ACIVS 2012

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

Modified Bilateral Filter for the Restoration of Noisy Color Images

Krystyna Malik, Bogdan Smolka

In the paper a novel technique of noise removal in color images is presented. The proposed filter design is a modification of the bilateral denosing scheme, which considers the similarity of color pixels and their spatial distance. However, instead of direct calculation of the dissimilarity measure, the cost of a connection through a digital path joining the central pixel of the filtering window and its neighbors is determined. The filter output, like in the standard bilateral filter, is calculated as a weighted average of the pixels which are in the neighborhood relation with the center of the filtering window, and the weights are functions of the minimal connection costs. Experimental results prove that the new denoising method yields significantly better results than the bilateral filter in case of color images contaminated by strong mixed Gaussian and impulsive noise.