FOSS & Education

Emily Gonyer

I would like to give a presentation on the journey that I have recently begun with my children as unschoolers, and our use of FOSS technologies. I will begin with a brief introduction on homeschooling in the USA generally, and unschoolers specifically.

I will then discuss the current offerings that I have found for teaching about technology, computers and computer science, both in the classroom and for home eductators. I will discuss how we are using technology in our lives, what FOSS technologies we use, and what I am still looking for.

Finally I will close with how I think the free software community can grow by actively promoting its products to educators generally and homeschoolers specifically. I think there is a vast hole waiting to be filled with regards to teaching kids how to code and contribute to free software. Kids today are the future, and we are ceding their loyalties to Apple & Microsoft by not reaching out to them while they are young and forming preferences and brand loyalties. The sooner we find a way to do so, the better off we will be.

This talk woud likely be a half hour or so, followed by several minutes of discussion, q & a, etc.