can you re well

my name is a quick steiner and part of the huge design team that we


and i'm gonna so the disappoint my designer friends and colleagues

and i'm just gonna be talking about the shuttle that i use the tools that

i use not gonna be much of a you know on design talk more it's

going to be a blender for

so what is blended a it is a three any package that is used to

produce a full blown movies

here's a few titles that the blender foundation the

the mother all the project have want the than they possible they just one big

please feel which is

a site finally we if you've ever seen any one of those movies definitely checkout

belief in tell which is

actual movie okay

out of all those that are produced and it stands on its own but most

of these are really great have that for a developing wonder so they provided really

you know use cases relevant use cases for the to develop it's also at getting

production environment so it can be used to

develop games i'm actually considered using the game engine to produce interactive prototypes

for know are we didn't even try to for the pins

footsteps and then in blender

which i can just demo my failure


who's i lost my cursor somehow that is not good

how do i get it back


back with the cursor thank you



well it actually has slides from previous


i don't know if you get into details but the text tool that is in

blender kind of behaves completely different in the game engine so i thought of gonna

present like that with image plane but it turns out to be very clumsy but

you can do pretty much anything with wonder but back to topic so it is

be game engine it is also i wanna creation tool

remotely i view somebody iphones in the you know that were created also thanks to


and we also use it for documentation some of you have seen my R L

G M talk

where are discussed the getting started project


me and that are

created for

the last release of know so it's sort of a

really simplistic animation describing and showing kind of a hands on

helping people make the first footsteps in brno

and there are it's actually translate it



the tool lender actually have very good integration with a scripting language

so we just call the renderer after translating all the strings

so even the animation itself is translated

a what i'm gonna be talking about here is using blender as a prototyping tool

for prototyping

the sort of transitive state


prototyping animation

why is why did i choose blender apart from the fact that it's a tool

that's available


because of iteration to get something i'm actually we getting ahead of myself i have

done this talk will probably repeat a lot of the things that i said on

if you follow the you know design channel one you to have had a series


of tutorials or

videos of behind the scenes a looks

add how to do motion design would blender

so the that before god i'm probably gonna

handout or pdf or so the shortcut url is actually the play list of all

the "'cause" the channel is full of other walk outside

and other interesting things but that is just to play list for the

motion design

i would have shortly talk about why we need to mark up and design these


you may have noticed that we kind of shifted

in our design kind of shifted away from those

everything at your fingertips kind of interfaces where

everything it is thrown at you at the same time

to words more streamlined interfaces

some people

you know

kind of mistakenly associate that with touch interface is of the form for factor it's

not related to touch adjusted something that happened

when you devices got popular so we're doing to interface is that

try to minimise the number of controls and chrome you know being shown at the

same time but only show you control that

are necessary in the context of what you're viewing and this sort of


to change of scenes or change the interface it required the interface to be more


and i have a few examples

actually as i was


and being very

drawing to the last lecture also observed a john hacking on scrolling



seeing him struggle with scrolling at a little window by only a small bit one

line and this thing happening you know been are a without this move

transition between that and well one line is probably

not as much of a change if you're

repainting you're seeing like with you know to if you remember virtual desktop for workspaces

we're not perceived by majority of people very well because the transition just button there

it would be in a very you will have one workspace only windows and suddenly

either by hitting a shortcut to miss clicking on the toolbar your mentors disappear and

there was usually no you know indication or feedback what actually happened

i have another example of this

directly in blender

it's just

you see this

so let's take this you but you looks the same size

scale it is



do you mind if i sit and disappear this the be or be high to

give your

and i'm just gonna be this

all encompassing be able it's

okay i'm just trying to make this

shape look somewhat distinct from one side so wonder has like multiple views and when

you switch diffuse you can see that

it actually

transitions between them which gives you a much better idea of what you you're looking

at i mean there's a there's a label on the top left

to do to like hank you what you're looking at but it's much easier to

figure out you know the way you look especially when you add a camera you

know in into

into the play so the transition really helps you navigate in the three D space

and inventor this is actually an option because they're from crazy

and a some people think like feel this that's a factual fraction of a fine

but it helps a lot by figuring out where you are in space so that's

why the transitions

are actually very helpful

in communicating what's actually happening in front

i think this is the default now

it's a you know it's probably in the options somewhere

but you can try to help me find it

it is somewhere

i don't know



are you usually never get anything right the first time and people sort of expect


when they look at the we key

or when i post something on the you to channel that is the final thing

and no not at all

we need to have tools that allow us to quickly integrate

and get things right especially in that at the time you don't wanna wait for

some like you're gonna be switching workspaces all the time but you know the timing

has to be have to be right

so to get

that flexibility of being able to change

the timing

you have to have a preview

of what you're doing and blender has a fairly

reasonable view in the three D view or that are usually because this is primarily

a three D package you for you know more delaying the primary view with usually

the wire frame but it also have and then we looked some something that's interesting


scrolling one was good so this is an old very old

a project of mine but you can see here in the preview i'm

i'm seeing a image textures so this is a textured view as the O G

L S L U and it gets pretty accurate i can also

hide everything

that's outside the camera


select first

hear him or buttons in a

but to is the

i'm looking at it probably

okay all

for me


so if i play back the intonation you're gonna get pretty much real time

playback helping animation

without the need to wait for under or anything like that

so this is really good for

getting the timing right


unfortunately it has many drawbacks

the kind of animation that we need

usually involves


states of at the few you can see all the objects

i just tell you know matched planes and they have a texture touch to it

want to like mimic

at change of a seeing eye usually blended between then what have the material consisting

of two image textures

that are applied but

to the colour of the material and the alpha channel five the transparency or opacity

of that object

and one blending between then does not

get real time rendered in the jealous of you

so you're not getting you're not getting you're not seeing

just do another example this straight it's



long so you're gonna


trip down memory lane a little

you can see they all thought is not compass of it correctly and also when

you go to the overview it should be shaded with black the textures of the

windows actually change in season really for design of virtual workspaces going on there so

the G are selling you is not perfect

it has in many cases

walls the pixel is not getting seriously hot

what's the solution

i thought it i don't have any sounds


so the blender guys came up with just for me they came up with a

new rendering engine

which is impressive in many other ways but for me the biggest i think that

it brought was the interactive preview inside

the view port itself so you're not actually so to go back to my former

work flow if i actually wanted to see what's the animation

will look like

required me to render these into a either and i nation power later always just

doing image stills for reason that time

can't explain if you're interested

so it was waiting

and i had my old computer it was really slow now i have like multi-core

beast of a machine so it's better but still it's a drag

you can make a mistake and you don't see it and i do every time

i can make a mistake i make it into corrected i make another one

so it's just and it's especially easy in blender because there's like lots of

things where you are reusing the same

like material or texture that you're using elsewhere and then you

change it's

without thinking that it's actually being used by multiple objects or you break it elsewhere

and you don't see it until you hundred and you render it

so it's just a very tedious work for

so we did

with the new

and i'm now going to you know

it was the solution for a

to avoid like fracture bugs with cycles

it's disabled by default if you open it

so we don't actually it it's a rates and provides are real time of sort

of preview directly in the three D view port

and this is an accurate



except for motion will are which i'm only using because i'm used to twenty five

frames per second well

and just to like provide that fluidity for the i cheat will using motion better

rather than doing everything sixty frame saying that a takes a lot longer and it's

not really needed for the for the mark ups

but apart promotion bore it really provides an accurate render sure that had brought something

more interesting than this but what we're where you're saying for our mock ups is

never i i'll it scene so the materials are all these image planes are being

transmitted so they're trying to me so there's no actual lighting

it's very simple i bought

if i move around in the

in the time line everything that i see

is that an accurate render

that i'm gonna get where everybody's into image styles

of course

i have i don't have a very all for machine it is our full but

not as powerful to be able to

keep up and giving me a real time preview

so this is this is this is playback but it's not really keeping up

with the real time playback

but i can switch back to something that material you

or just wire frame to be able to rehearse the timings

better but still

like have another window of cycles

or just switched which the

which the view that would be we give you a real time preview

and this is actually markup for the work that colour doing



so we're gonna get this eventually

and so i'm going to this talk is now over

i am going to are going to actually demo and show you some of the

things that i do to produce this

and i'm gonna do that by sitting and disappearing again if at any time you

have a question please you know raise your hand and ask away

so i'm gonna start with

explaining the different material setup

that you have for you have a question

so like i said the things are completely different in cycles in terms of material

setup but

you know the under community is got infinite resources so they're actually maintaining the two

engines can currently but i think the new well this so much better and make

so much more sense in the older will you had like a special switch which

with a shade less

that a lot you to do something like this where you did not worry about

know complex lighting your mopping up a user interface everything is just flat shaded all

the textures are just that you know what materials aren't very sophisticated just the texture

that trying in colour and can be transparent and even that it didn't do all

to well like landing

the transparency a long the colour the state with kind of

finicky at times because you would get that all what channel of the

you know a blend of to well what channel it's just it's a there were

cases where this is the right and of set up with actually quite tedious

this set of materials enough and now so i called

makes more sense in my opinion but you know i was used to something else

i love that i know so we was a little bit tricky not there is

no start you

there is a very helpful tool

to help you with

using blender for you sort of to the

and emission and that is important images this one

so it's a script

that you to do just that it's not enable but default so what you do

is it is like and then dons a tab

and you search for import

images as planes and it right here

you just and he will that

and you have it

so now we can import images and explains

and this is actually two scripts at one because right now i mean the all

will the blender render engine

you can use that it's gonna set up the materials appropriately but if i changed

two cycles engine it's gonna do complete something completely different so it is the exact

same work flow

i need to find a


where are will people will



it just did all the work for me


if i take a look at the material

doesn't so i'm gonna split my view

show you the materials

so in cycles the materials are

not that the there is a can of the this is the key


i'm actually done the one thing and i didn't look at

the options that the

that the import script has

and then you old wallpaper

and so we here and is if you off and how you want to import

your image for our rgb at the end he is so you know colour information

plus transparency you want to select the emission and transparent so the material will image


and it's going to use the alpha channel from the image

to use as a transparency mask

for or fate or

sure right here also

there's multiple ways of how you can scale the image into the see i'm just


use the

a relative

size so

if i would


so if i would

the points the camera at it are

so if i switch to the

rendered view you can see that this one is actually training colour one to the

other one but if i didn't have this one

well that some ambient lighting in the scene so have to

get rid of that

anyway so this is the right way to set it up

so the way it works the materials are actually ripple shader


D colour information like a admission shader which would normally a lot of you set

a colour

to and it

use for lance

essentially or

that sort of thing

parts instead we are using the image texture what

the image texture i don't really know what drink feel is

so let's just say that the colour information from the image is being passed to

the emission


that would

in this case give us exactly what we what we need unfortunately or in the

cases where there is from transparency information we would need the other bit which is

a transparent shader which usually just

is that if i set the colour


i don't know why my name

what do you want to do with that one

yes i do want

there's probably a for

there we go


so it's providing a parent


but if we take

the alpha channel all the image

as a that's a factor of how we're mixing these two colours it's effectively doing

what we want so there's

the in they did image going in here

that would normally be like mixed based on the factor that's here so this would

be fifty percent transparent if i would keep the fancy channel white

but we're gonna use the alpha channel as a map


i don't wait calls here is a right so

in this case the output channel is exactly the same is just the white

well while there's no can spencer here so if i would take some other image

that i know who

it's like


i'll a

what is this time away

so you can see that if i didn't have the math

it's just mixing the colour information from the image we

the colour that's provided by the transparent shader if i use the mask from the

alpha channel

it's doing what we need

so it makes sense it would like be pdas to set up

which i actually have to do for a lot of scenes that i had the

when i was doing getting started

the cycles engine has the great motion blur that's fast and accurate and there's no

trouble with it as with the a composite or composite that a motion buffer that

the hold rendering engine provide or also have like attractive motion blur by that's like

if you want sixteen sample that means that each frame is rendered sixteen times it

was just ridiculously slow

so cycles great motion blur it's want to redo a lot of these things that

the import

images those planes rid of for you

but it was worth it i mean it's this well there's really much better so

another tool that i'm going to show you that's extremely useful for doing this sort


animation is the top sheet

which i don't want all hope she'd what

right name

let's try this and

that will be after again

so as i was saying iteration is ski so let's say i would want to

change the timing of

you know this bubble appearing


blender has got and what's slow

as got this which is the door she


you can view the

time there's also a graph editor

for each object


any property can be animated in linear and you have this

it's you

i would change the resolution but then it would break that we tried earlier so

okay the

i could do this

and it is

like the


but the line still


alright never mind so this is like the property changing in time which is they

act axes

the don't cheat on the other hand only worries about the states of animation so

each state that you use frame you set that you want this to remain at

this value at this point of time is shown as adult it's kind of like

have this preview

that it to aggregates like individual properties

for object so we can like have a fine detail or you can just see


individual p-frame without really knowing what exact property it is and just like in the

the three D view all the transformations that you can do on object you can

do one all the thumb key frames for example if i what we're gonna do


i was gonna make this year



comedy you

so if i would think that this

slot a it's not

i wanted to too much tedious work


just one line

okay so this one

let's do this so it changes across five frames

one two three


we wanna do that slower we don't but let's assume that we wanna do that

slower so i have the

the final state year


i can

these are really useful a problem here this one

will show objects that are not even in the in the scene maybe move to

other layers for our hidden so this enables fifty really see all the objects and

this one on the other hand is only showing the key frames that are relating

to these what is all czech which you know this is a very this is

the most useful to because

you're gonna end up any meeting even with a simple animation that actually you're gonna

be any meeting so many proper

these are artifacts

here and


so making this

this so

to change that writing i just move the key frame so what if we wanna

make it take twice as long i just grab it

and move it by eight frames

in the time line now if i animated

it's taking twice as long are just

actually show it in the context of the other animation



and actually like that there's two things that are moving it's the

the new plane

the old one so

this would be


as well

and these are individual objects actually so i would have to do that for all

of them so

the best way to do is do a box select make it more

i have them selected

do box selecting here well


i don't know why it's doing all these five

well video


it's also terribly slow

so now i've moved

all that so they have to speak so this is dope sheet

it's also useful

because like in here you in the curve editor you define

how the states transition so you know you're changing the curve how fast or like

you know they using and that kind of thing well this is just tiny when


state is happening it's also extremely useful to be states so i know what certain

time i wanna return to that particular state i just copy the key frame and

i know for example this i "'cause" that's fine

it's really lot

there we go so remarks i know it's position here

and if i you would this put it in here

it's going to be exactly there i mean there's other properties like scale that change

but i know that whatever i have p-frame here just location is going to be

exactly the same as it was

when i copied it and

this one

so it's extremely useful

at the whole are we with time you have any questions


you signing and that's one point three use people


everywhere and you like microsoft office all the options turned on i mean like there's

we have people that are have for case usage of our software it's nothing compared


massive number of long tail like me like me i'm using blender for something that's

not really meant like you wonder was not designed to do the animation at all

it's just

no i'm not gonna touch and

well what we did we did actually like get involved in some cases john a

was working on the like X T G of older stuff old and of the

i call on you know some of these things

like integrating at that level but

they didn't have like the major redesign

one of the things that i really like and that are completely you know specific

to that

audience is that every


everywhere every key every property is an innate able like anywhere i am i can

just press like


i insert a key frame everything is an innate able anywhere and also you can

see really cryptic properties to tool tips showing up

and that they like if i showed this to somebody you know would like it

had no place there but

people will more likely be you know doing very specific things and this is even

for non wanna hackers it's useful because like for the getting started stuff

i written i thought i

it's very scary to admit that i publicly but you know because of the it

because everything that i seen you why i can i know how to access it's

and that conscripted somehow you know in a very sturdy way so i mean it's


it's just a different audience interface and i

you know i'm not in love with many of the decisions especially like it shows

that like all the options that i said you want i with my limited you

wonder can reliably project every time i do anything so it's not the most stable

piece of software but it really does everything

it does everything

okay what was like well so honestly they're related now so i didn't like this

to is very much for people who do it like eight hours a day five

days we right so like it's very hard to the few times i've been trying


well the right now the hard very hard times i was curious if there if

you know of any other like innovation tools that are good like say i use

i need to animate something like there is one that's not really like synthetic but

really i spend time in blender for other projects and are doing different things so

just familiar with it that way but there's many things like that the pattern that

you that are common other like the dope she'd like you can't and they without

every piece of software that you see that the crop editor also like any piece

like you know apple motion everything or you know the adobe aftereffects everything is using

the same kind of pattern so i would say a lot of people will be

familiar with most like there's the materials set up that's kind of something that's specific

to wonder

but i've just shown you how to the web and you know now so

goods mission is to do probably take an on the learn it's



i'd be really interested to know you have more about the i mean this is

probably something i'd like to have as a conversation not really interested in a specific

all the specific which is you'll up and use the mouse to get your job

done and maybe even some of the features to do with ring transitions the you

which you maybe even have to maybe buried and hard to get to than the

because i'm working on a so actually my stuff to break which is basically trying

to achieve this kind of altering capability for user interface is specifically for user interfaces

i'm with the rent technology but

i want this kind of visual design

really i mean it's not you right well the that i don't do in blender

i mentioned it and the beginning is interactivity i mean that there is the game

engine but i just went for what technology so i jake very

whenever there's interactivity involved wanna you know change the you very this is not of

us to order type it in

i'm sure the people that are very familiar with the game engine that will

try to prove me wrong but i just go for at these cases

but for just like

this stuff transitions animation i you know there's very little that you need you just

need the basic transforms

so scaling rotation i have movement one thing that is kind of club see to

do which i was gonna demo

i don't

make sense is sort of clipping masks or you know like when you want something

to eat here like fade in the you know the into an area or that

sort of thing which i'm currently just doing like a

mask so like been erased so i'm doing it with a blue liens will be

an operator the lender has got like also on may have not

made it

we are the interactivity means that you're not doing many destructive actions

and hundred has got this modifier stack so you're changing things but you're keeping the


so you can always go back and change it so the bowl boolean operators also

not really destroying the shapes the match it's just being dynamically apply to any make

it so that's how i do like

in here look this is this object is a

cage so everything that moves

so you have stuff this is just movement but everything that's outside of this cage

is hidden invisible because this is only got

so that's one of the areas that like if i wanted to do the fate

that i would want to do it will be tricky i don't know how i

would do it in the three D

you on it so i would know how to do it in the other but

then it just work

i definitely bigger you should sit down with you

and i don't is it works are interested in using tools like this but the

sort of using the same technology you know you know that tool with bill you

think letter it will it could not be a prototyping tool but some stuff actually

but we have three in this in this something i'm really interested in is the

idea of having the visual to actually you can directly connected to devices that you're

developing your user interface post so for instance developing for buying or top and also

you should actually on the one hand you got the technology that's being shared between

the design so that's gonna run on the fire you know so

you make changes as you're designing them and on your that's machine and you should

be have to just pick up that phone and that's actually check out how the

animation feels a


if we we're looking the problem specifically from the point of your you i the

but i'm sure that we could

figure out a much better way fly

so i am some other

thank you that i can show so for example in the

i hope i've only example i probably didn't so this is also an older project

i need it



i wanted to touch

so this is

this is just demoing the behaviour scrolling on such devices and you can see that


big object that corresponds to the page being a new blind that finger


and this is not any needed separately

because it's actually quite hard to do

a similar sort of thing that gets you out of



impression of animation is like when character moves on a surface

on the ground and it slides

so the ground is not actually like the fourth is not moving in correspondence that


same thing would be here like if i would want to change anything in the

time it would look bad so this is actually using constrains so that's another tool

that's built into blender


are you interested in hearing about it or is it just

out of time

i thought i have so much time that i know is our is gonna


alright well if you're interested and i can tell you later

so thank you