0:00:19thank you for giving me the chance of being here again, it means that jury
0:00:26thinks about education and I think that's... that's great , because
0:00:30'cause I think about it too
0:00:32so, I hope you remember the word from the last time
0:00:37now we can continue. I will try to learn you something more, it's gonna be
0:00:43maybe more complicated
0:00:47it's pi, two hundred places
0:00:50I hope you don't want to learn that because
0:00:54take some time but I want to show you , share that
0:00:58in schools
0:01:01kids really need to learn a lot of things and the schools should look like
0:01:06that. Everyone should be hero, happy, smiling, school as the game, gamification, and so on.
0:01:13But what we really see
0:01:15in schools
0:01:16is this
0:01:18and we don't like that. We want to change. We want to, thanks to educators
0:01:25and to technology, change the way of education. How are we going to do that?
0:01:30We based on individuality and effectivity. Individuality is
0:01:38our system, it's created for every each child that connects to our system, it adapts
0:01:45to it. And and effectivity, it's trough our, you know
0:01:51our jokes and our pictures. Kids love those pictures
0:01:57our educational platform is really easy to understand, because we have that app. I already
0:02:03showed you that in the previous section. Mobile application, of course, because kids always learn
0:02:12everywhere else than home and kinect application, which I will show you later
0:02:24Moravia, that we have agreed with, some corporation over, abroad. We are talking, we are
0:02:34working with Leyla Abbas and we are getting to Russia, not exactly with Putin, but
0:02:40we are working on that
0:02:44so I think it's time to show you some real
0:04:36our vision
0:04:39we are gonna win the Imageine Cup, of course and then, on a local basis
0:04:43we are gonna take
0:04:47this schools and then we are gonna adapt system to these languages because people from
0:04:56these countries are really hungry for knowledge
0:05:01thank you very much
0:05:26in your first presentation today you showed the example od neko, learning
0:05:31that was really good, that was awesome, right
0:05:33is that how you learn langages
0:05:34years ago I actully ran an English language school in Japan
0:05:37and we taught
0:05:40fast we grew very fast but there's a number of ways you can teach people
0:05:48train people so they learn fast languages especially
0:05:52but you didn't go into that enough and that video at the end, I thought:
0:05:55cool I'll see how it actually works in action, but all that I saw was
0:05:59kids waving hands everywhere
0:06:10you know I'd love to know who's actually making this associations, because there's so many
0:06:17of words and there's hundreds of languages
0:06:19I say you choose one language
0:06:23Slovak, and other European contries and so on
0:06:27millions of words, who is
0:06:30but how scalable is that
0:06:38thank you for this question, I really didn't have time to get that theme, so
0:06:44I'm glad you asked that, because for the Czech Republic we are working on our
0:06:50own on a... we have team of six... six people who are working only on
0:06:57the associations and for the Czech Republic, they are able to cover that. For the
0:07:04expansion to other countries, we are working on the system that will work somehow like
0:07:12photo banks that you create that... there are words, you create an association, you type
0:07:20it in here. Someone else can draw the picture for this association and based on
0:07:26how many people like this you will, like your association or real picture, you will
0:07:34be rewarded
0:07:38I have a similar question: you... you will have to set goals because you will
0:07:42offer, you are offering
0:07:45so you must make a package
0:07:47so with this your first package ten thousand
0:07:50fifty thousand words
0:07:52where you will start, how you will scale it? If you will sell it and
0:07:58school of the
0:08:03supplement or how it will work for the
0:08:07as we heard
0:08:09millions of words
0:08:10that should be associated with some
0:08:17the scaleability
0:08:19okay, thank you again for this question. It wasn't really for me time to tell
0:08:25this too. On a czech Republic scale, we are working this textbooks that... they are
0:08:34used in schools, so we know exactly which words, which should adapt and which we
0:08:41should bring to the kids, so there is amount... Basic is two hundred... two thousand,
0:08:49of course, two thousand words is basic amount that should be known for young kids,
0:08:56I don't know to sixteen... to sixteen years. So, that's our basic amount and for
0:09:02the... for the global scale it would be, it would work in a different way
0:09:12because it would grow by ifself. Do you understand that you will get a textbook
0:09:18expert, all the words
0:09:20for each of the
0:09:23not a single word more
0:09:28okay, we can do one more
0:09:38I think that if
0:09:42it comes to
0:09:48about everyone
0:09:54you know one word can mean so
0:10:01yes, that's
0:10:03that's great that you ask that, because
0:10:07the problem is that if you can have the association by yourself than you don't
0:10:13need this system
0:10:15this system is created for you, to make it easy for you, that you don't
0:10:20have to create these associations. Okay. By yourself. And if you ask if it strive
0:10:27association for him; he will be able, you know, to check; I like this one,
0:10:31I didn't like this one. Show me another
0:10:40you found out
0:11:09we started
0:11:14we started with kids because we don't like educational system in here
0:11:20these... these associations are also working for adults, of course, but we have best, you
0:11:30know, best achievements with associations that are nice for the kids and the kids, it
0:11:38looks like they drew it by themselves. So, if each of those associations do adults,
0:11:45women mostly like that, but men, most of them: what the...?
0:11:54but it works, of course, for adults
0:12:09well, this is supportive system for building vocabulary building your vocabulary. And we are also
0:12:20working on a language system based on unconventional metods like Kalmonova metoda , I don't
0:12:29know if you heard about that. That is based on communicating this
0:12:35not grammar, but communicating with a simple sentences. And they add words to that, so
0:12:43it's great for us to use these mothods together and we are just trying to
0:12:48use that in our sandbox with people
0:12:59what's your business model
0:13:02well our
0:13:04sorry? Our business model, we get paid from the students and it's a small amount
0:13:13of money, it's about one euro per month or
0:13:21so it's like two dollars per month and per year it cost them less or
0:13:28the same amount as textbook so it is't big... big deal for them
0:13:35and who do you see as your competitors
0:13:38well, our competitors, there are a lot of them. All languages school they can add,
0:13:45either join us or fight against us and these are similar systems, they are... there
0:13:54are learnings, or these learning technics, there are tutors for you to learn everything and
0:14:04they are gonna fight us because they want to do their
0:14:11workshops and they would've wanted to get so wide
0:14:17fight I guess you're gonna compete right so they're gonna compet you're gonna compete with
0:14:21them right
0:14:22yes not they're gonna compete with you
0:14:24yeah, of course, but then, what's your competitor advantage?
0:14:30our competitive advantage is definitely that we can use it on the wide scale and
0:14:37that we are much cheaper than them because they have like two thousand crowns per
0:14:46for just showing you how to do that. We have, like, forty crowns per month
0:14:52for just really clean that. So, I think it's much more
0:14:59ask you the one tip how would you stay focused
0:15:01on this one word: scaleability
0:15:08involve right now; now, you could be down, there's lot competitors out there
0:15:11so learn what they do, and find niche where
0:15:15you got the great thing is that association things, right
0:15:18so focus on that and how you can
0:15:20well bet into something
0:15:25thank you very much