0:00:09so i think about fast education this is one of my favourite quotes about education
0:00:14i had to go to graduate was from this
0:00:18i've just had it around for a long time which is education is what is
0:00:21what is that when you forgot not of so after you've been through all the
0:00:25and you don't really remember all the little bits and pieces that's what's that's what's
0:00:30left and we think about education
0:00:35i was home schooled
0:00:37i was actually well i like so people in the third grade dropout that's the
0:00:42fun way to say i went through third grade and i was actually home schooled
0:00:47for the first half of kindergarten when i was are we little K and i
0:00:50remember that being a lot more fun than school and i convince my mom to
0:00:53put me out of school and go back to homeschooling
0:00:56and from so from fourth grade and still
0:00:59i took the A C which is a college example and us when i was
0:01:04eighteen i never took any more tests
0:01:08and it was it was great that's what i actually you graduate from high school
0:01:13though because in us there's something called come our school which is an umbrella school
0:01:18so for home schoolers that want a standard transcript and the standard
0:01:25a high school diploma for just purposes it use of applying to colleges and what
0:01:30not you can in the rolling can or school and actually have an international school
0:01:35they also have a base in germany actually
0:01:38as well and they actually all they also have a campus cool it's in ann
0:01:42arbour michigan which is about a four and a half hour drive from my house
0:01:46so i've been there a few times
0:01:48over the years
0:01:50and i graduated you doesn't do actually graduated here really
0:01:55i didn't actually know this until about six months before i graduated because we had
0:02:00the we had these things called credit report forms where you filled out what classes
0:02:03you were taking and how many hours you're done for this or that
0:02:06and i had failed to send in mind for the second year so the middle
0:02:11of the third year so i didn't really realise how much i have done that
0:02:15second year and up till then and i realise when i was going to say
0:02:20that in that i had gotten something like four credit hours the last year and
0:02:25i only needed like six or eight or something for that year and so i
0:02:29remember my dad came home from working as like so i guess what i graduated
0:02:34it was fun
0:02:36i don't have is waiting this year actually so i guess i'm gonna have to
0:02:40do something else "'cause" at that point i was looking into applying for a
0:02:46us foreign exchange student program or
0:02:48and all strip something fun for my senior but
0:02:53in any case i graduated and because i graduate a year early i didn't have
0:02:57time to apply to the school that actually wanted to go to which was in
0:02:59alaska at that point my plan was to be a marine biologist
0:03:03i'd forgotten how much i hated school
0:03:06i quickly remembered when i went to a little can stay interest grows which is
0:03:11like their satellite school near me and i went there for one semester and remembered
0:03:16how much i hated school and sitting in mostly people talk and writing things down
0:03:21so i then transferred down talking college which is also in ohio and a talking
0:03:27i may be injured have to so she's from them there
0:03:31not really super useful at this point there in that customers mention and natural resource
0:03:36so about as far away from computer science as you can get
0:03:41it was a fun school and of last time at my husband there
0:03:46i since then i spent a year in spain in two thousand five because i
0:03:50want to learn spanish F we would approve when i realised that i should really
0:03:53learn spanish of from gonna travel that way
0:03:56at least three more useful language and so it's been a year there in learn
0:04:00spanish and came home and
0:04:02what not
0:04:04something that's adjusting
0:04:06or for most people to realise that i live in the middle of nowhere and
0:04:09i see that jokingly and most people don't really believe me but if you see
0:04:13at the end here
0:04:15at the at the very end of that white line there's a little white spot
0:04:19and that's actually the roof of the cab that my dad lives in we live
0:04:23in the other sort of creamy college but there this is all a wider of
0:04:27this is about like a mile or fight so about a half mile probably almost
0:04:33so a larger view that the carolyn up there is that's the county see
0:04:38the other little mark what the name of here
0:04:42that story that's where my son went to school for a year and a half
0:04:46i guess you'd at your public preschool this is you like that you love that
0:04:50and then he did about a month of kindergarten maybe to any sort of complaining
0:04:56didn't wanna go and
0:04:58i couldn't blame "'em" i hate school i guess that i remember that
0:05:02whenever i go back so i pull them out and now we're homeschooling so in
0:05:06the us
0:05:08homeschooling accounts for about three percent of the population of gets as of two thousand
0:05:13and seven in nineteen seventy two was when it started to become legal it i
0:05:18don't know when it really became completely legal in the us where people were worried
0:05:21anymore "'cause" when i was home schooling originally in the eighties and the early nineties
0:05:26it was still sort of an iffy proposition which is why my family join come
0:05:30are originally because they were way to be sort of safe and not worry about
0:05:35the law that if you got in trouble
0:05:38and more would represent you
0:05:41so why we home school is because well i it just doesn't wanna go to
0:05:47and then be is because like in school can if you think of the world
0:05:52and what there is to learn about it as a as a pie chart which
0:05:55is the blue in school kids they get they get this little section right they
0:05:59get this section of the world of exposure to different things a different ideas at
0:06:03school but they miss out on a whole bunch more because the world is not
0:06:06just school as we all know who have gone away and moved on from school
0:06:12and the before what a lot of people have a problem with home schooling and
0:06:15us is because so many people want school for religious really which isn't me but
0:06:20they really just want to lose
0:06:21because they want expose their kids to this to this tiny sliver of the world
0:06:26of a little bit of education and of there
0:06:29they're very small view of the world which i don't agree with and hopefully most
0:06:35people don't agree with but there's lots of them and us to do
0:06:39but i don't school because i wanna suppose make is to this which is everything
0:06:42which is everything that there is so mostly what we deal with home schoolers
0:06:46is me read books and we play games
0:06:50and we acknowledge that
0:06:53that we're always learning your learning something right now i'm running something right now were
0:06:59always learning something
0:07:00learning never starts and it never stops and so you die from them when you're
0:07:04born so and schooling is what we really doing i've been saying i'm home schooling
0:07:09technically sure that's what i tell the government but actually what i'm doing is called
0:07:13on schooling and
0:07:15when i grew up i was in school or i didn't actually know that like
0:07:18that's about high school college and realised that we were actually on schooling
0:07:22and this is a quote from john whole it was sort of the father of
0:07:27a lot of homeschooling he's right here a whole bunch of books in the i
0:07:32think the late seventies well when you started writing through the eighties
0:07:35about education and kids and how kids learn and it you know to trust children
0:07:41is the hardest thing that we can possibly do because most of us grew up
0:07:45not being told that we weren't we couldn't be trusted
0:07:49that we couldn't be trusted only in order to learn you had to go to
0:07:52school and sit down and read a book and you worksheets intake test
0:07:58so these are just a couple of other quotes from john whole
0:08:03and it it's true that's what
0:08:06you know if you think about it were always learning and everything we do and
0:08:11my biggest example might you six example for most people is legos because probably all
0:08:17this have played with legos right at anyone in here not that with like that
0:08:20this do that
0:08:22you've never like this like this
0:08:31i okay so you play with the spanish version of like this
0:08:35okay so
0:08:42i so means that my voice the little one facing us is key in he's
0:08:48well will be for on wednesday and yellow that it was used would use as
0:08:53well homeschooling now and this is mostly my collection of like those there's some that
0:08:58they have gotten for birthdays and christmas and the last couple years
0:09:01this is a very common picture our room when you walk in our house this
0:09:06happens at least once a day that it that's for the legos people down and
0:09:09usually there are all they're not always sometimes
0:09:13sometimes they get put away because you know i need to vacuum the floor or
0:09:16something or i just wanna do something else besides the one that goes first up
0:09:19around i guess because as we all know stepping on the was a slightly painful
0:09:24i actually had a cut in my for a few months ago from a lego
0:09:28that somehow i stepped on just perfectly wrong and it was actually leading it was
0:09:32really painful but so legos
0:09:35when you think about it
0:09:37when you learn when you're building with legos when you're playing with
0:09:40what do you and your learning how to count how to add how to subtract
0:09:45how to build things how to you are really about map all about science and
0:09:50engineering right you're learning about all kinds of things about our how to design how
0:09:55to make things look good how to you know versus building something with the jumble
0:10:00of colours verses all the same colour my son still in the stage where he's
0:10:03just i need this piece i don't care what colour this i'm sure that will
0:10:07change eventually but right now he doesn't care we just want to build things
0:10:14that that's just my example to get you thinking of the of how to think
0:10:17about on schooling so and computers and actually this is my voice computer just to
0:10:23the right of it is their bunk beds there's at least are sitting there charging
0:10:28which is a also constant battle
0:10:32but what we use is we use this all that stuff this was my high
0:10:35school graduation present it was a great pc
0:10:39back and it works so works fine but actually runs X F C E or
0:10:43actually the going to be exact because it just won't quite run you know actually
0:10:48haven't tried but i'm pretty confident five hundred megs of ram and it'll P for
0:10:52is probably not sufficient
0:10:54they also use a lot of lifters they play with those most in the car
0:10:59and there's all kinds of great games that each in different things
0:11:03and they also plan like that what i have a pain kind which was the
0:11:05kick starter i think over christmas so it's a tablet that's of three tablet it
0:11:11runs it had to a version of and run it but i can also stick
0:11:14in a little S P card and it'll boot into linux
0:11:20and i think it's relative see that on it they also play with obviously are
0:11:24small are enjoyed smartphones the computer and my laptop occasionally when i let them play
0:11:29with it which is unusual because there for in six and i don't know if
0:11:34you have little kids but they're slightly on the destructive side
0:11:38so as far as applications that we use in that they have access to every
0:11:41day there's a lot more than this
0:11:45mostly that they love to play games obvious is all it's do they play talk
0:11:49smack effects typing all the time those are games of them they also play a
0:11:54or i don't know if you've heard of this it's another application it's these are
0:11:58all they're fairly basic they start out adding and subtracting you believe they going to
0:12:03multiplication and division my guys haven't gotten anywhere near there yet but i'm sure they
0:12:07will eventually there's also you can pre which is a gonna project and you can
0:12:12pre has a ton of stuff and it's a suite of programs so there's all
0:12:16sorts of games there's all sorts of writing programs there's you know there's reading when
0:12:22you A B C's how to count it all sorts of things some of our
0:12:25summer go students last year real programs that added in stuff about space and physics
0:12:30and stuff which was really cool and really fun to have
0:12:34they also play a few games on our tablets and things this is swords and
0:12:38soldiers does anyone your plate swords and soldiers
0:12:41it was in a whole bundle which is how i have it "'cause" i've been
0:12:44buying most of the humble one of things are bottles for a long time this
0:12:48is one of the my voice favourite games
0:12:51this is a great example of how kids are just sponges and learn things
0:12:55we were at a museum dedicated lately this a few times and we write a
0:12:59museum in ohio and it had big a displays about different cultures and one of
0:13:05them was the chinese and it was like okay see and the chinese invented gunpowder
0:13:10and my son and just went away that i want
0:13:13right you learn where did where did we possibly go over trying to think anyway
0:13:17sergeant sort of someone in and insertions orders there's the vikings what you see right
0:13:23now and there's also chinese and aspects that you can play as and the chinese
0:13:28have gotten harder they have guns because they invented gunpowder and that's how my son
0:13:32learned chinese the did gunpowder which just kind of made me laugh and it still
0:13:36makes you have to think about it that just random things that they pick up
0:13:40everywhere constantly
0:13:44as far as other ways that we have for kids to learn about computers is
0:13:49there's this thing called scratch and their motto is imagine program share it's done by
0:13:54mit my voice haven't messed with that it's mostly online
0:13:59and they haven't quite got to that point they're not quite reading but i i'm
0:14:05hoping to introduce this fall and when i get back and getting some more different
0:14:09things and stop there's also alice i don't know much about alice i was trying
0:14:13to look it up the last couple days hopefully i i'd like to introduce all
0:14:18the but the problem that we have with kids in computers is that in school
0:14:23or even at home most people have what they have windows or they have mac
0:14:27and so that's what kids are being taught right now is there learning about windows
0:14:31there learning about mac and how to run their not learning anything about free software
0:14:36they're not wearing anything about how to run it
0:14:39or it's ideals and what's behind it and as a result
0:14:44we don't have much for them right and still they get to
0:14:49to call it really there's some other things here and there but in until we
0:14:53get to college most people most kids aren't really exposed in any way shape or
0:14:57form a believe it's a college you're not generally exposed to for software and by
0:15:02that time you've lost them because they've already become set in their ways and what
0:15:07they use what they know
0:15:09and if we wanna add more people to pass generally to get known
0:15:15we need to figure out some way to reach out long before they get to
0:15:20some way to reach out and grab them
0:15:23and something to get them thinking there's also there's also sugar of course which is
0:15:29an out should of the one a proper trial that's who was originally developed for
0:15:35and sugars great but their problem is sugars a fairly basic
0:15:40and it's
0:15:41kind of hard to get you have to know how do at least install linux
0:15:44or at least be willing to trying bring something to we use P key which
0:15:48is not something most people know how to do for first
0:15:53for first way in to fox i love sure i haven't got a my voice
0:15:57computer yet at some point i'll probably give that a try
0:16:02you know that's with the other problem with the one leftover trout program is they
0:16:05have these all something like that the excellent have a that's coming out shortly and
0:16:09i would love to have a couple of these for my voice but i have
0:16:12no way to get them because they only are sold by the hundred i think
0:16:17i do we have a i look up that the minimum order is a hundred
0:16:21and because they're really only find them to schools
0:16:23and they're not really trying to get to them so them the schools even in
0:16:27the us that's what i've
0:16:28played around the idea of trying to get a hundred home schoolers or hundred friends
0:16:32that would want to buy one of these for their kids they're trying to put
0:16:36together a group by but i haven't managed to figure out exactly how to do
0:16:40that i don't know quite that many people what can kids at least that have
0:16:44the money to spend a hundred order dollars on a toy is actually for their
0:16:48kids i would love to do it "'cause" i would love to have one of
0:16:52these able to have two of them actually because i would need one for each
0:16:56just what we have we have to be pictures because
0:16:58one is yes
0:17:01well and i would not want to but at least to at least to one
0:17:05for each of them edit their minimum but there needs to be something some way
0:17:11for people to get fast easily and if even these were available for sale it
0:17:15would be a lot easier to say you can go buy one but you can
0:17:20this is just more about what it and saying you know that's the sugar in
0:17:25your we can see they do great things they have you know several minute several
0:17:29million computers now in mostly verbal countries where kids are using these and learning how
0:17:35to develop and learning how to use computers and you learning how to read for
0:17:40that matter you know some of these i know they've done experiments S
0:17:47that might be
0:17:52in that you know that it's just it's a great project since a great idea
0:17:57but there needs to be an easier way to get a hold of it
0:18:02when we when kids get the high school there is google coding which i really
0:18:06wish existed you know ten fifteen years ago when i was in his local i
0:18:09totally would've done that but google colin according to straight but it has the same
0:18:15limiting factor a summer of code which is that it's only code and it's only
0:18:20for high school students
0:18:21and it's not super well advertise so lots and lots and lots of people don't
0:18:26know what it this
0:18:27and it needs to be more well what advertised and it need and we need
0:18:32something very similar but that is not purely code
0:18:36and that is so different way to get in to free software for kids and
0:18:40for people generally for that matter different ways for them to become involved
0:18:56that's an idea
0:18:59that that's a great idea i'm i think about it right
0:19:05so what do we need is we need some way to bring kids and something
0:19:11that's fun that they want to play anyways this is one of my voice favourite
0:19:15games on the computer the super talks i assume probably some of you have put
0:19:20that's once or twice i have the sensually mario
0:19:23so why
0:19:26it is still one it's a platform are the basic
0:19:31these english true is applied
0:19:35but i want super talks my boards also projects but the question is and this
0:19:39much follows the mass talk and this mobile as wise and or why isn't super
0:19:45talks easy to change why is in it why don't we make it a way
0:19:50for people for kids to make new level to make their own levels
0:19:53that maybe you have to be the game first
0:19:56but once you beat it now you can go in and you can usually design
0:19:59your own levels
0:20:00why can't you make different tim to make the physics of the game a little
0:20:04bit different even if it's just to change it so that instead of running on
0:20:08the bottom maybe run on the top of the street
0:20:11maybe you flow maybe you can fly now and different design different things why in
0:20:16free software can't we make it easy to use and easy to play and
0:20:22and go from there
0:20:25and that in programs that focus on freedom that focus on promoting and explaining freedom
0:20:32as in as and it's yours as and we've given you supertopics
0:20:36and now it's yours and now you can play with it and you can design
0:20:40new levels and you can give a
0:20:44is there a little there's
0:20:46that's also
0:20:52right so but so we should be able to change the dynamics of it why
0:20:56can't why can't we i mean it's free right can't we can't we figure out
0:20:59some way to do this and i'm not a good enough programmer that i can
0:21:02see that i can do this
0:21:05and aside from that you know in schools around the world there are some countries
0:21:10that are trying to move which free software some highlights are brazil where there's five
0:21:15million people in this five hundred thousand schools using free software which is amazing and
0:21:20also and i'm so jealous
0:21:23in spain that make eczema data is moving so open source and they've install dbn
0:21:29on forty thousand desktops which is pretty awesome and highlight just a few days ago
0:21:34order one point two million enjoy tablets to give out to their students which is
0:21:39i know it's not it's not really frame but it's better than that more during
0:21:44our sex come on
0:21:46it's better than them ordering windows tablets i would much prefer to see people use
0:21:51enjoyed rather than windows or oversexed because at least it something different and it is
0:21:56it's a third option that is becoming silly available
0:22:01aside from that there for schools there are some cost management application
0:22:06which i honestly i and when i looked this up and follows information i can't
0:22:10understand why schools don't use these more other than that they're somewhat limited
0:22:15but there's all sorts of different ways that we can be promoting ourselves to schools
0:22:20because it's they have some way to use it as their management software and realise
0:22:25that this works then maybe they're gonna be more likely to use it for their
0:22:30"'cause" right now in the us and i'm sure on the world there are millions
0:22:33of people with X P on their systems that is going to be completely obsolete
0:22:38in twenty fourteen
0:22:40and at that point what happens what happens all those people what happens all those
0:22:44tools in those libraries
0:22:46some of which exist in my town that have these old systems that the now
0:22:50they're gonna be forced upgrade or something else
0:22:52and can we can we promote ourselves to them to try and get them to
0:22:57move to say you don't have to buy new hardware
0:23:00because so many places of right now of course or so it's got okay they
0:23:03have no money for new computers
0:23:06or for new licenses or anything else
0:23:11and that's pretty much all i have there's any questions
0:23:42yes this day and one is the but you know i was just wondering
0:23:50how you
0:23:52you just
0:23:54expansion it's two kids
0:23:56i like travelling that's what we go on a lots of field trips more or
0:24:00less constantly so that day after i get back i get back to do and
0:24:05ohio something like ten thirty eleven o'clock at night and the next morning i'm getting
0:24:09up at probably edition packing a want and around nine will be leaving and going
0:24:14teenager readers which is a program and that's that happens every other week for the
0:24:19summer but then throughout the school year we go one lots of field trips to
0:24:22museums to science and it's amazing how much that's going on for kids that you
0:24:27don't know about and so you start looking i mean in my area when i
0:24:30i've make it was in school i didn't even lot "'cause" i didn't care right
0:24:34but once you said you didn't wanna school i spent the next
0:24:38two or three months "'cause" that was in
0:24:41october ish east are to complain he didn't wanna go and i pull them out
0:24:44after christmas so for the next two or three months i spent online looking up
0:24:49all different things and can see i can hear i can show you my calendar
0:24:55of stuff
0:24:58well that's weird where's
0:25:08open of evolution of stuff that we do which and everything that on this counter
0:25:14we don't go to we couldn't if we wanted to
0:25:18so all of the
0:25:24yes all of
0:25:27here let me take off mine
0:25:30and kevin's
0:25:32so all of that is all the stuff that there is to do within an
0:25:36hour so strive of where i live which is the middle of nowhere as you
0:25:40also earlier so we don't do all this because frankly you can a lot of
0:25:45the conflicts
0:25:47but this is constantly this is what this is august and i have this and
0:25:52this is just what's plan right now as of a few weeks ago i'm constantly
0:25:56adding new stuff to this
0:25:59this is you know september and it just goes on a not we're joining a
0:26:04colour as of
0:26:05i think the first meeting three days in august twenty eight and then every
0:26:10or less every other we will be up in akron which is like an hour
0:26:14and a half away for a includes the core with i think there's ninety kids
0:26:20that so close to each by using the there's tons of stuff to do
0:26:39i think i think in order to get kids involved at the university level we
0:26:44need to start them when they're young little when they're young and i mean that's
0:26:48what summer of code is a great way to push it that way but how
0:26:51in the question of course is how do we get like the people who are
0:26:54in the design and other things to join us and help us design better going
0:26:58on three you know and i think that's what maybe the at we program for
0:27:02men to some of that and maybe we need a larger outreach program for just
0:27:06general people to bring them all in
0:27:09that to say that you can come and work on free software in ways outside
0:27:13of code outside of summer of go there are other ways to get involved and
0:27:16to have
0:27:17cut to give contributions and give back
0:27:20and start using
0:27:32our end users do to have your software applications change it and change its behaviour
0:27:39and abstract thing that program in layer that it's not gonna bar years that you
0:27:44might be interested in a yes absolutely different way to do that
0:27:49anything else
0:27:52okay do you have a credit know follow know education this to of a question
0:27:59is for education because you actually time what we have a we have a list
0:28:04of spatial reno so we can easy call minutes we cover it look at and
0:28:08the can all location of all need for most cases use and we also use
0:28:14the P H D T know of for the switch well we also in you
0:28:19know this
0:28:20a single this very important you must have at least to have a school in
0:28:24the for the children for there is to know well all if well this is
0:28:30a location we could use so would you did you know full it a student
0:28:37of "'cause" you these also resource know could you can there's and there's if you're
0:28:42acting there's a resource around more i've of the answer is no at least not
0:28:45that i'm aware of if there was i would i would love to hear about
0:28:48it haven't so far it very well may exist that at some university that i
0:28:52just haven't looked into there
0:28:55top that's available deep enough yet but i certainly haven't heard about it and i
0:28:59know lots of people who have kids you want someone how to program and they
0:29:03don't know how to help them start and what's out there is just it's not
0:29:07very good i mean that they can say there's traction there's alice and there's code
0:29:12academy and different things but none of those and all those all they might each
0:29:16programming but they don't focus on the freedom part which is the problem and i
0:29:21think that we need to have something and educational program for kids that focuses on
0:29:27teaching now and of way that's fine but that also is teaching them about the
0:29:32principles of free software and why that's important why is it important that it's free
0:29:37not just how to do it but why that important that you're releasing your source
0:29:40code and that you're contributing in you know when you're putting it on get how
0:29:43and it's open and it's free
0:30:02so i propose how do you think that we it's a community can reach large
0:30:09numbers of young people outside of just the ones that we interact with them our
0:30:13communities and families
0:30:15what it is about that we thought about that's what that's kind of what i'm
0:30:19trying to get is that i think we need a we need invent super talks
0:30:23and invent a way to change it and release it and marketing and use what
0:30:29we have in free software to market it and show what's the kids and make
0:30:33it become somehow the cool new now that kids then to download because they want
0:30:38to download and it needs to run on linux obviously but it also need to
0:30:41run on android i'm probably on O S X so that kids there can download
0:30:45it and look at it and play with it because let's be honest it most
0:30:49kids are not running you know as much as we might want them to
0:31:06anything else
0:31:09friend again
0:31:13i guess i would love to go to schools but i don't i don't know
0:31:18quite how to approach them they're hard to approach at least one that i try
0:31:22to put some for other various things and how do you how do you go
0:31:26and tell them i wanna expose your kids to this and a lot of them
0:31:30are just at least write a are very resistant anyone outside of themselves because they're
0:31:36all about their funding and what they have already
0:31:48so that there were you had it he had in their of some waiting to
0:31:52get in already but if you don't have that in if you're me and i
0:31:55don't really know any teachers in the schools how to way how do i find
0:31:59that person that will give me access and let me come in and help their
0:32:02kids learn
0:32:06thing and mobile welcome you slowly connections with my high school elementary schools most people
0:32:15probably assume new people who wants to really score elementary schools are teaching better
0:32:24i have my name my brother i know lots of people around but i don't
0:32:28know anyone who actually works for the schools in that capacity
0:32:33i didn't go to school so i don't have a teacher's i well i have
0:32:38well i have a huge network of friends but mostly all of them have scattered
0:32:43they're all over there's in california one just went got sweden
0:32:48they're just everywhere
0:33:01more comment and a question really but in my high school learning computers was lenny
0:33:06microsoft office and proprietary programs the right and really interested in finding with the stuff
0:33:11that right now that's what i when i was in college i had to take
0:33:14microsoft office my hasn't acted to take it twice because they wouldn't accept any to
0:33:19next office two thousand and three when he went back to school for years later
0:33:22and with that thousand seven to the different class take it again which just drove
0:33:27me crazy
0:33:29and him crazy
0:33:31also more of a comment than a question the what you mentioned with changing the
0:33:36physics of the game reminded me of the of the talk about project or maybe
0:33:41you some of you know it's like where you can added the code like you
0:33:45can you can directly edit the code and see how it how it influences the
0:33:49games i would influence the trajectory of the jump for example right i think that
0:33:54would be great like not only for kids like for everyone but especially for kids
0:33:58you can usually see you want you slide the value for a little gravity and
0:34:02see how the john trajectory that was that would be perfect that we did something
0:34:06very simple that they can slide this and you're changing it from dying ten to
0:34:10twenty and what does that change
0:34:17so you might mention is already "'cause" the came in late but
0:34:21and that tell you know in the ski know mentioned having again the people can
0:34:26actually at the right word from was this like connected to the yes
0:34:31yes that was all that's what the one other thing that matt said that i
0:34:35think it's absolutely yes and it comes back to where i live just in the
0:34:38middle of nowhere i don't have high speed internet so his idea of having a
0:34:42way to update your system with their remote key is just genius i do that
0:34:48all the time and that i take my like my laptop to the library but
0:34:51it's true my kids laptop gets updated infrequently at best because it means running a
0:34:55cable to it and then telling them they're not allowed to play with it for
0:34:58like a day well the downloads because i downloaded ten or twenty kilobits a second
0:35:05on a bad it drops to five
0:35:11but yes
0:35:13i record that
0:35:22yes but it's been years and years and years
0:35:25but yes
0:35:28that sort is that sort of stuff to change things