0:01:15to our innovative tool that will simplify your search for the next winter vacation. If
0:01:21you are a skier, chances are that you will come to the same problem like
0:01:24me. When looking for the perfect winter destination, I have to go trough many sourc
0:01:30a good ski resort, proper accomodation and also some entertainment for the evenings. Well, all
0:01:36this takes a lot of time
0:01:40the information is usually poorly presented. So, let me show you how easy it can
0:01:44be with Snowhit
0:01:46our 3D map aggregates in one page all the ski relevant information you may need
0:01:53for your perfect vacation
0:01:55the location of the ski lifts, or accomodation, restaurants, or unique offers for our users.
0:02:02You can also easily search through all this information based on the criteria that interests
0:02:06you, like the distance from the hotel to the ski lift
0:02:11moreover, our website is already up and running and our mobile app has been downloaded
0:02:15more than thirty thousand times, which indicates that we are probably on a good track
0:02:21finally, Snowhit is also a great tool for winter businesses to promote their offer, because
0:02:27by paying a modest fee, travel agencies or hotels can place their offer on our
0:02:34or they can even use our i-frame directly on their website
0:02:38so, to sum up. Snowhit currently offers, to a more than thirty thousand users, unique
0:02:44visualisation, all information clearly in one place. It saves time to customers and it also
0:02:51helps business promotion for local services
0:02:54so, all there is then left for you to do is to enjoy skiing. Thank
0:02:57you for your attention and I hope
0:03:00enjoy the rest of the