0:00:10why everyone it's gonna do a quick talk about this trimmer and what's been happening
0:00:14for the last if you're tracking just remotely bases there won't be much yourself and
0:00:19you can go team on the bus is talk but what otherwise with this
0:00:24tell you what within up to
0:00:29right so well we are
0:00:32and tim along on a on the maintain a of this team and release manager
0:00:38and that sebastian
0:00:40if excess stuff
0:00:44right just general and just in case you have actually run talk
0:00:49it's a lot to make a framework we try to do everything multimedia related not
0:00:52display lack so you know playback recording screaming if that anything multimedia relied related in
0:00:58that what you video subtitles and whatnot and we try to do it
0:01:05which is basically you it's not an application it's a set of libraries which you
0:01:10can use in your own applications and don't uses
0:01:16and it's pipeline based which means and you can you can put multiple types of
0:01:21data processing components together it's but like lego you know you just put them together
0:01:25and you say okay go to something and hopefully it'll works
0:01:31plug-in it's a plug and based
0:01:34so we have some very minimal library at only which you can use interact with
0:01:40but other than that all the
0:01:43cole functionality what the important functionality is isn't plug-ins and which means you can extend
0:01:48that everyone can extend it you can pay people to do stuff for you
0:01:52it's all very abstract
0:01:55and we also wrap lot of a be honest we don't want to reinvent everything
0:02:00but you know if there are good coding can be a nice quite happy just
0:02:03want to plug in the wrong from
0:02:05we don't go on products
0:02:09and that's very low level if you only in very high level at the i
0:02:12so you can really use whatever you like for playback you don't want to you
0:02:16know do you own pipelines just want to use played and for example
0:02:20for encoding we have and called then we have editing services stuff it almost works
0:02:25we have artist piece of a you can want to market piece of and six
0:02:29lines of code it's quite cool you can basically stream any part on you have
0:02:33to be do come how or whatnot
0:02:36and there i love libraries for voice charts and your checked and things like that
0:02:41fast we see
0:02:44and we also try to integrate with all kinds of a network the frameworks
0:02:48so you know if you another operating systems if you're one embedded devices if you
0:02:54try to do stuff on O S X the one does
0:02:58you know we try to do that and if you know where kids cluster well
0:03:03these kind of things we try to accommodate everyone and we try to make sure
0:03:07you can use too much every situation
0:03:11you want to
0:03:13especially on an embedded device of course as well because you don't you want to
0:03:18do video decoding and stuff on the
0:03:20provided hardware decoders
0:03:24right so what are gonna talk about
0:03:27because show you what we've been up to the last year
0:03:32and then what comes after that
0:03:36it just in case you hadn't noticed what we've actually released this no one point
0:03:40zero i want one zero this is basically that's you know big
0:03:45thing we've been working almost two years
0:03:49it's been a bit late
0:03:51we finally managed to reset it's a new maybe i version we fix lots of
0:03:55things and so
0:03:56i'm from broke something well but mostly just pick stuff
0:04:06alright so we've done that and we've also added support for new platforms which sort
0:04:10of got what little bit more
0:04:13and of course are actually literally thousands of bug fixes
0:04:17which we've done
0:04:19and after that's more just email more features
0:04:23just a quick knows about this remote versioning it's quite confusing because we actually changed
0:04:28versioning scheme
0:04:29so in the old days the oldest remote code zero point ten before that we
0:04:34had eight and zero six et cetera but was you want one that
0:04:37so basically everything is not zero you can just ignore it's the old if you
0:04:42only it's a different library version
0:04:47one point zero so in europe you only
0:04:50as you might be a zero eleven as well which is basically the same as
0:04:55one point zero it's a development version a lot
0:05:00why so basically changed to be known do you live versioning scheme we haven't done
0:05:05that before we just basically hack for three months and then we just said why
0:05:09called we've done so much stuff we should make a nice and then we froze
0:05:12everything from all for one month and tried to fix all the bugs we made
0:05:15a really something four months so and it's it didn't work so well i mean
0:05:20it worked quite right but it wasn't great so we change that you live versions
0:05:24you now which basically means
0:05:27we you know at some point we just to branch off and we just to
0:05:31bug fix releases
0:05:35which is you know one point zero and then we one point zero one zero
0:05:38two et cetera
0:05:40at the same time we just continue hacking on the boss to brunch at some
0:05:43point you know we do a big
0:05:45you feature version which will be called one point two and after that will be
0:05:49one point four et cetera
0:05:51at the same time the
0:05:55all the even version the stable release version and we what version the development release
0:06:02like and i one and then the old back was compatible with one so
0:06:08and i was so far i think works quite well
0:06:20but so what was there was reasons at "'em"
0:06:24and we've had lots of
0:06:26but are fixed lisa since then nine actually because of the latest one is on
0:06:31the service but we have announce it
0:06:33later hopefully
0:06:34and although the overall experience was quite good actually it goes i hadn't expected that
0:06:39i thought we would release one point zero and then it will be or right
0:06:42that's lots of stuff so to figure out that it wasn't so i actually
0:06:47at the crackle and i think one of the reasons for that was that what
0:06:51can only three point six they basically adopted it on quite short notice there was
0:06:55a you know there was a question last year basically what should you really someone
0:07:00runs you want basically now quickly before long three point six
0:07:04so numbers and stuck with the old you smell version because we don't we don't
0:07:08have the manpower to care about that but you can trust with your ten problems
0:07:11we probably same like that's all very interesting but
0:07:15i don't have time for that sorry
0:07:17so it wouldn't have been great for going to stick with the old version so
0:07:21i mean i'm but they don't you guys your great you basically will that okay
0:07:26let's that's just you know
0:07:28take the take the jump and go for you version and everyone
0:07:33scramble and portal applications and you know five bucks and fix bugs so it really
0:07:38works have a system very much think so that
0:07:41and that really give us confidence as well that's all if you only sound works
0:07:47and i think most of the applications are important i mean most of the important
0:07:52you can book something
0:07:55well so what does one point zero actually we change the A P on it
0:08:00what looked at T not as you do maybe things we generalise send content would
0:08:06be mostly just simplifies it over one we've been hyping the whole thing for two
0:08:11years you know and then of course we made it sound as well
0:08:15it's revolutionary everything is gonna change you're gonna fix everything is gonna be so cool
0:08:19all the stuff you always want working it's gonna work and then now we got
0:08:24one point zero we're kind of having tell you well you know the changes and
0:08:27so big actually and it's a very cool will but overall it's you know it's
0:08:31an evolution not a revolution that's we usually say
0:08:36which means that the if you live mostly i mean you will
0:08:40you will still recognise everything if you're an application developer the changes will be quite
0:08:46minimal a but mostly what they did was in zero ten i mean our the
0:08:50i we try to do very extensible
0:08:53so you can you can do loads of little cost and additions and packs and
0:08:58weeks to work or problems and many people have done that but at some point
0:09:02you just hit the end of the road and if you if you what can
0:09:04embedded devices what performance is really important i mean you know one your just so
0:09:11what that top if you do a couple of X M copies you probably gonna
0:09:14notice it too much
0:09:17and then that a device that's the difference between stuff working not working at all
0:09:23so at some point there was to stuff like you couldn't work around anymore you
0:09:26can fix anymore and we have to break if you try to fix that
0:09:30and of course we we've learned quite a few lessons and last five or six
0:09:34i mean better that
0:09:36so please E then you have your i should be stable usable for quite some
0:09:42what does it means that you apart from that what the thing is also the
0:09:46old your ten if you know i
0:09:49we are quite creative and making use of every of your feature of the do
0:09:54you object type system
0:09:57which poses a bit of a problem for bindings well especially fourty object introspection because
0:10:02the optic inspection basically uses all the stuff that's common and everyone else uses it
0:10:07doesn't use of crazy stuff that you've never heard of
0:10:10how much problem we use that because it means you know that stuff doesn't work
0:10:15you want one zero if you know it's much more bindings friendly or much more
0:10:20you object
0:10:21introspection friendly which means you can now actually use G T K three fifty applications
0:10:27because it be zero ten A P are you can use with your pick inspection
0:10:33which means you can you
0:10:35i but in overall all the basic concepts a state the same so it's you
0:10:39know pipeline stage boss messages
0:10:43i don't know if any of you remember the transition from zero eight to zero
0:10:47but it was much different was basically you have to rethink the way structure E
0:10:54and do stuff that's not the case now
0:10:59it's also be said in general be the complexity hasn't increased there is no
0:11:07a everything we did a sort of fairly well understood so that's the risk
0:11:12generalist much
0:11:14that whole stuff and feature wise we can do now
0:11:19for a
0:11:20a look up for you with all the little details but so one of the
0:11:24things as we have much more efficient flexible memory handling now we can express different
0:11:29types of memory much better
0:11:31before and this you might you just possible point on the size and then you
0:11:35know every everyone can just hope at the stuff and that works so well so
0:11:39now so it's much more formally you know tell us when you want to do
0:11:43stuff memory
0:11:46and sebastian got for paula more
0:11:48and the other big weakness we had was dynamic stuff so if you have a
0:11:53pipeline you want to change something in the like
0:11:57cheese you have cheese and you look at yourself like i'm running suddenly you would
0:12:01you want to play around with the facts anyway
0:12:03just pick a different fact
0:12:05change that the probably works most of the time
0:12:10but it's it didn't work for five or if you know if you if you
0:12:13want to do more complex than anything
0:12:15you very quickly one conceptual problems
0:12:20because it depends basically very much on the exact plug-ins you have in the pipeline
0:12:25if they will change themselves that up to the new kind of
0:12:30setting off
0:12:32and if it doesn't work that's nothing so we we've done with read on all
0:12:36of that and it should hopefully work much better that's a bit of work to
0:12:39be done but conceptually i think so
0:12:43we quite who was
0:12:47well it and we have support for our train matter based on prophecy can do
0:12:51all kinds of and fancy things like it just takes detection you know you can
0:12:55slack it as a region of interest the weather faces
0:12:58would you still things
0:13:04you know about
0:13:11so what i'm going to talk about is what exactly happened in the last year
0:13:17all the details
0:13:20which might be the point some people but overall which are so what we have
0:13:25this what we have done in the last year so we provide binary them really
0:13:30is a support use my oldest a really uses
0:13:33for windows all sex and right and i was
0:13:36the course work on linux it's trivial which is to myself but on all these
0:13:41that on so i developers
0:13:43really just want to download binaries from the internet and then write applications
0:13:49by doing this we are got lots of new developers using use team are on
0:13:56what kind that phones doing crazy stuff
0:14:01what we have here is and on what medical system that's creating that some specific
0:14:06binary so for windows you get times i installers for sex you get a framework
0:14:11that ultimately integrates into X code
0:14:14and basically the these develop a skin just used "'em" of the way they develop
0:14:20so that one other one
0:14:23on that platform
0:14:26currently we just a chip used remind all the plug ins and fancies
0:14:31but what could be done in the future like we could include you today for
0:14:35you or not
0:14:37what you could do if you want to target see windows users you could so
0:14:42i just use all that system and generate you take a binding did you take
0:14:46a binary is from this
0:14:48it's very flexible and easy to just that you stuff
0:14:57i'm not a big thing that team already mentioned is that we started development one
0:15:03use my want them to
0:15:05that we need at all the one point there were really use and our current
0:15:10plan is to we use it in august september right just in time for known
0:15:17most of the stuff we did there about a new features which are not included
0:15:22in the it's really is as we did in the meantime but also big a
0:15:27bug fixes that's well required
0:15:30larger changes the course regressions
0:15:32so we wanted to test them cost with
0:15:36get some more experience with it
0:15:38and well right now we are almost ready for release
0:15:43for you that means we start testing
0:15:45and report any box you notice
0:15:48and i think if you are using idea to build you already get the very
0:15:52latest or
0:16:07so what we also did is we are that's some new features to make it
0:16:12easier to integrating all kinds of different hardware
0:16:16for example we i have the infrastructure to share different artwork context inside i can
0:16:22between elements so for example it's possible to share display connection or see
0:16:32G L context also more things in the pipeline and then elements can just we
0:16:38use this
0:16:40then we had a lot of
0:16:42and implementations and some infrastructure for hot the specific memories for example that something and
0:16:49video images or in a box
0:16:54well then of all the edits we improve the support for arbitrary memory so feel
0:17:00for example
0:17:02the support for non writable memory loss improve the lot
0:17:06stuff that just doesn't crash anymore if you have such memory
0:17:11and we also did lots
0:17:13clean up and fixes and all these hopper related
0:17:19what exactly does this mean for you
0:17:24say you have
0:17:26very a quite recent computer you most probably have some a jeep you in there
0:17:32that could do decoding or something next
0:17:36for example be a at all
0:17:42why with all the things we implemented it's completely transparent for the application to use
0:17:49make us to use the hot would expect sample
0:17:54so what is possible right now is say you start but it go to you
0:17:59to and what should be your that it doesn't know anything about your hardware but
0:18:04it automatically uses the codex provided by your house
0:18:09then we add it's a support for
0:18:13more features of embedded systems for example well what i mentioned before that you image
0:18:20and well what we could do now is say you on an on an embedded
0:18:25system using i'll see the some icsi most chip you can use not recordings on
0:18:31their record everything directly to the gpu upside chef does by and you know to
0:18:37it and then ran not on the screen and all this happens completely transparently
0:18:42and for example the decoder doesn't know that there's some G L stuff that nato
0:18:47the D L stuff doesn't know that
0:18:49data comes from some how to decode it just happens and works
0:18:55out of the box
0:19:01not a interesting feature we added is the rest for by support
0:19:07so what's is companies possible is the user job had products they are
0:19:13which is a and to the open X A P on and we also did
0:19:18a really small but you still next which of provides you some of plug ins
0:19:23to actually use
0:19:24how about that this
0:19:26that can be
0:19:27you smile the next
0:19:30about examples well this would you for example the and you get a growl or
0:19:35what kind of welcome chipset switch can also be used by logistical next
0:19:41so on the rust great by what we can do right now is we can
0:19:45know what's inside
0:19:49it's alright so we can id codes the video by all the
0:19:55how to protect we can just what on the screen by a and you yes
0:20:00and so idea and everything is that happening inside the jeep you on this very
0:20:06thirty five dollar mean computer
0:20:09you can use it's to well
0:20:12show H T V use people are using it's to build display boards of with
0:20:17multiple screens some people you can of it's like screaming samples with this than his
0:20:23apartment and well
0:20:26it's almost three but also it is it so still not very open
0:20:32that one best a lot proprietary it you don't have that much access to the
0:20:38real powerful
0:20:40and i'd you view on this device
0:20:43that's well
0:20:44it's almost free
0:20:49then what was a happening or not integration site and the last month system that
0:20:55used it at i was finally we used for one point zero and well as
0:21:00i mentioned people are can be transparently used by applications
0:21:04for example it could also be
0:21:06use now important
0:21:09and then we added eczema support my a beautifully next to so
0:21:14what seems to happen right now so that's the video for linux api that's going
0:21:19to you just and that's units api to access hard good
0:21:24which is
0:21:26for the video side it's quite can be need to use my opinion better than
0:21:31or the other alternatives
0:21:33but it's also useful audio which is the scale of it's a or quote because
0:21:37well it's and it you do a pi
0:21:40about after that the supporting this right now is for example there's something started for
0:21:48free scale chips
0:21:51and of us also working on
0:21:54so in general well the happens industries quite slow
0:21:59so for many different a chipset so they are not like and for just one
0:22:04there we get but it's happening slowly over time
0:22:12than something that's haven't quite recently is you stick seconds G O
0:22:16which well this of the names that's provides a set of do some up that
0:22:20can serve it can use the L for the embedded to go out and you
0:22:24have yes
0:22:26and well right now we have about four five different likens for different platforms so
0:22:32that provide different you know features
0:22:35so all the plan is to just get rid of all of them and replace
0:22:39them by used that can scale for the next debris use
0:22:43and well what does it do
0:22:45it and also use at all deal filters or a
0:22:50rendering to a screen via G L transparently inside that you sum up a plan
0:22:55so you could just
0:22:56because you apply some fancy effects D L changes on it and
0:23:01displayed on the screen
0:23:04or you could also download the data from the gpu and ago did sent will
0:23:08send it what the network and well
0:23:12all the G L knowledge is complete you local and other parts that you some
0:23:17have and just don't know about
0:23:19it's also quite smart read that which
0:23:24it's a bit difficult with the L because you know it's a single right
0:23:30but so we can draw a which was around this
0:23:34in different ways and well working quite good now
0:23:37and unfortunately there's no integration problem right now which is the you know library used
0:23:45and i don't think you know this is going to happen anytime soon because
0:23:50think although the design is to just hide all the G L at the i
0:23:55you have no way to all any
0:23:58G L functions from there and we which need to be able to do that
0:24:03she integrate called event use seconds you have someone
0:24:07and well it's already runs on a all patents about the but you smell so
0:24:11for example and you know that's obviously it runs on windows was X androids runs
0:24:17almost rusted pipe
0:24:23some other changes that happened you i don't watched the lose support into a lot
0:24:31like in sets loses an eye framework to
0:24:37to use bluetooth devices and for example it's not possible with the plug-ins we much
0:24:42does that you can well send music so you are
0:24:47who speaker i on the other side of the room or stuff like
0:24:52also added support for all kinds of use streaming protocols like a dash schools meaning
0:24:57or interest which a know this used by many different screening a big and the
0:25:03months of those as
0:25:04and for example
0:25:07if you want to of it some kind of set top box device for your
0:25:11living room this
0:25:13it's really useful if you want to integrate say with
0:25:18so this is like net flicks make
0:25:21also what is what happened it is that them picked us and D V D
0:25:25support was we recently improved a lot
0:25:30in the past of this was
0:25:32well the contain the format it's worked
0:25:37like a stuff like seeking wasn't working properly are now but it's just stopped after
0:25:43some time but thanks to echoed sitting there it's now rocks table
0:25:49you can actually watch
0:25:51it's not rocks they
0:25:55and you can i just use your computer now S a D V D
0:26:00receiver for example or receive and the guess screens over the internet or
0:26:08then we also added initial support board a lot and if you nine
0:26:12a lot is well the next generation kodak done by us that foundation
0:26:18and well nobody knows when it's going to be used of it's more like a
0:26:23research project right now but what we have support for now i
0:26:26and maybe mind as well the success sell it which is video codec used in
0:26:32what and the
0:26:34we kodak and what
0:26:37going to be released sometime this year so far as i know and
0:26:41it's working quite well already and
0:26:43we support
0:26:44then i mean you changes happened on the at the end of these you cite
0:26:48both clients example side so as you mentioned it small was able to write an
0:26:53obvious use of a in six lines of code
0:26:56press that in my opinion
0:26:59we also added waylon support so
0:27:01once more people are switching to wait and you can just use just them out
0:27:06we can already rented to men so this is
0:27:09and well
0:27:12for P T V for mediated to a lot of changes happened engine on and
0:27:17she's the editing services
0:27:19but i want to mention them right now because that's a talk tomorrow by jeff
0:27:24which will come up all this
0:27:28and last but not least we
0:27:30web okay working on a
0:27:34how many both that almost two thousand bucks we fixed the in the last year
0:27:44what we didn't do it so that we just close to all those they were
0:27:46ten bucks we checked it but it's a still that trying to of the you
0:27:50will one point zero
0:27:52and get them open in that case but
0:27:56maybe we did some states at about so it would be good if you put
0:28:00just check you argue some a box and
0:28:02see of stuff still
0:28:04isn't working well it's working now
0:28:07and well in general we did not clean up and polishing output basis now you
0:28:12know than ever
0:28:23right plan for one point to what most of it anyway one point two
0:28:31what going to come out
0:28:34well and the for because
0:28:38definitely before next column
0:28:41we've been well i mean the new release on the didn't really work out how
0:28:46we plan to be kind of the beginning thought okay we got we gonna do
0:28:49one point zero in september and then like a new you know every three months
0:28:52and you a major version features it didn't work out like that so one point
0:28:57two now almost see it's definitely longer than we expected
0:29:05and i that wasn't really how we plan and we hoping to release one point
0:29:10four much sooner than that one option of but we thought of maybe we try
0:29:15to releases but six months seems a
0:29:19so but i would have they trying to limit the scope of new features for
0:29:23the next version so we managed fast i thought some it's all very exciting because
0:29:28basically we spend two years just you know like shading over what the A B
0:29:33R looks like because you try to all that new you stuff and then you
0:29:37kind of commit to that at all i know you know once we decide that
0:29:41it's gonna it has to support everything we want to do and scott stable so
0:29:45but no now we can actually suddenly work on features again so stuff is actually
0:29:50happening that's quite cool
0:29:56sorry so i mean for the next cycle basically what we're trying to do we
0:30:00try to tie up on the few more the features we just mention so all
0:30:03the all that video stuff i mean the stuff
0:30:05i don't know if anyone actually noticed but all that stuff like
0:30:10the a quick so there's you video decoding on the desktop i mean we that
0:30:13sure really worked five years ago it probably you know
0:30:16it to some extent if you can you want to do but that also just
0:30:20work out of the box it's ridiculous that modern graphics cos only laptop basically do
0:30:24which is what decoding and just ridiculous that doesn't work a box here but the
0:30:29reasons for that but you know it all it all comes together and that's that
0:30:33moment we just
0:30:35you just say that all the different puzzle pieces are moving tool somewhat places and
0:30:40you know if one point two isn't the one with will come together one point
0:30:44four will hopefully be that one so
0:30:46yes and another thing we with what we really should do a documentation tutorials and
0:30:52not very good
0:30:53and that's extensive documentation their design the design documentation very low level then we have
0:30:59very high level also manuals
0:31:03the problems we don't have any metal
0:31:05kind of documentation and some people just say like how do i do that and
0:31:09we don't really have anything johnson that that's definitely something we need to improve on
0:31:15so wet there's lots of cool stuff happening with my kids et cetera and think
0:31:19firefox people also integrating customer stuff and all the action that five stuff actually requires
0:31:24us to add new features to play them you that then the features we don't
0:31:30support you have like you can select multiple audio streams at the same time you
0:31:34can script media sources script you know injected and pipeline all kinds of stuff buffering
0:31:41control subtitles we need to add support for that is being worked on
0:31:46it's pretty video
0:31:49we now have well the infrastructure in place we just sort of need to budget
0:31:53over the signalling how exact how exactly are we going to do it and those
0:31:56it known for a group of some of code project awhile back and sometimes the
0:32:01plug-ins but you can actually integrated because
0:32:05that would take
0:32:06but we can actually now tool that so hopefully we gonna figure all that each
0:32:11and also on and
0:32:14and we can have to be video
0:32:17what you call explored touched upon that it's a six five very soon hopefully as
0:32:22soon as we get a handle for stuff for hardware decoders without support for that
0:32:27B P nines already there
0:32:31an internal we try you know to enable your heart that just make it work
0:32:39blue right great is
0:32:42but it's an interesting issue well from the whole copy protection stuff aside the menu
0:32:49stuff is really pretty hard because you need to it virtual machine to run the
0:32:53code of the disk and
0:32:55and then you need to composite lots of it H T stream second you i
0:32:59mean you know you can't really do that unless you've got very specialised hardware so
0:33:04that that's not going to happen anytime soon i think
0:33:08but to the video on guys actually book library which work you know you can
0:33:13you can it's like D V D we basically you can watch titles from the
0:33:16do right this and that's something we should definitely be able to enable very soon
0:33:23so i'm going to look into that
0:33:27all right and i think we might have time for questions if you have any
0:33:31anyone have any questions
0:33:34and nobody complains anything
0:33:37making stuff
0:33:43no questions all right
0:33:45well i think so much
0:33:47and that's just you know conference and were in october and it schools that with
0:33:53the and batted links con and the linux on and the automotive some something so
0:33:59lots of cool conferences going on one week
0:34:03so you just that's fine up and i hope to see them think so much