that people working on

thing that



if we where

one whole

like put a light where which the load but


one time

the up here

there's a couple of our is that are not quite related to the G T

K thing that i think should mention a better than in that role you know

i was looking previously a couple of them or how should you lay out your

program what folders should have where she's alive risky

what fine is truly using you should have the

it quick introduction of the in by from this up to support how you packaging


and that's the main code should be an only close the library and all those

things because


how a lot of confusion especially when you just showing snippets on the code page

of people the cup of them or place and straight document running is and they

would have a complete mess that they can never disputed and one

many of those things

trying to put a bin do maintain owns translations

and of things

all those things all the media and that

also needs to be told only

i mean the still know you got all sitting up at C based program of

what will use files to be by

how should we can figure out of no you just copied from get it

because that's additional way of doing things


thinking about a way to

around it

very real problem

okay i'm really introduction

to that

to tori out

and of it like that and that the people that are looking for the think

that have but we don't land on that

page without going through the auditory out so maybe

i know i need to say this is a part project or an see internet


okay thank


i don't know i about it i think it

i think that quite nicely into the idea of having a preformed application the this

design to be are done because then have these you're starting out with a fully

worked out of tools from something that nominally hopefully was designed to be a good

starting point for your project rather than just taking some random project and copying whatever

they have i think that might be apartments are and another thing is that i

don't know if you know but and you know will you go in and start

a new project girls that out a bunch of other tools you already

the mean will talk about them in the tutorial will be powerful

so that should be do that but on the way as well

the symbol small things and i think it's a page that should be a break

to all the application this is how we should be looking at be something nice

small yours

so you should do this

why we do this in the do this world


that's the whole point of the stuff like that


it is in the

interesting be done a with the


on the

whole on that went out

when we used to have a

if you look now to the

to the for that we have now

of the story our the one with the world school the day talked about

this was achieved or trying to share with the

one line that of comment and that

what we are doing commented

how we are doing what we are going to do this is that we do

and so on

but now but being transformed into the that like that


better rhythm your


i was interested in asking you i know a just reading that minutes from that

from the board meetings i see mention of the board having contacted open about and

doing a beginner's workshops and things like that and i know that for the open

hatch workshops they do interactive coding you know they use coding

and so i was wondering if and we were meant you were mentioning court academy

we do you think it might you good idea to see what the do you

know what the board was talking to know and also and i'm sorry maybe like

something together that i think that

and i was mentioning for that how then you

because it was our the first example but okay and i know i know everyone

know that we also very famous but i think that open heart is also very

interesting it's a very good the project so

i will

i will ask members of the board

why the about that

the students

my question is

you have any plans

to have an academic course material or no problem

no not now


well let me answer that question was a don't please some academic stuff basically the

problem is that no problem in is a very a rapidly changing topic as it

is just so i'm not academic an awful it's a not something that is do

not an awful that the last long

actually i

like that with have like that

my way of learning


what thirty at the end of the exercise a little leery vendor the exercise that


the exercise

play around and then the right from that the theory that you need to

what i was thinking is that is a very then we have thinking

so i think that

to all here if you discard the

ten minutes tutorial lady against and so one know that we discussed before

you could

and easily for almost easily i doubt

the beginners tutorial

when academic ca

syllables but

my only experience of

teaching and academia with

being at forum ask for so

and that was some years ago

suggest a lot of material