excellent okay right i did usual so i'm about but i what the intel and

the audience that working away then

see in some of looking to commit log since the think the first meet was

in that if it december twenty eleven

and i was the fix something thank you okay

so i would not for a while the course toolkit and i composed a bug

fixing features

so you know i think we are what they help often to stop conversation with

this but what when it is a just a paper away of a lot of

challenges around quality what people mean when they say weighted right so and you know

i think they precise lights a

the represents a weighted is a pretty cool winds communicate with the composed and when

you know when we about clients with them application

and you know about component so we kind of

describing something this guy hey content there's applications

well it together and aggregates in percent on the screen and go back and for

direct input was that applications for the they can be like what so you know

good example is menus name selling not the all the stuff and so we're gonna

blend those aspects together

so wait and strictly is the particle like education

and it comprise the you know we may not

the presentation of those windows contents and the with the contents in red and we

used to motive a buffet represent the contents of the wind of the winter

we also need to be able to take input from the this at the lower

levels of this no and it's alright that awards each individual application you know so

that we can you can use it can control that computer and then you know

there are aspects of things about like in terms of the it's a process communication

old copy and paste right control and there is a recall things that all caps

inside or whatever

and we have a lovely saying but every frame is about that i and we

know what we trying to this one think we promote weight and

what you know what we mean by that and how we achieve

this is a more but you know having so you can have kind of

glitch free were sizing that you know they can posters not gonna show any contents

by mobile application the gamification isn't very happy that i rented that one i printed

out that exactly on what i want to use it to see right and there

you know the mechanism doing that is that we have an a frame aggressive you

can tell the one can be told by the importance the where and what lay

off to be sure has been show so that why knows of the users doing

what they are

similarly we got the and event to say when the posters no longer show like


and that is the release event and i said hey you can reuse it about

that you can create you do whatever you like

and in order to be able to ensure or sort state changes that we go

through and the particle or result we have an explicit commitment

the say i want to change but just a on this surface and so this

is the terminology that's the used to represent the window the buffalo is the contents

the services window itself

and you know the state for that's a transaction be you know part very suspect

firstly you are hey can i have this but to the surface

and then you okay and then you need say well you know i'd change this

aspect amuses me say the damage there so

that's a you all you know gonna huge

turn what we all do you have and it is i'll a blinking cursor and

you know you that we won

optimization perspective pasta one we have hey i'm to be jewel this one aspect or

the terminal whatever application is doing the damage we give a region say this is

the area that's czech and in the composite second okay collect and actually read the

whole of the screen i can just change this one aspect

similar is another optimization strategy you can have the ability to say this is near

pay area for so

so you remind might have alpha transparent buff

but have nice shadows around my application


maybe most of applications actually have taken do it is just the chatter that so

as an optimisation you to compose the word without knowing the base there is a

hey we have to zipping up gonna paying clients and to the director the you

get the correct landing of all the different parts together with potential transparent can anticipate

they can just get a just one

that one

in the region is will similar idea that that's a i've got my

application and it doesn't once again have to months drop shot is because the decorations

and wait and a lot one class i'd the not drawn by the composer

so we want to have that shattered we don't want to we have to be

really it might not it might be they teacher reminds you get close to you

might wanna be able to resize the window and shut it we don't want you

want to be able to react so we can adjust it is it in prevention

and all there's things are captured in this transaction a few of the state changes

that so you know when you can me

what will become of the what can you react to what you said when you

meet this allows you to get we consistent a behaviour all of the applications of

the plunge we need to make how old reacting to what's all signal gonna get

a point state where you know you haven't got the of cake we can synchronise

of what you're expecting it to be you can really ensure got good pay

and you do the other aspect of every frame of the crippled but which previous

eyes so

you know finding in inside way why initiated and all the direct

so when you hit the to choose the resize the with the you resize grip

you tell you tell the able to pay you know they stop size i mean

and then of the can

it's a grab and then send a stream of configure bands to you to say

hey you know so you decided to be decided to do so

but you know that one reactor configure red highlights you can we can reach or

ignore and say determine size groups attaching as it's about so the bar or one

have to determine the side window so

there is no

posted terms the size a but actually didn't apply to read rule so you to

get like an area where have really exposed to sell a lever draw so you

can get that kind of which pretty resizing

that's a lot of all

affection all right and the mechanism to achieve that

and then the next aspect is the input that are like to direct you to

the clients

but you expect we have simple people mouse touch is a first pass it and

borrow from beginning

you inspired by the accident to put to touch aspects and

the composite all takes input

first is that from the devices

it separately and then send it a lot

any it is responsible for directing in the


there's no ability for any want to any take any particular collapse

they often place a base grab them grab the because portal taken you profits about


but there there's no to

textile it global grab so you know one of the things that was talked about

in terms of is of security that i think atlanta mention with the about the

typically the isolation of the plot in talked about having a this place ever that

helps with the isolation of the different applications and you know through the input we

you know input direction where and able to achieve

and then

that's a lazily ancillary stuff like the selection the dragon drop and that kind of

it's positive based

so maybe can kind of efficient transfer the contents between

well okay should based on my so we've got that sort of flexibility to try

and work out how the client should be talking to each other

and you know the selection is really coupled in the by the you can imagine


and situation where in some kind of a multi seat environment where we can make

it big

table that has got flat screen on and its multiple people using the computer the

same time because they label and like to associate with that each person can have

maintained and playful of the you can get some privacy have user experience aspects

unified and then you know how to still single pebbles you don't have a confusion

with the like primary secondary whiteboard you have one

and then this one aspect this is probably in the is the shell and space

and it catches

some of the aspects that you would need to build a you a you know

a full user experience well at some more to be multiple you

you know that ability to say hey you make myself is full screen and these

captured in the shell so

i'm of the full screen of the ability to say

i would you know to i mean how one should

make that application great difference maybe showing of it

and you video is that any company and used one for and second can actually


people's to when you get full screen to say going to drive them out and

instead of frame right and then the close to will actually change mode on the

outputs to satisfy the one that we're not doing any what mister

can opportunity for playstation you know or so you can awesome full screen to scale

it doesn't fatal to censor a book like a lot of that sure

already mentioned however sizing works do also divinity to for the quite not able to

start with

so once don't have any idea about the absolute position

well now we know what out there one

all the dimensions about all the they don't know if they're in the top left

ankle all about right

so i'm

they cut is the river than impressed because if i start writing

what in plan around white part of all i wanna push my mouse down on

thought of all and the client has planted in several at a i want start


the clients and the requested of course the you start meeting please like important it


as i didn't expect improvement to grab centre leave event like to the one to

say hey neuromotor of the focus and then just all smoothing it around you know

when you be moved and you returns a stopping move because you and you can

never enter that


there is no i want to have just which is

different we have on eleven and that's created charges when it comes will to talk

about one of it

and then the shelters also catches aspects of roles that whether it's at the top

level application window or pop up or transient i'm the difference between pop transient the

pop up have some right maintenance the comport to take we to say that you

would when you click outside old just based window a well tell you can dismiss

the fall and

and now uses a man majestically you expected but when but as i mentioned is

in this is kind of quite a

limited script maybe not suitable putting a communication from belief ledge their stuff application to

a fully fledged desktop environment maybe we need to look at this proposal to start

on this on the next one my colleagues rough i'll who is working on this

idea of a next you shell maybe capture some of bigger aspects that we need

all of how about want to communicate with a more well the top invite

so in one point two we had a couple cool new features

we got because of subset

you're going to open yourself and if methods at a our next cycle to be

just like to go for his talk just think about in quite good detail and

with also gained a staple at i always that the that means that if you're

open to both so you can rely on some stability of that if you are

inside the others like we become somewhere help you will go composed



so it sounds that this is what you know what is this is this is

there is if it's the be been a you know i was thinking long for

a long time they thought in the meeting some of the things i wanted to

get through a not a not on a project

but subsets is a lot is it's a good analogy and it to what you

can do with X where you can take a window and every parent the inside

not winter

so that kind of gets used in bunch applications enlightenment starcube that you crime is

this all the time one does it different

browser process but also you know freedom is a in a okay it's of the

stand aspect but it's

way because next is pretty horrible pretty racy so on the we have the subsets

this article that was developed by packet from lab or

and many others and you know operational less and this is a really good solution

it allows you to create off the composite to give us all sub composes the

and then you can get a sets the saves my main surface and then i

quite another service to create subsets men without subsurface you can position it in it

within another aspect on money surface by their it up of course the other subsurface

is or what positioning in X and Y

and this very valuable when you come to implement plastic U K for instance where

people to separate libraries the both created surfaces i don't expecting to use it this

is and therefore and kind of are designed to be talking a formal to each

other wanna coming combined together into a single application

another really good example of where you might wanna use subsidise body but we have

a G stream about he with great inspiration

but you know i've got mine my accelerated to be a play that which is

all expecting to take it buff ago in and decode straight into this buffer and

hardware you know do whatever colour space conversion or whatever things needs to the ticket

and then a bit out ready to use in for willing to compose

questions a what most to compose

but we actually want to build a window a

i mean if that slide to having substances we actually have to kind of read

that data back and then landed in ourselves

this of services allow you that all the do the blending for so that we

don't have and then perhaps you can make some of the all wet do some

of that work for

so it's of the very valuable recently came in one point two

implemented also like this is what was done by a christmas

this is really important was when we stop talking about that screen

when we wanna be don't just use a standard could people when they may need

to talk with regard so there's a package sitting in G T K but there

are to integrate the

the support it okay and that

but she you can use now that's one of the clients on the and it

so this two aspects to implement as vertical the client uses the talk to the

post to which school the text vertical and it sort of is a problem i

think i personally at an impulse in article it's a the last at for that

but the a left to right and you can you know something that is you

want to care about the surrounding text is very sure contact and the decline content

let by to the to the in the implement

and then at the particle for the internet that don't both to

to actually some controlling unique at about how much

and we have a couple of people for you

that sounds one hears the sample one this inside a what

is just little test a and it's replication

there's a really good agreeable one important aspect all recent work try make great and

more ready right now

so you know

what we also doing in terms of the particle changes going forward

you know point about one important aspect of the games and it's and catch quite

heavily in the in the web standards now

this is

hope positioning and negotiation as i mentioned that we don't have any concept of where

you are absolutely in the screen

so detache

expects you have to get the full dimensions of the output find it where is

absolutely and then position the rearrangement of pop that in some aspect of it so

that it would be visible you

so you'd if you get ready to the bottom of your window it will hopefully

out of your screen popping up so that

so that what i posted have to that i haven't been up kinder to G

T K adding that big hurdles run into

but the way i my proposed by the solution that is to say if i

was to pop up a surface that this dimension at this location relative to where

our car and

what would be the visible rectangle from that you can kind of the way the

you be falling of the left hand side of the right hand side looked all

will bottom of man you can kind of position yourself so unique and she that

and i at the sub so expert at which apparently

not in the weighting corporate will would be we have been proven you know through

that agent

and that for you in and the article is good all make be promoted being

in school where the project

so you know this is what we really want to about name integration

and so i already a couple to created are gonna a the just explain how

but if moving fall that's we have inside name integration here save

we have the we had this old to you want to

maybe minimum well it but what well we went have as well

we just have one but

will only the i want hot about it you know we have huge guy and

we did U K uses S H and buffet type and this is the memory

map file solution

this of a really readily available those requiring hardware acceleration are we used car and

it's image surface to drawer into that image that this and it's a gem of

a of your

over the

in a class a little couple we use

you G L U G L it got which is make you i that is


flight it to me said in the music one slide aspect of it hidden inside

the E G L platform communique we may extension to the composer to sets up

to tell the how it combines the information but you know the that sort prior

you can have different drivers you can have your work because of their particular like

an indication this is the accelerated

how this using you know level about the management all like that

and global i have a problem but both have a pi are handling

one thought

and both so

and then you know the that can maybe you inside martin and i'm shell to

create name shell that is a way of

and specs all we have inside problem part to do that is that this ability

to create a force acts on

represents the contents

all hey wait and stuff

so we can actually than a free the user experience we want in matter and

then show


is it all screenshot to give educators the i suggested i think it was so

what you could carry running on way on western here this is the people west

and user experience the test with the best of show you know and it looks

pretty good one thing you know you think about that so kind of how to

because the

but decorations landed they landed in this like a thank you them ultimately the setting

in and urging that they can sell abroad for a long time myself and christine

and it's it really what how them and now it's not this it would be

a way to think

that you know into the G T K to improvements recent middle should be in

addition all the hiding you know i will once with a high dpi what i

likes it

and you know the also we have a school that you bring of the you

know what things the way back and the G T K and if you think

it's just

it's existence simply doesn't then but i think the real progressive stuff recently in this

like a will be making really good progress

and it sounded you know the kind of gaps that remain and made you want

that we would like make the is a the copy paste that is implementation of

copy pasted i put in a while back that

a copy the coolest model and we have a copy all think opencal source file

evolve in such as uk that when if you compile await and actually wait and

you're crippled well i would be replaced with this instantiation of the object that happens

you know it's not very good dot typing it looks just like that

abortion that's really what you wanna call but when next you have ever in one

aspect or you kind of migration strategy

and then the other major thing for you to build a perspective is a place

so there were some there are some asking so we'll kind of

i think what well there are few hacks where we actually started you position we

take the positions of the way it says that we're ways zeros or

and the many popups that actually works one a big challenges

you can carry menu position found

which is a and but it is like and use applications if you if we


exposes global cool so it's not level that's one of the few places in the

just anywhere global coordinates projects but so some of can pick a pop up and

we have to position it absolutely on the screen

so what did the chance that


but works pretty well


it's just man a few random applications that on the well that's applications they well

i think that's that'd be either you

nobody many channels and particle the results you know if you centering all the major

issues around that have been resolved one thing that was really affecting a real ability

to before with the migration of gnome clients

run again

wait and of course post aside my name shell walls

got you can never n-classes the K is used

right so you can buy cheese because you know as a as the way that

they used

or tickets just to and

that's it came with the whole thing about where than only made of possible

recently following the availability of

subsets as well subset

and so actually i and one thing i was working on by recently was making

a what

so i can't it then i

strategy to K which i think

and the most of the

you know well

and this is obsolete events running on the west end

i have to we still might well do you can these two screens

so it once real application right name terminal

it's just

visible and then that's just do

it's company a name right

which one clear on this one

there again so that we've got have to

working inside

a T K application

using custody today


in a bit it you get input the works looking at all

that's right

what would just will still again we

well understanding for one

okay so we've got we've got you know

a T calcutta stage here and we got

i we can just make use the making curtains will not in G T K


so this use is

this use the subsurface so we have one

the G T K O

like the points mini crash

we have a

we that message that generate event

i'm not really the label pointer okay like generation event that's quite cool pathfinder what

that does

no this one generated be let the your it with any like to okay fine

i think about

so you very we think about in this work you can see as it's all

let you record this we will and brought up to do you guys and the

and the we slash audience hey question mark project but that you to games about

the as well that some nice at a projects the west and

to make this work so but they are you have a subset gettysburg that the

you that may not at the middle top level service with them an application right

and then we create it we all know the close because of sub all that

and then we get lisa let me create new surface on credit subsystem that out

that in susceptible of and some of the and we part that service in two

parts so you only go with what we have to add in first ad api

too cluttered to save make it simple what support are working on a on a

foreign that this

surround trying to create sounds that's this to save event handling

so we don't have multiple things do

all i wanna be able chargeable that

because we got these two stacks you might be expected they are the anything talking

to the

waylon well that we need to make sure they use the same can connections because

the because otherwise they would have different object id and then you would be upset

you work combine is to

rate a single location and the composite so was kind of assuming that there would

be only a single inputs

however sorry single to input device brazil's i like handle we cannot use the handle

the also have for the object that it inside thought writes

and small but also have a question to make it but what it does that

indeed what they're still a few problems and ask you can see apple so this


you could be


i mean

so i with my present diamonds my presentation was like on

so what you have said about events working on

what's the

people's we never thing so basic this where this is this is the major what

their stock point for us enabling all the games right and

achieved run again


you know and then the next aspect or

all the you know it or the name inspiration side

i think i think to in pretty good shape the game riga progress

you know and we have a goal is listed on the on this one as

well i'm up especially in the person and was


i would make about how we wanna try and get name show when it was

to run against

no three ten that's available one meeting you will recall that being people i think

disenchanted around them in the next few days

you have discussions with anyone is interested in weight and for about intel red hat

and all the absolute organisations and community are interested

to try and kind of

make some progress on that on what how we can cheap


you know many applications the only testing in fixing

there are

of interesting problems if the applications and you know we need to work at

so we just need to make sure we can the not applications

make a direct express or expect you have the cost air display to be and

G T K excellent right so use go through and find a patient next but

i think but

the state talk at the coming stands nights a week and i'm going you can

i'm some of money so i think that we should be applicable purpose that and

i think over the next not we should have seen many patches come into the

application make work on different what make more like elsewhere

that is the end of mine


are there any questions and we do have a plan to go into the panel


and off this so maybe people something that's we don't we processing

so i can you demonstrate that we can free perfect resizing or do you

right i the

for that if an application

a lady events

that's right but even so it's always so lucky when the results

well i think i mean i think it's a it's a futuristic about twelve hundred

on my laptop which is so you know i think from the

i mean

no you problems even with you know some nice applications so i call this a

sorry well

in this host like is the window manager is that some point that does it

just fit into it or you have to rewrite it completely no i'm talking about

the but environments like the ecstasy so on


in the button and the way to model the can the composer and within manager

all there's no separation like might expect so that

dean than the admit of these windows that i'm doing inside less than a which

is this a reference

and like positive that we have

that is being we runway and mention like i didn't decided its shell plucking

and the different shells this that's top shelf that different idea but there is no

side by communication on the extra communication between something that doing the job all the

comp of like you could have the X of the whole thing and window manager

so you to avoid so about it ahead of you know in matter on the

traditional X able to desktop we have a one five projects have excess of all

of that fixed and

fine so we it's just a single and it's all


that doesn't go back to the resizing issue rub if you could try moving the

window we can point out that when you move the window you can see there's

no leg at all between the cursor position and window position

so if you if you compare the two moving on the X you can see

how the excuse open the case has ribbon that the window any case of a

been supportive we have to reinvent an entire page and scale it well one thing

that we could do is we could fix the cursor position to the corner of

the application window so that it looks as if we never lack and that that's

but just one of it

a options we have once we combine with this place of a composite we can

actually control where the cursor goals these cases


what we have a team and the information small and

in a in a T V so

you can see i'm i think i'm kind of in this i mean the border

as anybody in chat a one we need to do is we need actually happy

we did some you need to just be able to chat a so that we

can kind of the resize would be a still usable

the entity much deeper channel you want to be able to resize the whole each

other down here

that's whether you

sure what's do with G D M and system composite stuff

unlike looking in this post use which are in the can stuff

i you at one of panel on that's a really good question let's say that

i think that some of the other participants on that we have on a much

but like

the good question which is

the richer countries and great very for a how to management to west

so and using you had that might and using no control centre changing the colour

i think running the nonetheless


do we have something like

it the X settings are similar and there's some of the properties that like them

sitting demons that like sixty P R i am the doubleclick wearing then

so there are there are nice i think that all

there are you know there are exciting that occur that in the past but it's


something like people p-value over to they of the to the class on the


you know each client

everyone should use D car but i don't know i mean it

i don't know that

it this is like saying vacation different have different decorations a different all


word or you do wanna

but to have no one is also


that's not quite the same thing you know you know do you get the millimetre


what do you do reports

my question was about plotted you to carry dentists obsessive implementation is that in G

T K and use it here's and it's not that G T K A back


the thanks a question for you get the costs it's okay implementation using subsets is

just and that's okay

and you know what like

a little

okay well


would you like



so it's only have occasion a team actually make any changes that we can do

that this talk applications the come in at the door i didn't even compile them

so the running with the runtime detection back and it's give is indication reduce the

need do some work


we begin right

like minor

i see the



the innocent this is they this is this is the any changes that have to

make that okay

so to make it something

you waited so we just kind of

we greatest can we try to the surface all the costs of this

we get the surface from jic you tie

the G T K for the window reset the

so if is that we can post a recreation the composite on

trough the and then we create a sub composite it so


was my first version the second version my i think it's cool here

it gets the application X and Y

now i'm sure it's not i think it when we are correctly to resizing the

window but it's just initial

this is idea to realise function of the

okay with you

i'm so i this is just the this is finishes it off see i make

progress is the air you know we are moving parts with that us five this

is you know making good progress


so i'm not sure if you haven't talked about this already but my question is

what if someone position becomes the unresponsive it freezes can i still move the window

can i still the resize the window can i still talk to close the window

with the dialogue like force great but it as it is now what happens

i can kind of that



controls D and

it's right by my point again sorry

right so i well i per cent six talk to

the internal here ornamental process

so the ping pong particle that the line and you are able to set the

pauses in the paying requirement at one thousand and upon by

i hope that i mean that they are processes on the spot so any because

that you changes be cussed to a little

is the area we could have you why this it unresponsive you really good and

if i have to the you can you can read it but if you to

compose the driven

moving here

problem one on one click but if i then

and then unit

we have a you know as you can see that when i hear we change

the cursor when we start thing and that's that is one thing that when you

move the pointer in this

step is to comply want get and prevent the one on setting up whatever "'cause"

one and i don't like to meetings like beans or wait in the way lucas

of the ladies and those things from the experts


one more question

that's a any discussion was how is my vision proposal different approaching absolute coordinates



he be the code to be neat and they pop up this negotiation based on

the i want to do this particular area that in does take into consideration any

so that this transformations

so i

with people in the

spinning that's it

super right click

so i can i can do this by myself it might myself is could be

rotated like that you know you don't want to remember pop up menu as you

know but example this don't have any pop up menus

if i bring up is

i would say that well

a roomful menu we wanna problem and you to be in the right place right

so if you if you have to step to X Y coordinates make a lot

doesn't know about this transplant

so you really shouldn't be doing that absolute coordinates to be a particular



the single that change

we might we might it might change this would be ubm to movies in but

i haven't that

it's not you what can transform okay

posted it buddy


well you know why just like all to a