0:00:10everyone and well come
0:00:12i said well welcome to the you know manner annual general meeting
0:00:19how many of you
0:00:21is this the first annual general meeting for
0:00:28how many people here are new members
0:00:33so the foundation within the last year
0:00:38how many people here are not yet members of the foundation
0:00:43no i'm really glad that you came because you were future members of they don't
0:00:48foundation and i encourage you guys reply if you're here it's probably because you're working
0:00:53on you know and all you have to do to become a member is use
0:00:56it basically to contribute jic you know
0:01:03how we know just you have to contribute to go home and so chances are
0:01:07you're doing it anyway if you're not being here will surely inspire you to do
0:01:11so and so's submit an application and then you'll have the benefits of membership
0:01:18they'll members how the benefit of a fancy email address
0:01:22also the opportunity get sponsorship for travel
0:01:26and a few other benefits to so
0:01:31voting for my bosses
0:01:33you're right that's pretty good
0:01:39right and so right when you're on the board you get to vote on the
0:01:42direction of the foundation how we use our finances a lot of important stuff so
0:01:48us that's pretty fun last year when we had the annual general meeting we're out
0:01:53of time
0:01:54we had a lot of great discussion we had good presentations from team leader's but
0:02:00when it got to the end we just ran over time so much that we
0:02:03had no time at all for question and answers with the board and we decided
0:02:08that was totally unacceptable because actually having access to the board members is a really
0:02:14important thing about what i can and one of the things for me and a
0:02:16general meeting that i think a lot of people like the most so what we
0:02:20did was instead of having it as a part of this meeting we've moved it
0:02:24to the keynote slot tomorrow and that way everyone who is interested all and you
0:02:29know can ask our board really tough questions
0:02:33so i encourage you to think about the now we decided to do it on
0:02:36the day after the A G M so that you could hear all the presentations
0:02:39them you're reminded of everything that's happened in you know over the last year and
0:02:43you know think about what to bring tomorrow to ask the board members they are
0:02:48your board members
0:02:49you would like to them and it's great to have an arena where they can
0:02:53hear what you're thinking about your where you're worried about and you can hear what
0:02:57the direction of the foundation is going to be
0:03:01so without any further ado i don't wanna long window that you take up all
0:03:06the time of the you know but we're definitely less pressed for time is your
0:03:09which is great so i one of the things that we do is we have
0:03:14presentations and so i'll just i think get them kicked off we've got ugh
0:03:20as in say a great bunch of people lined up to speak but you are
0:03:23know who they are so i guess what sites is that we're taking some time
0:03:27getting are slight situation sorted we will start with the presentation that doesn't have slides
0:03:34so is our in here to talk about that is
0:03:38and we have of the design team sorry you're out of order
0:03:43you're not out of order the
0:03:49i think that in a and a expected order of wine everyone would speak and
0:03:52i just moved someone who is in the middle of the pack to
0:03:56number one sorry about that
0:04:00you know and a
0:04:09i'm not very well pat
0:04:22so five minutes
0:04:24for a years worth of work
0:04:27okay that's pretty easy because we have already been doing anything so
0:04:33what are we done in the past years so
0:04:36i suppose the first thing to say is i'm speaking on behalf of the design
0:04:41which is kind of you know obviously it's not official team we can only we
0:04:46don't have
0:04:47like membership badges so where there's an application process something like that
0:04:54the bulk of the work gets done by myself body john the come on by
0:04:59the cup starting the
0:05:01but we have many of the volunteers and contribute is we work with lack pile
0:05:09when he's around
0:05:11we work with other designer friends from the open source well many of whom i
0:05:17see in the room today
0:05:19and we obviously we you know we work closely with developers and as a lot
0:05:23developers that we kind of
0:05:26considered to be design is in their own rights and
0:05:29you know the definitely
0:05:32a whole bunch of people that we come so regularly and ask for advice so
0:05:39i'm feel like i'm speaking on behalf of all those people rather than kind of
0:05:43some kind of cut out or anything so what we've been doing and the design
0:05:49well so we obviously had that three point eight release which
0:05:55was a really big release for as we had a whole bunch of new stuff
0:06:00come in and i think it was a really strong release which is have really
0:06:04positive reactions
0:06:06and obviously there's a lot of work that for design so we have things like
0:06:12the new application fee you in the shell we have been you clocks that we
0:06:17had input methods work
0:06:20we had a really have this year and of every detail matches and we redesigned
0:06:25about half of the controls and so i think
0:06:28so that was really busy obviously now we are focusing on three ten
0:06:34we've got a whole we've got we've got a bunch of fairly big features in
0:06:38that i'm working closely with jasper on the new system state is work in the
0:06:45we've got more work happening on applications selection which cup is been doing more work
0:06:53we've got work happening on
0:06:55lock screen a notifications on more control census stuff
0:07:00but it's more will focusing on applications and if you're in my talk yesterday you
0:07:08have had a bit about that's i think right now a to biggest priorities
0:07:15first of all getting the
0:07:19the core application sets in shape we have missing applications we have applications to need
0:07:25to be redesigned and we've been doing a lot of work on that so
0:07:29we've got videos happening we got music we've got software
0:07:34so that a lot of these apps are in development so you know we're busy
0:07:39keeping up with the developers and it's really good to feel under pressure we're getting
0:07:43lots of people asking this for work which you know is great
0:07:48and the main priority for is at the moments is developer experience
0:07:53we were all at the developer experience heck fast and brussels
0:07:58and one of the major focus is for is right now is G T K
0:08:05and getting all the new widgets that we want
0:08:07it's G T K in the shape that we want them that's again something i
0:08:13spoke about to my talk
0:08:14and we're also looking at the an application kind of deployment experience somewhere
0:08:21talking to a lot line it's okay and everyone who's working on some boxing stuff
0:08:26making sure that conforms to what we want so there's a there's a lot of
0:08:32work going on the
0:08:35other things that planning
0:08:38with a interns this some keeping is really busy because we have lots of interns
0:08:45doing lots really also work and we wanna make sure that they all have
0:08:49designs so i've got this huge long list would got like search and selection mode
0:08:55for music we've got
0:08:56the application pick a we've got time and date settings we to redesign cooperate timer
0:09:02application we've got geolocation and initial set a plate and system settings and
0:09:10hawks and
0:09:12hopefully whether
0:09:14so it's quite a lot so we're doing on the left as well
0:09:18so that's most of what we're working on
0:09:22in terms of events within would been quite active the
0:09:28and myself germany a couple obviously here we're all of the developer experience heck fast
0:09:34myself and you have attended this year's L G M conference in madrid which is
0:09:40a really good opportunity for is to me of the design is an artist and
0:09:45people working in that field within
0:09:47free and open souls so that's pretty cool i was it not a major this
0:09:52year john most of the G T K a question april
0:09:58at the one of the thing to mention is the gonna busy with kind of
0:10:04outreach and interns and trying to get new computers involved
0:10:08we currently have two interns working with this week a preacher who's working with but
0:10:14on that counts relevance is be doing also work
0:10:18and i saw on that so future if you're here coming from say hi i'm
0:10:23working with and back
0:10:27i think sure who is doing use testing for is at the moment she's based
0:10:32in bangalore she's on quite a long internship for those other parts of she's doing
0:10:40a postgraduate course and kind of
0:10:43testing and you X design
0:10:46and she starting to get to the point now where she's writing about findings and
0:10:51feeding them into what we're doing so that's pretty useful
0:10:57other than that other outreach things we're doing where
0:11:00always trying to work as closely as we can with of the design is from
0:11:04other open projects a really happy that you hands here from i'm cloud and have
0:11:09we're gonna be talking with him over the coming days we have contacted people working
0:11:15on design and labour office so that's really nice
0:11:18and we are always trying to get new people involved in the seems to be
0:11:22quite a lot of interest at the moment my we quite often have people come
0:11:26along on well every once in a while someone comes along and i'll see wants
0:11:29to help and we always try and point them in the right direction we have
0:11:35we have a contribution guide on the we key we have list of to do
0:11:39items which is actually kind of a up to date so that's kind helpful and
0:11:46i even want to be near the been people coming up to me with design
0:11:50ideas some are trying to engage with them so
0:11:54i think that's pretty much it's
0:11:57unless by mister nothing significant was control
0:12:03sounds good okay cool
0:12:06so we keeping busy
0:12:10i think
0:12:12and in terms of what we are things and moving be in a really good
0:12:14direction we've had
0:12:16if you're my talk you one of the things i spoke about was how we
0:12:20got some quite a long running projects like with the new application
0:12:25designs in the widgets and that starts and just come to fruition knows
0:12:29kind of pretty happy with the way things are going
0:12:33that's design
0:12:44i technical difficulties they started at that an expectation any other ad you have a
0:12:49they release team and jic operate exactly
0:13:08hello really steam
0:13:11next please
0:13:13but they have to do a
0:13:15alright so quick intro release team are those nine people that to the regular normal
0:13:23stable and unstable releases
0:13:28the recurrent has of to release team are going through the future proposals that are
0:13:34system wide and keeping an eye on all stuff is going forward
0:13:39coming up with really schedule our six months
0:13:43defining and pushing norm goals for example in the last twelve months that was porting
0:13:48to present three then internally who's doing the really sexually and at the end of
0:13:54each development cycle deciding on freeze break requests when somebody store wants to change do
0:14:00you why or strings and the very last moment
0:14:10i don't mind okay
0:14:14okay so since that's good back we had five meetings of to release team we
0:14:21have R C meetings
0:14:22and if you're interested the full logs are available
0:14:28at this address
0:14:30apart from the recurring tasks already mentioned and last twelve months the cover but the
0:14:35topics we discussed nobody's team that
0:14:39the very beginning there was some discussions about system D versus console kit
0:14:43on non linux systems mostly
0:14:47we killed fallback modes and that it classic mode and you got eight which is
0:14:52not something recent did but at least discussed about and
0:14:56so can look at how it should be done we have a last reading on
0:15:01bill can or more which helps is a lots with it's continues integration to get
0:15:07some know when working coatings are releases
0:15:10and the latest issue that came up was blues version for five and also audio
0:15:16versus network mantra compatibility
0:15:21what is likely on the list for next month's things always left a change but
0:15:26the biggest thing is probably the whale and ports
0:15:30and three eleven so far work has been going on behind the scenes but
0:15:36to really get this done well for going on three or twelve we have to
0:15:41have a big actively pushed
0:15:44work to get this done for sent boxed
0:15:49apps we might have to promote us stricter filesystem hierarchy
0:15:56structure and what does that stand for anyway
0:16:00so where the applications put their files and stuff like this and the number debates
0:16:04we should it's a resurrected some point is if we continue to have top also
0:16:09if we just use get tax
0:16:12and internally where we also still thinking a bit of nots using mail for the
0:16:19fees requests a fees break requests but to use a bookseller flack
0:16:26we don't have any changes
0:16:29and membership so these are the nine people that are currently unreleased team
0:16:37we should be crude some fresh plot at some point so we discussed as from
0:16:41time to time
0:16:43so that we are considering extending a team by one person but
0:16:47we'll have to find to one
0:16:51and of course also depends on the areas that the person can cover and the
0:16:57alright these are mailing list are see and where can find information on the weekly
0:17:06and vacancy rate here great "'cause" they're gonna do that but it's quite presentation by
0:17:12and record
0:17:25alright box squats
0:17:27those are the people that take a look at your but reports and feature and
0:17:33enhancement request sandbox silicon on dot org before ought to get them into a quality
0:17:40or shape before a developer takes a look at it at least in theory
0:17:45the last twelve months were pretty calm that's really been business as usual we currently
0:17:52don't running in run any back days for outreach and another thing that sometimes comes
0:17:59up as
0:18:00there's a wish to upgrade the box alert to more recent version because we're running
0:18:05a quite old version and if i managed to find and have at who i
0:18:10haven't huh that's you okay and then we should talk to each other a great
0:18:15thanks no your face
0:18:21so some gonna present some numbers just to give an idea and this is mostly
0:18:25taken from the weekly box summary you see the U R L and you can
0:18:29change the parameters to get all the information that you want
0:18:35and the numbers covered last twelve months
0:18:37we have more or less the same number of new tickets that got filed
0:18:42as the number of tickets but got close which i like
0:18:50quick look at projects before look at people
0:18:55open tickets there's not too much change and there's so G T K still has
0:19:00the most tickets evolution has a few less now gone am shell is growing and
0:19:06not a list got still quite some close that was already last year but case
0:19:11and what's not on the list G stream are also and the last twelve months
0:19:15has like over
0:19:16one hundred tickets close switches also about twenty percent which is pretty nice
0:19:25this is the growth of tickets i just have i think three projects or so
0:19:29to give an idea or which numbers which we talk about
0:19:33and like you know shell is
0:19:35you see there's a that's going down a bit but so somebody probably mass close
0:19:42to three ash at some point but it still constantly grows so knots that anymore
0:19:54sorry if this already cuffs your talk i think you have more info so
0:20:01and you to care
0:20:03it's also a little bit better now when it comes to in your tickets what
0:20:07are than the total number of open tickets because they also has been some three
0:20:10aging likely which is great to see
0:20:14and G lupus also constantly growing so these are probably projects if you feel like
0:20:20tree edging and a little bit about it or even we testing that these are
0:20:24areas where help is definitely welcome
0:20:28people so
0:20:31there is a box a lot has these nice for statistics on but reporters but
0:20:35close others patch reviewers and patch providers keep in mind that's
0:20:42there's also enough work done being outside of bucks a loss always take this with
0:20:46a grain of salt
0:20:49you can see for the box posers that many of these people are actually developers
0:20:55and not three arches
0:20:57which probably means that we could have a bit more tree edges against that developers
0:21:03have a bit more time to a do the actually called work again so it's
0:21:08definitely an area where we could do more outreach
0:21:17is i basically i can say much always you take a look at the names
0:21:22you're happy and you see who's doing what's and who's doing how much
0:21:32and then there's patch contributors
0:21:36some people are very active in using excel
0:21:40and i you
0:21:52and the last one are the people who are very active in reviewing so best
0:21:58you meant just a review five not a by five patches per day well
0:22:10and i think that so it's just post a mailing list web store see if
0:22:15you have any questions or wanna start reassuring
0:22:19you want
0:22:26the next presentation will be an outreach
0:22:29and be by a marine is durations guy
0:22:40and i'm jack
0:22:42is accessibility
0:22:49so what did it to get to the next
0:22:54so i'm gonna cover a couple areas like the newcomers tutorial google summer of code
0:22:59and women outreach updates so for the newcomers tutorial comedy is has created a and
0:23:06you comments tutorial module which is basically a small javascript program that has planted bugs
0:23:14in it and
0:23:16people going through the tutorial can download the code for it find a bug reported
0:23:23in a special module in but still a touch a patch for it review somebody
0:23:28else's batch and close the bug so as you can see forty eight people have
0:23:33gone through this tutorial email last
0:23:36ten month and we also have done the newcomers workshops at the boston some it
0:23:44and at quite a just now and even though we did not have a lot
0:23:48of participation am i think the people who participated and got a one on one
0:23:53help funded really useful and you know like you have to do had six participants
0:23:58and four of them went through the whole cycle of creating about attention if bash
0:24:03review and somebody else's bargain close in it us to just like learning the process
0:24:07of what it's like to contribute a patch to know
0:24:11and also only has created
0:24:14a system that somebody can instill and has a pretty build to build a net
0:24:20and you know people was like max the windows can just come to the workshop
0:24:25and trigrams norman can i see what it's like in a virtual machine
0:24:33and then me and of the tutorial everybody gets going on belong
0:24:39and this is like are statistics will google summer of code this year so we
0:24:44had fewer applicants and that was the keys across the board because surprisingly the fact
0:24:49that google has limited the number of a vacation a single applicant consent to five
0:24:54had a decrease the number of applications everybody got across the boards as were a
0:24:59lot of people who were put in wasn't five implications just kind of fishing for
0:25:03google summer of code except and like we had an exceptionally high engagement without google
0:25:10summer could applicants of fifty six
0:25:12people have worked with the mentor have contributed a patch to words
0:25:18a about that was the modules they wanted to work on
0:25:22and actually nineteen of them were existing don't contributors so we had a very competitive
0:25:28google summer of code a selection process where we actually had to select between people
0:25:33who are all strong candidates
0:25:36and we accept is thirty nine through different programs
0:25:45and then here's a statistics for women's participation in you know so one
0:25:52big step for roommate this year is that we have many more women speak and
0:25:57it quite exist here and it attended by women it's about the same as last
0:26:02year and for anybody who is here in is interested in joining women's there for
0:26:07women who are here and interested in joining with having a dinner tonight that's sponsored
0:26:12by red have so are a sepia this U R L
0:26:17and so than almost doing pretty well like we are really moving forward and it
0:26:23was very stark and like this like new comma surveys that kevin can really did
0:26:28and of can always
0:26:32a people who responded to the star be fifty percent where women and we were
0:26:37like just so way had of like all the other projects where it was six
0:26:42across the board
0:26:46and you know we couldn't really keep it to ourselves like this kind of progress
0:26:50is so karen and i like we went out and we talked a lot of
0:26:54people and a lot of people where eager to show enough
0:26:58so confrontation is not run in a free in open source software outreach problem for
0:27:03women and you know it basically just exploded from you know i was have and
0:27:09you know eleven interns a year and a half ago just was gonna home to
0:27:14like thirty seven interns with sixteen organisations
0:27:18this year and like for example linux kernel is participating with seven interns which is
0:27:24you know problem or women that have a worked on linux kernel and they had
0:27:28like over forty applicants who've contributed patches and there was there was just like so
0:27:34obviously so much pent up demand an interest to participate
0:27:40and here is the sponsors sponsor in the car but the current round of the
0:27:44outreach program for women and we've you know we've
0:27:48when it had and created
0:27:51sponsorship levels
0:27:54and also right had to supporting might work on the program and ropes and grey
0:28:00is our legal partner and they have
0:28:04create a helped us create contracts for interns and mentors which we had to implement
0:28:09this round
0:28:12and you know just it's going further it's really inspirational what people who complete the
0:28:18program do in like they work in their communities and doing great stuff like in
0:28:23can a mennonite the communities a but for example us that empty has created women
0:28:29in free software free culture group in india along with other interns and
0:28:35i think get a chance to speak about it today though should have a chance
0:28:38to speak about it today and matt has started the
0:28:44and advocacy and hacking group for can omen chicago and valerie who did current or
0:28:52should for speaking media is cost in a roundtable during system
0:28:58roundtable sessions a for students at the grace hopper conference which is a big technical
0:29:04for women this october and it's like you know round tables several sessions of round
0:29:15so in total we have forty six interns was going on this year
0:29:21and thirty are here it's quite it and daniel has created like this all some
0:29:27yearbook for them and you know if you're interested you can
0:29:31take a look at it like ask me or any of the admins the insurance
0:29:35or just meet people in person because they here and come to their lightning talks
0:29:40and sunday and these are all the people who are administrating a google summer of
0:29:45code and from for women but also behind every one of the forty six interns
0:29:51there is the mentors so like a huge thank you to mentors for making this
0:30:02and here like some ways that you can help with the outreach and i hope
0:30:08those a specific and everybody can pick at least want to participate in and so
0:30:14the numbers getting a lot of interest and there is
0:30:17a lot there are a lot of questions in the gonna love i are see
0:30:21and mailing list channels so they "'cause" that's one areas where we would really appreciate
0:30:26help because there are just a couple people who are always like responding there when
0:30:30they around so have and more people
0:30:33present in those channels and answering questions would be fantastic there is that can never
0:30:39be like enough like easy know love bugs for beginners that our recent and relevant
0:30:45so please be mindful with when you a filing bugs
0:30:49we have forty six mentors on the gonna love mentors page if you're interested in
0:30:54you contributors for your project please that yourself they are it just means that you
0:30:59willing up to provide informal mentor should just somebody anytimes for the year if they
0:31:04interested in your project are so there's like some element of human touch there
0:31:09and fall so thanks to three an owl and then other people in marketing don't
0:31:17has been very active one these social media channels so when you see that there
0:31:21are opportunities for internships or events in cities it'd be in advertise they are and
0:31:27that's like relevant to where you are a please re shares those and also to
0:31:33give other students of the university you are at or have attended an opportunity to
0:31:39participate in free software for verde information about internships to them and we usually just
0:31:46sends those two like the foundation lists that
0:31:49you know where non singing you around of internships and please forward this along
0:31:53and for extra brownie points you can a listing newcomers workshop in your city and
0:31:59you know you can have people "'cause" he's the newcomers tutorial and also you know
0:32:05all's like the slides for an introduction to go know like of the gun community
0:32:09work what is what is the modules in the project a like that's all online
0:32:14along with the in the with these us image was a virtual machine
0:32:21that's all
0:32:29and next that wanna marry not tell us what the accessibility team adapt to this
0:32:53yes assimilated team has been working hard to implement some the future of the having
0:33:00of course the for
0:33:02probably user for a long time
0:33:04we may sound probably as in nam three but six
0:33:09as a similar deal with song is one of those features
0:33:15so build teen always ready as disability is a my you're my strong you know
0:33:22knobs mission to bleeper free are not phone dust up to everyone
0:33:28till them
0:33:30because of the need of any assistive technology has to after they have to simply
0:33:41do you will was clearly cumbersome because
0:33:44they have to figure out how to have to they have to say we need
0:33:47to support without the help of the assistive technology that they need to
0:33:54so it was clearly very our or how problem but now they the need to
0:34:00do that
0:34:01because they have a facility so far out of the box
0:34:07rightness contras a great risque a the options way out that
0:34:14the combination of these options is very powerful and is particularly useful for people with
0:34:21the low vision and any kind of for the for and also is useful for
0:34:28people who want to use their computer and though
0:34:32a best line conditions
0:34:37and money fire focus and carry tracking is another and
0:34:42of this long awaited features
0:34:46is useful for people who use the modifier because we help them to keep track
0:34:54all their what the typing
0:34:59without taking carol where is the most point or
0:35:03unfortunately we didn't have enough resources to make a really for this really is
0:35:11all well
0:35:14in our three but the dot eight
0:35:18the high contras small was in haynes through the addition of new high confidence high
0:35:25contrast i kittens
0:35:27many memory leaks
0:35:29in at it it's pi well we're fix it and a nice enhance them performance
0:35:37and the uses as prince in general
0:35:40or tell the non it's than on the screen reader
0:35:45getting a new profiles switch in future this sellers week the new changes which simplifies
0:35:56make in five easier to access content in different languages
0:36:02and again retry the money fire crackers and carry tracking bad again we fail to
0:36:13get a on this release
0:36:15so what's
0:36:17about the future
0:36:19we have some future for administrators
0:36:23i think when is the base pdfs disability
0:36:28double one we have a lot of memory a in leaks
0:36:33the are being oppressed
0:36:35we have also the community
0:36:37and guess
0:36:39we're going to try again the money five focusing kind of tracking
0:36:45yes exactly but what's the different
0:36:49we have a good those some most your then
0:36:52modeling bands as working on it
0:36:55she's working hard and the how to subtract ready for being really it actually it
0:37:02will be committed so we hold that they will be on the release
0:37:08and i well if you want to know more about meddling works
0:37:12she will she's got to have aligning told neck next sunday afternoon
0:37:20written by invited to attend
0:37:25P D F S disability work
0:37:30is found that
0:37:32we the
0:37:35friend of the norm campaign that's us that we just separately around the last year
0:37:41we like to find everybody who donate and help us to meet our goal
0:37:48well so far
0:37:53there is when we faces all packages for us acidity intervenes the number remember either
0:38:02and also carry navigation has been implemented in the be ins
0:38:07tax pdf support have is added to popular that P D F and G that
0:38:14is use abided didn't
0:38:16and i will die there is a lot of working part is in this area
0:38:24invited to attend talk the next sunday morning about this topic
0:38:31finally we are going to have a both notes
0:38:35six of our goes in room eight to one paid is going to have running
0:38:41conference format so that you can join some bring dramas disability topics to talk about
0:38:47it but
0:38:48please let us know don't your common inaudible to make a regiment know have a
0:38:54bit of time organisation well that's all for your accessible to tune
0:39:00but it
0:39:06that we have there for the documentation team seemed using there right
0:39:14and localisation is on deck
0:39:25hi and speak and we have the documentation team
0:39:31so bases a couple of things they've done in the past year
0:39:36we had new user help very tenuous applications
0:39:42in this job this mainly with the work interns and applications for it fish program
0:39:48for men
0:39:50we have approximately seventy five percent of applications up to date
0:39:56and we started platform overview a that is developer documentation you can see it on
0:40:03dollar product long dark so we started work on that
0:40:07in dog there is a new how do why series headed by ryan largely in
0:40:13so it's currently in the works
0:40:17also this coming few days in dehak fess will be working on be sys admin
0:40:22guide we have four days of five documentation hack fast so please swing by
0:40:29mm these of the past yours hack fast that has happened in different places we
0:40:37have the user help access in brno here in february
0:40:42the next job the next one that fuller whizzing G U E R which is
0:40:47very close to the open help we worked on the platform overview and dot the
0:40:53little coming up in a couple of days is the sys admin guide
0:40:59so please you come night and there is that talk by E docks team called
0:41:05documentation state of the union next up so please let is know if you're interested
0:41:12in you can find out more things that we're doing you know in detail about
0:41:17what it was showing here in the next talk thanks
0:41:27at the next we have localisation and peter cove our
0:41:32and i jack
0:41:33we have web
0:41:35thank you
0:41:38so or what me quickly up the you are not
0:41:44what happened in the world before position online you can
0:41:53last year or last will months basically
0:41:57hum one
0:42:02so well it start with some it's that's
0:42:07we have one how it so this really do the list of
0:42:10teams on our look resolution board for disarming on the open and looked normal or
0:42:18and scroll them lies
0:42:20and we have one hundred serve on the i don't use of languages and language
0:42:27almost four hundred i just a software modules some of them are not accurate as
0:42:34that the though about the i think it's quite the literature number
0:42:38and is
0:42:40is know in
0:42:42every month so
0:42:45i mean mostly translating for the last twelve months
0:42:50we also got then you are designed of our of them lie server
0:42:55down by
0:42:57tool for our web designers
0:43:01so big thank you goes to well then
0:43:09in the previous readiness and all stable we have fifty two languages that hat more
0:43:19than eighty percent
0:43:21of all postings in the of fisheries a
0:43:25translate it
0:43:27from i eighteen and perspective feel so the thing you
0:43:33integrated input the me that's
0:43:36support in the home which greatly improve the use each of our list of for
0:43:43each station languages and other
0:43:50okay in the current stable release we had the same
0:43:55number of supported languages
0:43:57fifty three
0:43:59and there are more improvements in the i Ms
0:44:12so i personally think that was the greatest improvement
0:44:17in though localization the of norm know last year was and you to kneel by
0:44:25niko us double scroll the correct
0:44:28so basically analyse service that a know gets
0:44:35they data from a get three posts and what's you baby you basically it
0:44:45maybe you screen shots of applications or windows and
0:44:50a by a looks from application that based on G T K and like
0:44:56this greatly improves a little
0:45:01the work for translators it makes best think of translations way easier because you can
0:45:06see the context of stinks in dialogues and windows which is great so the to
0:45:13is standing a not extend of server
0:45:16and our plans to integrate it with the translation but for their lies
0:45:22dallas some issues that racial probably mention here
0:45:29me all of us need more translators obviously
0:45:33we need first about and
0:45:38the maintenance beamformed them a nice if to my terrace kind play
0:45:43on this issue for so i think
0:45:46is thing or there
0:45:49and the other one is called know
0:45:52it's not here but i feel we need we need more people to work on
0:45:57the all
0:45:58on the unresolved issues to implement new features
0:46:04to move the but for
0:46:07then we have a potential booker for some translations for the upcoming the free point
0:46:13then there is which is which are broken stats forty you came on the all
0:46:19so we will probably talk to G T K developers that had that
0:46:25neurotic and hope for this can be resolved before the will
0:46:30before this to increase period starts
0:46:33for free point and another issue is a change work for if get modules that
0:46:41have submodules
0:46:43which complicates things a bit for translators because it's
0:46:48larry quite to use are slightly different
0:46:54by to
0:46:56to work with get more deals it reminds me of one more issue or why
0:47:01one more planet to be able to see or we would like or feature that
0:47:05we would like to see implemented in the near future and that's
0:47:10probably automatic commenting or presentation files to get models i didn't with and no it's
0:47:15not it's basically a lady do get someone do that also that will also fix
0:47:22this someone else issue
0:47:27we have what looks and translations section on the six all this starts a planner
0:47:35and i want to
0:47:39so we will be discussing some things related to
0:47:44using kite this to things like that
0:47:47transit the documentation obviously so all translators who are at the about nick
0:47:55i really komplet and join us
0:47:58on the sixth of august
0:48:01got more so top of ricky page which artists list of topics that to be
0:48:09you all slightly discuss between the
0:48:12translators who are here
0:48:15i think about it this year
0:48:19and the last slide well this so
0:48:23two things one is our we keep age or landing page for translators on the
0:48:28beginning more and the other one is our translation but form out then and don't
0:48:34number four so that's
0:48:43and then there is at presentation and web and various new send and fat be
0:48:47honest noise
0:48:48and jack is marketing
0:48:51so i make it might be faster if whoever is on deck
0:48:55so there were so emily is on deck next maybe just a whoever's on to
0:49:00come weight up front so that we at the end of the presentations to that
0:49:03we move a little faster
0:49:10this is where okay
0:49:13well the no you saw it all echoing ruin
0:49:18alright do would be and i've been very lucky so why finishes the fizzle used
0:49:24to help output a lot of what's the i don't of course to always needs
0:49:28to be working pursuing person on what do you so fabulous most timid and filled
0:49:33issues physically
0:49:35right like slow of this last year we work in a bunch of new websites
0:49:41for specific situations
0:49:44and we worked and the happy birthday you know for our fifteen anniversary and it
0:49:50was a basically a basic very big on landing page telling a bit of our
0:49:54story and celebrating our birthday
0:49:57there was a reprieve because like we just bought a domain and just slap it
0:50:00on the right than and pointed people to that and it was like slightly similar
0:50:06in style to like a regular website but still the different
0:50:10then with this guy right we also work on the outreach for problem website that
0:50:16we've been using the we key for all the content related to the program so
0:50:21it's good to have a look for the program and ending page so we can
0:50:26and spend aware about the program and tell about i protest apparent about our sponsors
0:50:32and are plan is to keep improving this website and make it i would source
0:50:38a tool for submitting applications and people applying for the program and make you know
0:50:44selection so this is
0:50:46up for the future
0:50:47the good the cool thing about this guy right that we once did a round
0:50:52and then we realise like well you is your browser or cell phone right it's
0:50:56really shaded so we had one of our intern well it is right for you
0:51:01all those are actually you brought it on myself
0:51:05but so we have our one of our interns that were wearing changers is round
0:51:10and you helped us and turn it into a response of design which is something
0:51:15we would like to see what a lot of our other websites as well right
0:51:22not young force et cetera moment yes but see it is that the conference and
0:51:29we also did the glottic website are this year's conference
0:51:32and this includes the whole paper submission says them and well there's a lot of
0:51:39help and this website from we who work really hard and a lot of so
0:51:42that specially registration which was really messy i don't know where easy he's here but
0:51:48thanks a lot for him
0:51:50now i think
0:51:54we have been working really hard
0:51:57saying we already have a light
0:51:59and also there regulars the fixes you can number
0:52:03like a it's like the basic face the project ride you go keep number or
0:52:08you and we should be able to
0:52:11ideally tell the world what we're actually making right
0:52:14so will submit some small tweaks earn their basically unlike fixing things of them like
0:52:19it's a lot of like just regular maintenance job right of like make it shorter
0:52:24contents is up that they does like a really use to screenshots actually show the
0:52:29latest release and not like two releases back
0:52:32and we did and some changes to the front page because before it was just
0:52:36a big banner and how much about the project right about what we do or
0:52:40whatever are valued so we try to
0:52:43makes things a bit and make it tell people more about us
0:52:48and it was great thing because we were actually able to integrate the foundation pages
0:52:55right where organisation which was previously like it's not that it's all identity and it
0:53:00was like kind of off the side but it is the foundation of the product
0:53:05right so we made sure to wide integrated which are seem a system which is
0:53:09bill which is basically or purse right and make it made it easy for pretty
0:53:14much anyone to actually change the content of the whole thing you know these matter
0:53:22we've been on some so contributing to do a team is
0:53:26it still is a bit i'm really painful it's kind of hard to set up
0:53:30things locally and task that says and submit so we been trying to fix this
0:53:34lately for the last couple of months
0:53:37we you wrote a couple of tutorials for new contributors so they can like start
0:53:41get started with setting up to their local instance so they can write code and
0:53:46as their patches we also trying to get better at but still of the currently
0:53:52are not very good at it
0:53:54also with the help up and write a very think there and i just seems
0:53:59like and this work are best friend entire world invited you set up a person's
0:54:05as of what i'm on
0:54:11so he has been helping us a lot on setting up a proper infrastructure for
0:54:16testing and so we don't that's things live as we used to do don't tell
0:54:22anyone we used to do that of course a test things but only test the
0:54:26production right by for half an hour do you enjoy doing that or website is
0:54:32why dutch
0:54:33mass rightly you know i'm looking at or cellulite because it's all like asking i
0:54:38don't know why and then i think what they don't work and that's i don't
0:54:41know why and then all that stuff
0:54:45and we also have to and during this heard this round of got which program
0:54:48for women some if i thought and i'm you do we that in
0:54:52which has a lot of problems because they have the same name and we thought
0:54:55they were the same person and i but no they're to individual people who have
0:55:03i and this ad see computer like they're from the same see the same university
0:55:09so i was we we're working with talk about like for a while and then
0:55:14some it do event sent an email like hey i would like to help and
0:55:17like she's crazy to think helping for a while i
0:55:23but then realised that they were two different people and apply yes so what anyway
0:55:29us to start they really we're trying to fix that we did a dormitory which
0:55:34currently look a bit all we're doing them
0:55:39trying to redesign is to do you know there are to do with the morning
0:55:42team and like to new brands the and we're trying to create a proper systems
0:55:48for the O P W sides us it's easy to chew up to you great
0:55:53but like that it without knowing kids
0:55:56and that was we're gonna have a web development bob on this six afternoon so
0:56:02if you're interested in helping there is a lot of things to do so please
0:56:05stop by
0:56:06and also for lexemes are for you to give as long sorry thank you
0:56:14so i apologise and only for making hispanic for so long whoever signs that can
0:56:21you know so at and like on a to present on behalf of marketing
0:56:40i mean we going to have a review site i think of that
0:56:45and so marketing has done a lot of stuff over the last year we've done
0:56:51the next in your report which i think we have printed we have right now
0:57:00over the last year we've had two interns will talk about them more little bit
0:57:05we also data access york city
0:57:09it was really great i think that was the first actress for marketing in several
0:57:13years i'm not sure how long exactly it's been a while and we had a
0:57:17presence at six conferences
0:57:20so we had who's
0:57:22some sort of you know present that lisa conferences and then for the last
0:57:26hear about now we've had biweekly phone meetings where everyone calls in to a
0:57:33this opera freedom a centre is that right
0:57:35gonna conservancy and they provided a calling for us so that we can all talk
0:57:40to each other which is been really helpful to get stuff done to be talking
0:57:44on the phone rather than some planner see
0:57:49so this these are pictures from are testing york city which was really great we
0:57:53were there in the beginning of june
0:57:56we did a whole bunch of stuff the on the right is a picture of
0:58:00our think that was a poster board that we ended up with that you know
0:58:02it's all over with different ideas to try and figure out how to better market
0:58:07ourselves we also did all sorts of brainstorming on different names for marketing we never
0:58:13did come up with any solid decision so we're still marketing perhaps in the next
0:58:18few months we'll figure something out
0:58:21these are in terms that we've had for the last year on the right is
0:58:26fovea and i'm probably gonna put her last name i apologise
0:58:29why's it see
0:58:31she was are in turn from january through march
0:58:36and she did a whole bunch of stuff including developer interviews which i do believe
0:58:41are online somewhere and i think she's done some interviews what's been here as well
0:58:44she also the keyboard layout database where she asked for hopefully some of you participated
0:58:50in it where you went in and told what layout you are using for what
0:58:54language to help us get better feedback on which ones work best
0:58:59this summer we have tiffany out who is over here she's been wondering on the
0:59:04cupboards i know taking pictures and doing video interviews
0:59:08and doing also to what do think wonderful things worse she's also been cleaning up
0:59:12the life that you know not or website which is kind of a mess
0:59:17if any of you got on the regularly it's
0:59:19really just not well organised so she's been working that for us
0:59:26that the last
0:59:29and then this is the list of the various can events that we've done we
0:59:34were at boston of course this year last year i ran a booth at all
0:59:38hell in excess
0:59:40which was the first time i think you know that it with their in at
0:59:42least a couple years
0:59:44there was
0:59:46sean the can't twist on it about the open help conference in cincinnati when along
0:59:51the documentation how best
0:59:53was weren't in conjunction with that there was if it street was that the northwest
0:59:59one express
1:00:00and i presented at a lot opinion over michigan i don't have the next best
1:00:05actually ran into kevin o'brien there and he invited me up to give a presentation
1:00:11on you know and what we're doing and i went up into that in march
1:00:16and that's about all they have
1:00:23i am i have an again but this time i membership
1:00:27and sorry
1:00:28a and jack is financial
1:00:47hi again i'm gonna stick in the we have a and have the membership committee
1:00:55so the current comedian sandra is composed by and ran very and me federico petr
1:01:01and to be yes
1:01:02but there are and i joint is year so we are in your members we've
1:01:06been learning how to get around with the memberships
1:01:09we currently have three hundred and sixty members which is excellent and that's a bit
1:01:15less than we have done and like the last time we presented here at E
1:01:20G M
1:01:21we had five fifty five new members since last year so welcome to all those
1:01:25members on and of course for them
1:01:35i'm really happy because monk this fifty five new members there is a lot of
1:01:40translators so it's really it's really great to see and these guys are enjoying in
1:01:45the membership and they make really valuable contributions
1:01:50and also we have ten america's members the americas membership state is was created on
1:01:55last year to so we have ten currently tend so often from last time
1:02:02we have some had the elections this year silly eight candidates running for seven seats
1:02:07on we had that a hundred and ninety two goats and no empty balance
1:02:13and the current aboard as you guys must now is sometimes by and drastic a
1:02:18tree now on a mentally germany marina three and to be as so welcome to
1:02:24them to or we welcome to those who were and we're ready
1:02:28and that's it thank you guys and for those who are not formation members be
1:02:33is applied you guys absently very welcome
1:02:54now it's on
1:02:56without further ado cat is gonna give us the french uppercut was just elected the
1:02:59new treasure a victim foundation which is i mean i'm session on is not here
1:03:04to give him a huge applies to thank him "'cause" it's really tough job and
1:03:08so thank you cap are taking that on
1:03:15i'm so whereabouts two months away now from our and of the financial year which
1:03:20is end of september so as you can see we've got so
1:03:24still a little bit to go and terms of thing some invoices and receiving some
1:03:29basically where waiting on i think approximately fifty thousand dollars from what members
1:03:35thanks to the learnings foundational gets another that thousand this here which we weren't expecting
1:03:47as you can see we've had so quite stable income and expenses and the last
1:03:51with the last few years which means we can continue sponsoring have fast and so
1:03:56a lots of five people to come to events like what that
1:04:00this year we sponsored round fifty six people to be here
1:04:04which is excellent
1:04:09and this year we expect most of our income as normal to come from sponsorship
1:04:14this has been the case for as long as i have seen and the
1:04:21most of the rest of thing compounds from the advisory board
1:04:24there isn't actually much more to say about budgets so if anyone has any questions
1:04:36there isn't it
1:04:46next happened jerry will give a system in for and i forgot to tell you
1:04:50design jack
1:04:51and i don't have to hand is coming here
1:04:57hello one
1:05:02my name is number very i'm currently being this some indian
1:05:06we've been doing a lot of teams in the last year
1:05:14what's up with the arbour side of things
1:05:18we have many machines that were really all many of them were dated two thousand
1:05:24four so they had nine years of life
1:05:29and luckily many of them all the services that way running or many of them
1:05:35where immigrated before they died
1:05:37it's not that i like a team in the machine the discourse broken
1:05:42likely the all the services were mere it already so six my old machines
1:05:49of be recited
1:05:51and thanks a lot of the product team for doing just war
1:05:56the fees choose at the centre
1:05:59and to new machines join of their our rack
1:06:05just to machine are really huge and powerful and one of them is good keeping
1:06:11used by calling about this i don't know if it's around here
1:06:16for is austria project i like a lot don't a non but or
1:06:23we have also revised are the rack that phoenix to
1:06:29it was missing of the management consoles
1:06:32so we could and of the by
1:06:35bases on the physical machines
1:06:38and we have we did that an inventor we of the machines we have there
1:06:44the plan of the near future is to out all the machine attached to the
1:06:49management consoles so we can reboot check the console ocean down a machine directly from
1:06:55a web interface
1:07:00we did introduce a lot of new services like on cloud the teacher part which
1:07:07have been reported that it's not going really good but
1:07:12it's probably the wireless the are not going really good
1:07:17winter this is they cagey people
1:07:20which is a replacement all the C of E C project it all it allows
1:07:25you to have coming modifications all your project directly on you have see
1:07:33and we also into this they years is services which is
1:07:39a replacement for the knicks our and chance our of a bigger networks like free
1:07:46unfortunately the
1:07:50dig dug in that team
1:07:54didn't want to well class to set up our services so we came up with
1:07:59the replacement
1:08:01and uses so see it in your channel it's a really it's called services
1:08:08then we also revealed job or
1:08:13and we set up the by service that connie runs
1:08:18and we also did papa ties puppet is are centralised management system that allows you
1:08:26to give all the configuration files and one place
1:08:31and you can
1:08:32create a lot of machines with that configuration files without having to modify the files
1:08:39by hand on each of these machines
1:08:43all the websites i think be moved to the props is
1:08:48in a fail over us adapt so we have to process
1:08:53we ran an apache server in front of the proxies
1:08:57and these approaches servers is create it redirecting all the requests
1:09:02to ssl so pretty much all the services we never run are not be on
1:09:06a so sell
1:09:10real subway to are aware weekly well we run on older a very old instance
1:09:16and we have great to running the one that nine don't seven money maureen really
1:09:22which is the last this
1:09:25the neural is a stronger bus or ashes so i wasn't just you if you
1:09:30didn't already to
1:09:32change your passion and get the then you hash
1:09:37we also did a lot of mean creations and this is connected to the fact
1:09:41that many machines where or psycho
1:09:44so we moved to our and of us males
1:09:48to machine that one of this is i mean it's donated to the young foundation
1:09:53is name is just further i don't know if anyone knows in it an editor
1:09:59the machines so we move the a lot of services to these machines included manifest
1:10:05plastics and i guess
1:10:11we also upgraded or the machines to rile six top for
1:10:18and to do that this ranges of the S because some machines are also by
1:10:26and long done so we ran we random will just on them
1:10:32and then we improved our nuggets interface
1:10:36in introducing a lot of new checks i guess is in is a monitoring tool
1:10:42that allows you to
1:10:44keep track of all the services your run in your reflexes door and get notifications
1:10:50if something goes wrong
1:10:53so we introduce of a lot of set of new checks and we introduce of
1:10:56those the czech and okay which is let's call up logan
1:11:01an additional software for now i guess
1:11:03that bus adding more statuses track
1:11:11we did move
1:11:13our L doubts ever as well and we introduce
1:11:17as the which is a replacement for and has lcd
1:11:23and they're very nice thing about as that the is the fact that it allows
1:11:28you to keep a cache of the look in centuries
1:11:33so in the case the main L ducks ever goes down we know that this
1:11:38a side means can get into the machine
1:11:41we don't they need to request wary the L down
1:11:48but the base
1:11:50and we just set up a replica to
1:11:54we also revealed well the weirder much as we have
1:12:00i'm really thanks for to the also all theme the open so slap team from
1:12:05the oregon state university that is currently donating for retirement for which are machines
1:12:12and chilled than two of them are the ones that andreas pointed out before and
1:12:17are currently being used up by the you know the norms and website in
1:12:23the last to them which is very or
1:12:26rest and
1:12:28is the fact they did move the can only spinal server to be the norm
1:12:33instructors or
1:12:37so we than on systems assortment in is clergyman ageing or also the X finals
1:12:43or machine so we can make sure that all the changes are directly down by
1:12:50but it's assortment
1:12:51okay the should be all
1:13:02i see we have that's fine
1:13:05are you know i see as the camera
1:13:22here in here at okay
1:14:18again next a best i wanna say you to pronounce in here this is time
1:14:23and this is that with right here to say if i was to hear something
1:14:28so you know okay
1:14:32so you for chinese are going to just i would have to sign a and
1:14:36we have that event situation so we learned many things to voice able to a
1:14:40new city to collaboration with the auto companies and we have a can i use
1:14:45as a video and do some see this year we have a common seen corey
1:14:50out as the so it's a very beautiful place here and discovering so we have
1:14:56a talk i would have a two hundred attended in this in this year and
1:15:01we have made talk here but that's one interesting see because our attended seating for
1:15:08a post and they are the engineer and the workers use very is very not
1:15:13a interesting thing for a less these friends okay so they after all users but
1:15:19you will see the are in korea idea most they are probably not devour
1:15:26but according the last year it spans we wanted to sound sponge earlier okay because
1:15:33we tried to find some way to draw so well this year we will be
1:15:37releasing know or korea teen they do that we also will because so they are
1:15:43no close upon limitless puncher only almost car the sixty percent of our parking for
1:15:49intonational spongy almost care are have about eighteen abbas and a kid so
1:15:57but i must say we are still the because of the this is always you
1:16:01see okay i and now we know we are not going all you know in
1:16:05a show but which i found some way to the own now but i really
1:16:11want to say we just need you were supposed we have a portable and i
1:16:15think that the people you to real over know don't like to have some other
1:16:19people you actually well known the rice i okay we have portal we really want
1:16:25to choose of all you to the H already so i wanna show video to
1:16:29everyone okay
1:16:33for this year's comers
1:19:40thank you so but i think we will our project on and then the and
1:19:46also well we must think of the that was the but most important i want
1:19:51to sing but now okay so go about it
1:20:01i we have at the time and every now talking and that a new initiative
1:20:06that they're working on the T F that you
1:20:13and i think and on and check
1:20:25i decision about the and i don't know you have to talk about that but
1:20:30i think it stands for remaining aesop and culture and
1:20:39so how do you how it up to have a so called started so i
1:20:44got all or selected in as an O P W intern not in drowned by
1:20:48and experience was quite remarkable but they'll help that a court from a mental and
1:20:55of the support from marty now bastion was really wonderful it all as me google
1:21:01my expertise and all at most people was really going to and i really wanted
1:21:07to share all with other women the support of the take or to do and
1:21:13i wanted to create a platform for that and that sorry i started up the
1:21:17pissing and i can it's a tell the well i have been working as a
1:21:22software engineer and there are quite a few women who would really love to contribute
1:21:27to open so softer but they did not know how so one they're ignorant about
1:21:32opportunities and to the also he's at and so id wanted to address that situation
1:21:42so how we decided to get started was to just jump into the scene and
1:21:46start conducting workshops on since it's a women and fee software and culture group we
1:21:50started with having a workshop one localisation since in the other country of many languages
1:21:55so we thought that was the best way to combine fee software and culture and
1:22:00that was on a bunch of freedom be which was on may twentieth and decently
1:22:04be padded get workshop because good is i think a very important get we will
1:22:09can suppose contribution and don i'll get workshop with the tinted by about sixty people
1:22:15out of is thirty we have women so they were also mentor thirty women and
1:22:20don a you know the whole it's a big group everything be well had some
1:22:25nasty disagreements and one of these was that many of the people in the community
1:22:30the group believe that only force users should be participate is but right now we
1:22:36sort of did a vision conclusion that we should probably get them in we use
1:22:40what we know it i know it's to again is gonna become most users and
1:22:45if you want users to start contributing so that's not what
1:22:57so here we are and what it and you got is that one of the
1:23:00most important things for groups a remote looks like are just to have offline participation
1:23:05as well because most of are events where online and don so that's one thing
1:23:12that you want to focus on
1:23:15but the offline events would also all
1:23:18start out of a magazine but i cannot feature them and contributors and of all
1:23:26show "'cause" they're work so that they can act as a role model which i
1:23:29don't think we have volume open source i'm not sure you might have but i
1:23:33would like to definitely like to start one and also create all need fourteen platform
1:23:38which help a lot in that you know goal all your expertise and all get
1:23:43to know would work all but one can join and that kind of stuff and
1:23:49that's all but we have to see and
1:23:52do you go to can impossible doesn't anybody please join also meeting is which is
1:23:57on the website double if it's in the or don't want you
1:24:00thank you
1:24:11so now i'm gonna basically just give you a little update on
1:24:15that's a that's to
1:24:19we're gonna talk about i actually things up a little bit order right and service
1:24:23on the
1:24:28i just i want to give you guys a little update on and what the
1:24:31foundation i have been up to
1:24:35perhaps one of the most exciting things that's happened is that we set are our
1:24:40privacy campaign and we met our goal so thank you guys so much this is
1:24:45all you're operating your donations and thank you i just around
1:24:57what i things i like about the about doing the campaigns like a privacy campaign
1:25:01and before it the accessibility campaign is that it sets outright deals you know is
1:25:05thing is the opening to so i won't belabour it too much but it's that's
1:25:08our ideals for everybody else to see and then we become litres in that field
1:25:12and that's one of the things that it started happening with the privacy campaign so
1:25:16we it a lot us the fact that we were already carrying
1:25:21publicly about privacy made us you know able to have a voice and stop watching
1:25:27us and so the other stuff that is happening that's rather very relevant in the
1:25:31news so that's pretty exciting it's generated a lot of positive press foreground and i
1:25:38you know i think that having these really like ideologically focused
1:25:45campaigns helps us sort of position you know in a you can system as
1:25:52you know organisation enough we saw for project that always does the right thing and
1:25:55that carries
1:25:58so we accessibility
1:26:01we don't privacy we're definitely not done with either of these we were saying that
1:26:06twenty twelve as the your of accessibility act know but it was kind of silly
1:26:10was like an inspiring yes this is the year but really every year should be
1:26:13the your accessibility if you know men every year should be the your privacy you
1:26:16know and so what's next let me know what your ideas are you know i'd
1:26:22love to sort of stay with is like you know putting our you know putting
1:26:25our feet down for the things that we care about most
1:26:30the advisory board is an important functioning of the foundation as i think most of
1:26:35you know the advisory board is a collection of
1:26:38our company supporters and
1:26:40and as cat was indicating our price reports financially support us and you know and
1:26:46in you know what they do you also is they serve on a board that
1:26:50has no voting power over the foundation that's you guys you guys have all the
1:26:54power voting over runs the foundation and what it does but the advisory board is
1:26:59there to act as advisers and the port often six their advice on important matters
1:27:04at the foundation the it buys we board meet quarterly but this past year we
1:27:11decided to make another meeting an in person meeting so at the day after this
1:27:16conference and the advisory board members will meet in person and
1:27:20have a full day of discussion and the phone calls we how usually last an
1:27:26hour and we choose like a topic that helps in for me restaurant or what's
1:27:30going on our in house it a great discussion that will help us going forward
1:27:35so we do one here we do wanted files them as well now
1:27:39are rise reports data active evolved and we had a to a new adviser remember
1:27:44as you mentioned
1:27:46overall our sponsorship i'm kind of duplicating a little bit of what cats it's a
1:27:51sorry about that but overall sponsorship in of itself increase in amount a numbers released
1:27:56in our outstanding invoices but a lot of that has to do with the outreach
1:28:02program for women
1:28:03and it basically the more sponsorship that comes in for hours forever women the more
1:28:07goes out directly in
1:28:11in term payments so that program is it's gotta financially has not so much impact
1:28:17on our finances but it makes us look like where i you know we're taking
1:28:21a lot more money
1:28:23i'm constantly looking for ideas of new sources of funding any partners so come talk
1:28:28to me i think most of you know "'cause" i've talked to most of you
1:28:31that as an executive director the board are my bosses but really i record all
1:28:39you so you've any ideas if you've anything that you think i should be doing
1:28:43you know whatever you think just contact me
1:28:48one thing that i like to point out this year is that
1:28:54the is this is a graph of our donations from individuals as of the end
1:28:58of the last fiscal year and is you can see in the disco your twenty
1:29:01twelve receive more donations of individuals then in any prior your by a lot
1:29:07so that was really exciting and i think part of it was the excitement generated
1:29:12by the accessibility campaign and part of it was just that i think people who
1:29:15cared about know i think you know a lot of cross was mixed that you
1:29:20know and that not i am and i think that people who cared about no
1:29:23more really immobilise to get you know people really wanted to support you know so
1:29:27i thought that was really great to see
1:29:30on staff we added a new part time employee we
1:29:35heard from him earlier under very
1:29:38so you're holding a part time employee part time contract or if the iris on
1:29:43that we would be in trouble
1:29:46that in mind for my next slide so we're going to have employees but not
1:29:52really your a team plays a contract or
1:29:56and this is actually on my intention for this light emitting employees what's you mention
1:30:02arizona because i you she we i've never thank you were for at the A
1:30:08G M but she works so hard for the foundation and for ending for example
1:30:13in the last year we've been ramping up the outreach program for women and just
1:30:17so excited we adding more interns and adding more organisations adding more invoices to send
1:30:23and adding more wires to send and it was on is just taken that a
1:30:27lot and her work flow and i would love it people
1:30:40i wasn't going to say that she also reminds me of things i forget but
1:30:44i think we demonstrated that a as the last thing under this is that we're
1:30:48moving our corporate home since we're is on is moving to california to meeting all
1:30:53of the like really boring paperwork that needs to be filed and we were consequently
1:30:58it's a message is just me moving to california so we're moving our corporate home
1:31:02because california is actually technically where you know is incorporated so it
1:31:08that's relevant for the foundation but probably not that exciting
1:31:12so examples of some of the things that i do
1:31:17i get the word out i do a lot of interviews this was a really
1:31:21wacky your i was on king in public broadcast which is really fun and i
1:31:26never done for your before and that was pretty strange if you regular outcast and
1:31:31video interviews and things and i
1:31:34i guess i appear on the conference circuit which is little bit weird
1:31:38i have this part of my job which i the part of my job that
1:31:42i hate which is fundraising is miserable there's rules but it's a really important and
1:31:48really big part of what i do i facilitative and so i'm active in all
1:31:52of that and organs at organising around what i can come each and how fast
1:32:00i does representative for the project so it's you know i'm just basically out there
1:32:05is being on behalf of gnome so when others are and happy about something that's
1:32:09going on we can project they often contact me which is really useful because a
1:32:13lot of times people contact me before they speak publicly about it and sometimes there's
1:32:18misunderstanding or so that's something that i do that isn't that visible as we're pointing
1:32:26out really are i'm also lawyer maybe not as careful of one just i know
1:32:32kitty but i do a lot of trademarks work and answer licensing questions and things
1:32:39like that african own and i just ducked as a general coordinator with the board
1:32:54strange i wanted to say that mention the fact that i we're coming up on
1:33:01the thirtieth anniversary of you know about can you and as a you know music
1:33:06new project and i think that
1:33:09you know that other you know project and its membership are like
1:33:15really so driven by the ideals of freedom and all of that is represented by
1:33:19the can you project so you'll probably see some things about the celebration of the
1:33:24anniversary of can you and i think names gonna get involved in if you'd like
1:33:27to participate in that let me know
1:33:31which leads us to the last item i have on my slides which is the
1:33:36pencil work
1:33:38but before we to
1:33:40hence award
1:33:41just very exciting
1:33:42we have a short
1:33:45thank you
1:33:50and so this year the short thank you okay so someone who
1:33:59yes now sometimes pay to for his working you know but has worked tirelessly especially
1:34:08before he was hired as a part time contract or so the short thank you
1:34:12got sound repair
1:34:38how much time to before we hired him it was like a
1:34:41like twenty four hours a day was crazy and you know we've been giving out
1:34:45like these T shirt thank yous before the pants every year and i just sort
1:34:49of thought that it would be fun to have to kind of formalise it this
1:34:52is the only can be want and
1:34:55one handed last year but had centre with maria
1:34:59and i was very exciting but which
1:35:09also the parents first
1:35:11they're black
1:35:15they're simple
1:35:16have elegant
1:35:20the winner have this year is one of the people who are
1:35:26liaisons between the different teams of you know he will act as a bridge between
1:35:32a lot of different community is he has started initiative every dtel matters
1:35:39and is a very value contribute or design team he's a leader the marketing team
1:35:46he does so much work above and beyond
1:35:49i've can tell you how many conversations i've had with him online when he should
1:35:52have been asleep at three o'clock the morning
1:35:55alan day
1:36:34i got
1:36:39that i know that it there but it's cats but
1:36:46that's all right
1:36:51we are quite a and the add additional and the A G M ways to
1:36:56announce the next one ike location but we already know what that is that so
1:37:02the last two presentations are gonna be events that are upcoming and so first
1:37:07we have i don't of front talking about next year's
1:37:18so i was organising but that should doesn't fortune but so are you that this
1:37:23is the last word
1:37:25so i don't know what do you think should lose so still that
1:37:41that's great news because
1:37:44the truth is strasbourg is the best place in the world
1:37:49and you know i'm saying that should because
1:37:52great people come from as us
1:37:57so in "'cause" you don't know shows book is in german the
1:38:10yes it's in france
1:38:15and it's known for its gets you goal
1:38:22is there are need belgian people in the room
1:38:26no court
1:38:27so this is the capital of europe
1:38:34and this is what to expect
1:38:45the next one is for you but still
1:38:52we're trying to
1:38:55and so if you want to follow what we are doing or if you want
1:38:59to but space you can subscribe to the pages on the weekly
1:39:04and that's all
1:39:05thanks a lot
1:39:14and then having events that really hear about it actually the last item on our
1:39:18agenda at the thank you are for things to patients and at these kinds of
1:39:22the break you need tamara i think it's gonna be great bring it have question
1:39:27here's right likely talking about the montreal something
1:39:31no real status update or slides but we're going to montreal this year
1:39:41we have confirmed we definitely gonna be in montreal on the canadian thanksgiving the real
1:39:46thanksgiving in other words we can october twelve thirteen fourteen were being generously hosted by
1:39:53software for linux other this cooler but that's got offices and montreal ottawa lying complexity
1:39:59and we're probably gonna be at their offices but it's kind of in flux right
1:40:03now so like you get everybody like especially this year to put their name on
1:40:07the participants list of their tentative are confirmed because we might have to move it
1:40:12to a larger venue if things get really but so you on the trail
1:40:23thank you are going to be a can encourage your account friends you apply for
1:40:28membership and that thank you
1:40:56i realise that this is an official meeting in the membership does anybody have any
1:41:01ending a layer and every motions in contrasting we had a couple
1:41:08i love to adjourn
1:41:11i think
1:41:15okay thank sorry not that okay