How to not report your UX bug

Fabiana Simoes

Empowering users to proactively contribute to FOSS projects by reporting UX issues is not only a way to leverage UX in FOSS projects, but one that fits the FOSS community values. By referring to the users' personal experiences, designers in FOSS communities may build and inform their design decisions in an open and transparent manner. Not only that, but this is also a way by which we can engage our users in the values embedded in our community. For this to be possible, however, the information provided by users in their reports and the information designers need have to be aligned.

Based on interviews with designers from FOSS projects and an analysis of 541 UX bugs on GNOME Bugzilla, I'll talk about DOs and DON'Ts for reporting UX bugs that are actually useful for designers and feasible for them to act upon. In this talk, I also want to discuss how we, as a community, can support and mentor our users in contributing with reports that fit our needs in terms of practice and culture.