like she's this is my first one to come better very excited to be here

so i really thank you very much to have as a my me myself and

that apple of course michael

i'm very happy to be here and i'm very happy to talk about my object

reports this work come from my O P W work and that have thank you

very much especially can we see here she was be a she's been my name

my to tar and that's you have me and find my way we discover why

i introduced this because i think this is very important note that we have to

keep in mind that we talked about this a be having of the representation so

that start

so what is a new twenty a is coming to a new community

and okay i have to say that this is the but first of all the

sorry them the moment which and you want you have come for the first time

not care the door of in your community i would like to this thing that

this work generally is more a focus on norm but the general about their outreach

in class communities

and yes what happened what the new when i when in your personal come you

know in the last we at

she is very difficult to spend without than because it depends on the person and

it depends from the community and not everything is so easy it's a P a

because of course every person what rights need to and if i have some question

and needs some different some very different and

answers to their questions

so the first question is of course that the first question but when we as

community we have to make by i would south to come is well in the

colour expect from a community

and the second one is of course why he's coming here wise coming in your

community this is very important because and we have to understand that and because every

volunteer as a different route he or she of course may need a different can

it wait for profit to the community and in my brother these told com as

a work on my dog you which i am there is explain in detail every

kind of every types of newcomer and of all india some because there are some

or some where are technical some personal i don't we so that's technical so we

have to one understand what focus everything to be very what's coming

so and you come in new newcomer i've sat what

what he expects to what she expect is to be with comment a probably or

they find is the gate

why because it's very difficult to join in the community and this of course the

probably because newcomer try to of they come to boot but they don't know how

well there must be one of the problem and you come could be a face

one hit right you subtract to understand how the commuter works it to try to

understand the tools the they were the work flow i it's not so immediately to

understand because and if it comes from it for example i come from the from

the community people to and there are some things that go similar something that is

very different so probably well

and you come a use when here at this is a guy a complex at

the root

well the most in from one of the most common mistakes that newcomers or of

that person would like to contribute to and

to a community me it is think that in a fast community is all the

code that okay i see that probably because we may software at the core what

is the most important but it's not enough

because in okay i think that yes

they won't go

probably be wrong there are so many things to do and i think for example

that the importance of the human part

let's talk in that way is very important

i come from the marketing i am i always work as a P R or

a so i mean speech and talk a route and i realise so many years

i accepting work with able to in two thousand some so it's six yes


and the what you discover is that in the fact that probably the most project

at very good car there's a very good software by they nice personal would be

able to talk to explain how will i know or you softer well known or

what else could be very easy and very user friendly i feel from goes around

and the czech to say okay let's try easy and people's face no is my

vehicle that depends only because sometime score their seismic lost one charters and

their work will okay if you if we if we could be able to see

and they on the first community from another glance what we could find the something

like people who are i think but it's not so you know this is not

this is not so told king translating the income france depressant in this is very

important and translating is very important of course and drawing for example there are so

many things that that's not technical but is very important to contribute to the community

and we never forget these

off of course the connecting the documentation work is very rich and very massive


we have a other you come or i with the said well you want to

do you should want to do okay

these if i'm very interesting point

that's your call


okay now we the stars of five the story of newcomer want to come by

let's tell the story on the opposite side from the community sites

people who works in the in the product usually work very close each other they

need to trust each other they need to find they wait and then in the

really work help them to create some special links

and this is so this is very this is very nice because they help you

to make your coworker a sort of friendship

they are not probably not there or something to trough but land one you an

income or use what you have no side of trust

okay this is very this is a big problem because one they you one you

come and you are right and you have attributed yes and you have you want

to contribute you have you are reading this a high to be or discriminative but

you can because nobody listens to you nobody trusts you this is a very for

and we have to find a way to solve this problem because what happened is

of course you could happen is of course that a newcomer right has of manly

a for many energy to be to the committee and if them find usefully probably

he was away simply and we don't we have to study i tried to do

this one for example with the still

to be in the most them all what the one with car with come or

we could be because this very

so levels know we try to explain the problem to go on and the

to vocalise to two files we take what we will which is somewhat that we

have to kind of target of course the target of the than you com

the fact that they to come i would like to participate and the target for

the community

sometimes this target was quite different at different and now we shall why and now

i try to show you why now i think the best we could find a

way to make the these two target

this is the greek

do with me for the committee


i can i talk very much we them i reading very much around and they

talk or that we can tinker we look you made a very special work also

you made this or by

and he has for many people coming from many case how what keys if i

am who make a are some a newcomer really in be inside the community

that cross or is that

in this aspect model in which

a personal talk about the community of not more as the community now as we

well can jump in

because i know

the entire participation the and emotional what the special to the community is the first

things to be in to feel like a newcomer be part of school and this

is very important so well we could say that in the in this like moment

which in of comparable so say about use community will our committee we this outreach

what's just for

and this of course it's a portable of with our first real

well the problem the and you come has is introduce yourself

in this part of on regarding of the of the second task that's really sad

i think are trying to and show he scales and try to match his skills

we the to those of the community this is not very easy because for example

i tell i tell you my story i are having in two thousand someone and

i wrote to the pharmacy i might come from detector and the okay actually to

assortment are nice i am here i would like to participate and someone sees all

and i am i slathered to this first so i was not very nice well

in one some fans later D need in data community and need them spoke about

something someone would deal with the newspapers and to yes with the with the trade

magazine generally they had and they asked me they just me to do this and

there are sources of course a huge amount of articles that we that we had

during this yes and this is this is very good because probably this is my

way to be part of the community i find my way and i would like

to help other person

find their way

one of the problem we talk about the them important to find they await not

a lot of the problem then you can

is sometimes that a bit personal work inside the project usually use

that sounds dramatic all channels like i see or so the S A P and

that means that if you have to be done in that moment in this exact

moment thing with the there is the set to debate or which and the team

is talking about something and it could be not open possible so of course

and the risk is that all database have not trace leave no trace and this

is very this is not play shop of course because to want to be filled

itself that cut off from the debate

and so this is in this bring me testing that there are some special thanks

to do get that refuse road map should be very clear everywhere and everybody could

be able to take a look on the weekly or whatever


and this is very important because of course if the document issues what every time

and a they could we avoid the risk for example to work in the project

this going to be the protracted for example or on we have the opportunity to

find the we which part of the project is a dating or is most important

one all has a lack of volunteer because i think that of course every contribution

matters and we a new we need to avoid the risk of awards of work

because this is not very fine

okay i am the more about for you want to come of a few bones

to remote product and i think that we can talk about the participation that after

each we don't hear about i have to say that of course i am here

thanks to who just need for this P B a P W program

and i think this is very important to increase the part the fuel participation i

okay this is a very good argument to so they wanted to take too much

about this but i believe in this is important that they can consideration to that

they can drink about this at the okay to keep an eye about this people

participation because it's very important

and i don't know how we are they are these dates i think and this

these are about to

maybe two years ago but

probably they are

could be a little bit it's not very much we are similar we had five

percent participation a unit you want a team approach which want two and a half

and that now i one and a half generally false

okay you we could ask why know well but probably we don't have to ask

here what we what we what i want to say here is them generally one

there are so we want that and try to work other we want the project

is just for this up and of course we you will project and this works

of course in the old P W problem

i need to these data from their press release

and the last yes for example that was the seventy percent of the weather what

special and fee model was people

and interest and by the fifty participants the fifty respondents the come from normal of

what we want so we have been collected more we don't respondents than all the

other up and project all together consider of together i think this week yourself and


you should be really be pushing this is not the we have to be a

to beep or should have to be really be known because

i think this is will agree to work

okay now we talk about the problem that you talk about the solution

there is not of course the one single solution

but try to understand the how can we move to want to use this opportunity

to increase the participation

you can see of course an easy saturn incurable disease a generative learning curable just

to have an idea what can talking and this learning to able and toast cast

something some very trusting

the first think sees them in the and the first part of a file when

you come matter i buy in

there are then

the problem he could face well she could face it's very real a and they

are very a very strong

now win time for traffic this will we can also

and by the second ticks that we have to remember is them at the proficient

the rules to so we have the first be all this is the most important

you which of people come and need to face some new challenge not long face


and this is why we had to give them all the information because we have

to use

the they will be there will to participate

the some things that we have to remember is that one the newcomer a drive

that he need sometimes we know how to works how to work on how the

community works in the you would feel yes how that they can the team works

i don't know how the how that's all the community as a sparse on works

not a nice sometimes to learn how to do what's that community offer to works

and this is very interesting because sometimes if you go around there and i went

wrong there are so many people who say okay but relax quite easy not he

has and then to hope so but trying to work ask i'm every tools could

be very user friendly could be a in paris and we to make these learning

a small so i of course to help newcomers to be in that we need

to work

second kings to take in consideration is the small the small tasks to do some

small some progress task

are you certainly think that one when you come are right and you buy you

made one bite that you want to we all their all their all the apple

of course

and do we have to give to prepare some more past the sounds more by

for newcomer

this is a very demanding process because i for example i am i am and

try to prepare some test some fast for the for their people working in the

in the P R team in italy and it's very demanding because some kind of

say okay but i can do it the way have to prepare this for the


especially because we are or one T S so i what time is very precious

but we have to prepare them and the this is if you remember when it's

a that the target the community and the target of the newcomers sometimes we risk

not to match okay we have to the biggest we have to prepare a small

task at to prepare them properly

okay scott that

of course that you know there is this week and this week problem this number

of all about that small task forget to say sorry that we have to prepare

totally some tasks to do a problem to make they and the battery i was

very properly because once this it's a way to professionals more task so let's talk

about that we don't know

i mean and this company's problem i think is a very interesting program is that's

actually what i what it said prepare some that's for your comments about how much

more right but to find

easy within the new tools and the and then you will feel i for to

actually have to say that is not really we should it's not very you have

not much really

and not real no works to i really i dedicated I R C channel

and of course with somebody that task

and i believe that you could be interesting to try to do more space to

these this problem and that to make it more easy to find and one year

i mean in the get involved with peach probably you can see above normal this

year in the very bottom of the page so i i'm not a design of

course i'm not able to so i would like to draw something like that was

she was really horrible but i think that probably try to make these small right

the last to give to this program more relevant to be useful

and other things to do

a startup i'm sorry i was very happy to discover this started because they considered

and we have science so this is very easy to start with the stock

i have to say that i'm very in and what special rights a by this

one because i was the one down some down a our be made from by

other with them that may there a whole P O P W sell eight was

quite nice because these could be a interesting we to me the matched the to

match this target of the community with the with the target of the new com

is something very easy to write for the newcomers easy to make by the common

and the and it get us some richness to the community

i wanna probably if we use icons could be interesting we to made a bidding

more readable so for example if you sure interesting and know in writing or eating

drawing use icons could be it interesting to a to make a the task more

visible i don't know is a proposal

what i think this could be a really interesting is topeka wrong we are part

of first community but there S many product or you know on and it would

be it because i know from where we would take a look and see how

other than of the community try to able to make about are other volunteer be

able but it be feel more about but in their project i think that could

be interesting to take a look at to i want to see problem a ourself

to whether communities well


finally sharing is carrying so

okay i don't knowles be polite always before light

and when we convert abbas he always very exporting sometimes and you always very demanding

he has so much question you don't know how to do things a probably he

try to the world route to

to make stuff

of course it's not very easy and he's not very easy to deal with someone

who with just the right but i think about the we if we will want

to be and i would come in community we have to be polite and be

me passion

but there's

this second this in but important to me of course

speak simple an agenda and generate community what coming from but from a big part

of the word so english could be the second thing what for money for many

what it

so to speak simple to be focus at certain start to speak a sparse ascii

as possible even when nice written in you know i see for example

could be a nice way to hell there but people who is not in and

he's not many people

and yes and the right sometimes could be it easier because you can read and

if you don't understand you can translate so and

is there was a request from not make to promote remember clear interspeaker

okay and now we are i to the most important point at which i want

to focus my work them at the ship

if you remember i told that i had that with mentor and i have here

is because i have such mentors

and membership is but is the field to the most important things once i wanna

ride in your community because mandatory is the person who can't explain to you how

to commit to works with the mattress

teach you how the that to work

and if you actually can give you a

these that do you want a much

that helps you to join the fee actually the set of trust

this is very in very interesting and i have to say that generally known as

a huge and the very impressive a matter should problem and they have very much

because the sometimes you what when you see okay we need the guy the we

need to compose we need the road map everything could meet we make the remote

very much more easier we departed should be some of map

i mentors of the future someone would like to listen to you which is able

to prepare the disk for you is exactly what we need


i think that you could be very important and i think that it could be

quite interesting that's to do for not products of course well from for that that's

on that and we got hours and then they want to do something different and

we i would like to propose something you that you enjoyed i would like to

propose a there and to create more strip to read not to should probably i

should call them with in knowing school i don't

i told i told in previously about the buttons to and to match they communicate

and the percentile goals

i think that if we construct our assortment of ship we some courses their tactical

or not technical we could have some personal who are prepared to work in the

in the not word that works sorry in the can works we didn't know tools

and this is could be very interesting because of we could offer something to

the person could be interesting participating

and they could learn something and they could be grateful that the to the community

so we have some stuff name i of course and we have some part should

some volunteer wound up prepare the to work directly on them stuff i think needed

could be very interesting because this bring richness to the project is being a good

and a good but here to the project

i don't know please

ask of course to the volunteer i always see ask if you have some nice

question if you don't know where you were going if you need something


that's community we have to say that we have to be we need to listen

so i would like to propose for example to make some sort by or to

make a and a letterbox which we could gain sound some the question are you

comments cool make up or this and that's no new comments who can write because

of course when the you are inside of community you can see what do without

the problem that the new comments with place so if we but prepare some space

for these could be well

could be interesting

okay i hope to

to say almost i would think

so thank you all the most users my and this is my address

want to make some questions want to solve the side but works we of course

and of course if you're thank you

of course references

so question

what is the area that you think you know most improvement in attracting and keeping

you can

use it generally

i don't really know what with our is most interesting of and you can i

think that generally most important the most attractive is called i is i don't know

i took talk about and i think that the norm shot project is but attractive

that for much problem first much programmers and not use it this is actually what

this that is very difficult to participate the one on the notion of project because

there is and not roll group of very close the better are was we usually

right very woman who usually work very close one each other

and what i said and generally is that it's very difficult job this group and

to be our want to be or these project

but it could be would

thank you

you mentioned that you also work with want to women what in your opinion does

want to women do better to recruit newcomers than gnome goes or vice versa like

how do they compare in your opinion


this is a very hard a question

but it's a to two B S plastic and the question is a generally and

what we know comes from experience of some to what here

and yes which are to do over bustle what we know what we have focus

of this we might is that in participating in that you need to told "'cause"

it's not much more technical work based using it we have more focus it on

be present or make told talk about the program and that tried to make out

other women involved and try to brad okay one know the most important named we

had for example is it's been that how to address man well

what's the name

okay a context sorry the interest not context and in because they have in past

there is being during their yes for example some and some we men and us

being not was traded by some participating so we think for example that people like

in that asked them and to be very well i in that in they are

see channel or during the many least or in the middle east is a very

important things and depressing sometimes could be really useful because it to demonstrate to be

present because if you can see there are generally how that when i wanted to

them and talk when they are old man and how change the line what when

there is a week and this could be very effective so say okay you'll you

arm and of course i respect you for this one place remember that there are

women so could you please avoid to use such words all such and such with

to say and could be very interesting this consider that for example in other communities

i don't want to talk why i don't want to say which one if you

say okay i'm i mean we month and nobody told come with you and have

some friend of mind that comes from this community who decide to change they had

she had to make one is the may need a lot of the frame will

make because he's not consider that all so what we have to try to do

is to brad this year or to say okay we are win but we are

worked to be to participate so please respect our respect i respect ask sorry

and our ski have socratic sticks

i have to say that generate there is a problem one sometimes there's a problem

with the remote sometimes there are

i can say some culture problems but it's very long story so how to want

to the please you but generally if you are present that if you say okay

i am here immediately sometimes change in man and matter i hope to be the

but my answer could be fun for you

thank you

question exactly but

but it will all you have been talking about it was mean leave the money

Q U O point of view that women a problem all of the women fees

problem and then you show you should we also do something also do for example

sure models so that all

we can you know i mean the gonna have magazines that's i can call that

women who are good in no good positions in open source community and could show

"'cause" that work


do something in that direction

okay i am yes i think that we have to do this

we try to be present and the fact that we talk about what we are

doing i'm very proud to be shifted to talk to the fact that i am

here because there is a problem a tool for that we because the that means

that we have to do something concrete something and that is not told but it's

a that this is not words but is something concrete a so we are here

and we can create some links and the we can know each other and we

can yes this is that we just strong so i think that a what we

can do usually respectful of that we want is to create this leak so and

a and i believe that and is had opportunity to talk about what we are

doing a to make this what public do you remember what i said in the

in the very beginning in the very beginning of the my presentation there is some

of course okay but we have to tell what we have doing that i okay

i am in marketing so i usually talk about to do we are doing but

it's very important because if you do that thing if you do it would work

and you don't talk about what you're doing that you are not doing nothing this

is sad but this is true you have to and this is why i think

that is very important to talk about problem these problem or other programmer related to

women and there was right in the magazine and be present that for example in

have been have to make a tool in them in the lilacs they that is

this big have that's the every runs telly and that's i think this is very

important because of told can make methinks a new this is very important and that

is the good way to be able to work more effective

five minutes left for another quest i

and coming into the you know community you can from having prior experience to women

how did you feel what we did you feel the differences were between that the

a level except

you talk about the committee tell for you want to the commute of know all

you're talking about the women community or you know what i'm talking about that a

larger can you okay


at the to be very quickly more you have so they've in okay don't commute

came to community are very similar to the person but they are very different because

the project to whom they are related that very different

generally of them to community

is a community and we show you can really contribute to the to the developing

of you want to because if you want to so how back to monica and

canonical me the most important one unidirectional the stronger action and on to the softer

project but know how and have a i have to say that generally want to

communities very improper messy but there is the

want to is everywhere and so something three so for example if it will if

you were treated a if you completed it and you know and you ask about

plan looks like to and not technical person probably she'll if she save a not

a you want to okay i don't know lax but i know what you want


and so this how are community to be more to be more flashy but there's

more friendship and the and there is a something more data today i to the

idea today is more is more ideal community i don't know if i think it's

quite clear well okay i am i have been in and in and community and

we to committee for seven here and i am here only for i can see

want when you know so i don't know exactly what happened and what happened in

the in all i have to say that generally i found the i have found

them community more what's coming and because for example the fact that is the norm

is the community driven how to be to make your work more effective to the

to every part of the program a room of the project sorry for example are

you work it's pi in the community entire community but have not the opportunity to

write something or to prepare some properly some firstly it really is because of we

always at the news advert us times when they would do it was very late

to prepare something very properly here we have a we when we have to write

something place for example we know that something's going out not next really sees them

today so we had the one week to and work properly and to make your

what really fact if this is what the field and this in this is this

is very dredging about pessimistic button but community is made by wonderful but so

i there that's not that that's a

i can say thank you very big thank you very it has all okay thank

you can be here at think use for you work of course because you are

you have this community thank you to have to have my talk and i think