0:00:20so people, tell me who is the winner
0:00:23well, who do you think is the winner of this year Starcube? Give me some
0:00:27names. Sorry? Okay, yeah, Gameful, Reservio and now you guess... okay, Videoflot was not in
0:00:38top five
0:00:39he can't win, so, who is the winner, that is the question
0:00:49top three companies, or top three teams will... will get awards from South Moravian Innovation
0:00:53Centre. It's about smart money, about things and stuff which can support the teams in
0:01:00the future, in the future will handle their projects
0:01:04so there are also big amount of money including if the company is eligible, so
0:01:10we will see which company did a great job
0:01:15let's go for the third place. So, Lucka tell me, please, who is on the
0:01:20third place. I would like, when I read the name, I want whole team to
0:01:26come here, from this team, and to receive our nice big voucher
0:01:35once more, some guess for third place
0:01:38no one wants to be in the third place, but it's much better than other
0:01:43didn't get to top three, actually. So, on the third place is a team
0:02:22okay, thank you very much, Gameful
0:02:36second place
0:02:42who's going to be on the second
0:02:50it's Chlapska Zasilka
0:03:33first place
0:03:35every time when there is a first place, you get something special. This year we
0:03:41get from our partners a nice package for advertisements. And so the first place will
0:03:47get a big advertisement package from Lupa.cz. I hope this team will use it as
0:03:54much as possible to make their business
0:03:58is much stronger
0:03:59and also there will be... they can attend, on our costs, some foregin event or
0:04:05startup conferrence
0:04:06so, who is number one? And know, please scream some names, who do you want
0:04:12to see on the first place. Doucme Resevio Joymind okay
0:04:33so, board of experts, after a long discussion, decided that number one team of this
0:04:42year Starcube
0:05:38Reservio is a team who
0:05:41get to start with totally different project, but they changed the project after bootcamp, actually,
0:05:47where they found out that their previous project sucks
0:05:54project and thay are winners
0:05:57this year Starcube was... this year Starcube show showed you fourteen projects. But, okay, three
0:06:05of them get some prizes. But, for most of them this is not... for the
0:06:09project, this is not the end of the road. Actually, this is the way it
0:06:14starts, this is the point when they will grow with their businesses, when they will
0:06:18go deeper
0:06:20and I hope... and we all hope that they will become stars quite soon
0:06:29but those were these fourteen projects and I want you
0:06:34for Starcube next year, or this year in autumn. So, thank you very much for
0:06:39coming. I hope you will enjoy this networking event on the terrace, the weather is
0:06:48but don't celebrate too much
0:06:51thank you very much and see you in the evening