0:01:14Barbora and I would love to present our project Doucme.cz
0:01:21she could be your daughter or a little sister of yours
0:01:25Katie is very sad
0:01:29test in mathematics
0:01:32comes home and her parents look a bit dissapointed and angry because they obviously did
0:01:38school results
0:01:40well, the fact is that there is over one point three million Katies only in
0:01:46our country, in which thirty percent of them needs to be tutored on regular basis
0:01:51by someone else but a parent. What does it mean for us? Well, Katie's parents
0:01:57are busy, as most of the parents. Which, this is the place where we show
0:02:03off. Doucme.cz connects pupils
0:02:06with their tutors on behalf of different needs, such as: location, education or price
0:02:13our vision is to create a place on the internet where everyone can get a
0:02:18quality tutor
0:02:20are you interested what it looks like? Well, this is it. Our website is still
0:02:25running in a beta version, but we already have over two hundred registered tutors
0:02:32you remember Katie from the first slide? Well, she's happy now. You know why? Because
0:02:38her parents found her a quality tutor, math tutor, on Doucme.cz and her school results
0:02:45are now better than ever
0:02:48thank you very much for your attention. My name is Barbora and we are Doucme.